Richard Wolff and Harriet Fraad talk about the “Sugar Arrangements” industry

The ‘sugar arrangements’ industry is a 3.5
million person industry right now in the United States. And what it provides is a
chance for wealthy men, sugar daddies, to have girlfriend experiences, the most
popular kind of sex work experiences, with young attractive women. The biggest
group of sugar babies in the United States are college students or graduate
students. And it allows a sugar daddy to and a sugar baby to have a negotiated
arrangement. The sugar daddy doesn’t have to figure out the dynamics of a changed
gender landscape and it’s worth a lot of money to him. The sugar baby, for example,
in the education case, which is the biggest case of sugar babies, a woman can
graduate, or a smaller minority of men, can graduate without the crushing debt
by providing a girlfriend experience with or without sex to the sugar daddy
when he’s in town. And this is a very useful thing for both parties as the
costs of education and life in the United States
become more and more prohibitive and as our country gets less and less egalitarian.
Yeah it seems to me that this is a stark illustration of
inequality because as more and more wealth is concentrated in the hands of
business and business men and they have to travel as part of their business they
can have this girlfriend experience in part because so many young people are
having a terrible time negotiating the costs of a higher education. So it
becomes, as happened so often when inequality grows, the dependence of those
at the low end on the wealth of those at the upper end. So it is a kind of
reflection of what has happened in the American
economy now for a long time.

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