Retiring mailman finds hundreds of decorated mailboxes on final route | Humankind

and thank you for being exemplary
exceptional and extraordinary I am NOT I cannot put my finger on the first day
that I met Floyd but I know that he came with the house he would always have lollipops for the
kids and they would wait for him to come deliver the mail and we all loved him I
called him like his if they’re on my route they’re my kids he was just kind
of been a part of our family ever since elderly neighbors he checks in on them
he feeds like cat feral cats who don’t have a home I mean he’s just almost
too good to be true these are my people they love me I love them
and that’s something something very special one thing that was important is that we
wanted to be super inclusive and really wanted to invite everybody on his route
which is over 500 houses so we figured out what his route was and we just
old-school put flyers in people’s mailboxes we encouraged everybody to decorate
their mailboxes it was just amazing and it showed you what a sweeping impact he
had on people because I mean I would say 75 to 80% of the mailboxes were
decorated I was just overwhelmed I was speechless
I could not believe that they did all that for me I was just in my thoughts
doing my job just being me but I did it right I did it right and I mean I think that he exemplified
just go just going the extra-mile you know I never expected to see good coming
my way but boy has it it’s been overflowing I mean they were cheering and screaming
and whistling all this was for me and it was such a beautiful moment that I had
to talk myself through it just to get through the crowd I I was so taken by
all of this this these acts of love they were there for me I know all this has happened but it’s
just I keep thinking I’m gonna wake up from a dream
at some moment but this this is my life now and I love it I gave people my best I showed them my
best and they received it and I’m grateful I’m grateful
you you


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