ROS Promo | Partnerships

My secret weapon when throwing
events is to partner up early and often. Partners are
incredible. They help you bring in new audiences. They can often
decrease line items and they can often make your event look
super legit. The way to think about it is to identify it
into stages. You find the right partner. You want to
pitch that partner. Then you real want to lock it in
and execute and get the most value out of that partnership.
You know another thing you want to take a look at when you’re
working with partner is, do they have bandwidth?
Do they have money? Do they have time? Are they
willing to work with you on this? Look I’ll save you a
bunch of time right now, if you’re trying to identify
a partner and you are trying to get them to work with you and,
it’s like pushing a boulder up a mountain. I would say
move along. The path of least resistance is always the one
with partnerships. If they’re into it they’re going
to work with it and if they’re not into it, you need to just
move along and find a different partner.

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