Reacting to the first wedding I ever filmed…from 2010!

– Hey guys, my name is Matt Johnson and every month I host a
wedding film review live stream on my YouTube channel, where I watch and review wedding films, submitted by film makers like you. Many of these films are
from beginner film makers that are just getting started
in wedding film making and they want me to
review their first wedding they’ve ever filmed. Without fail though,
nearly every time I watch one of these first wedding films, I always say, “this film is so much better “than my first wedding film” And it’s true ,there’s so
much creativity and talent in the wedding film making space now. But that made me think, maybe
we should go back in time and watch my first wedding film that I made nearly 10 years ago in 2010. This should be entertaining
and hopefully we will both get some laughs from my
shooting and editing choices. I have not watched through this in years. These are all my real reactions. Here we go. Starting off with a white
screen, it’s always a good sign when your video starts
off with a white screen. (gentle music) Oh no. I wanna say, I spent an
hour animating that little text swirl thing in after
effects for this video. (gentle music) There it is. Okay, look at this, I was
filming on my Canon 7D and I had recently purchased an eight millimeter fisheye lens. So we got get this whole
chaplain a shot, use the fisheye. Look at the edges, look at– I added a vignette. It wasn’t that bad, I added
a vignette to this shot. Oh I did. And then it goes right into
the next wide shot too. (gentle music) Look at the bowing on
the edges, my goodness. I didn’t even ask these
nice ladies to leave, I was like, ah just stay
there, I’ll film you. Oh man. Also you should know that the
music that I use in this video is not the original music,
I had to change it because I didn’t understand copyright whenever I filmed my first wedding. I believe the first song that I used was that life house song. ♪ You and me and all of the people ♪ Oh gosh, it was horrible. Just imagine that in the back of your mind as you’re watching this vide. (gentle music) At least it was a pretty venue. How many of you, whenever
your first buying a camera you find like a piano and you’re like gotta get those piano key bokeh. I’d already owned my
camera for over a year now. I don’t know why I was
still doing this shot. That some good emotion, okay. No ambient audio, would of been great if
I had some ambient audio kind of add to the emotion
and feel of the video. I don’t think I used
ambient audio in my films for at least a year, maybe two. Oh little over exposed there
on the skin tones Matt. Let’s do a jump fade. Nice jump fade, with no
change of focal length at all just gotta keep this thing going. That’s some good emotion, okay. Father of the bride getting emotional. I wish I wasn’t so close in. I think I only owned two lenses. A Canon FD 28 millimeter
and a Canon FD 50 millimeter so as the widest that I
could get was 20 millimeter this was probably on the 50 though, which makes it an 85 millimeter
with the Canon 7D crop. I was close. Pushing that ISO to the limit. Can we talk about how much I
love fading in between shots? When I started out, I
didn’t think that cutting looked nearly as good as fading. So instead of just using
fading sparingly in a film to kind of show a transition, I just faded every single
shot in between each other just dragging them a little
across dissolve effect down, like yeah, fade it here, fade it here. (gentle music) At least it’s an organ shot, okay? Completely different from the
piano key shot I got earlier. Revolutionary. These last two shots
would look so much better if I had a wider lens than a 28 millimeter on a crop sensor camera. Now as far as the ceremony goes, I was offering a documentary edit. It’s literally verbatim as things happen throughout the entire ceremony. It’s long. It’s real long. Oh look at this pan up
that I had to slow down. There’s me. Oh gosh, what was I wearing? Why would I think a stripped shirt would be a good idea for a wedding? I have no idea, I was just
like, I need to dress nice this is what I think is nice. Khakis, also a bad decision. Notice the shoulder rig
though, this is legit. I still have that shoulder
rig in my closet somewhere. It is so heavy. No carbon fiber, it’s just all like steel. Also my camera strap was
still attached to the camera. I never bothered to take
out the camera strap so I just left it on it,
with the shoulder ring. I needed a lot of help. I believe I was also wearing Converse which are the worst possible shoes to wear if you’re filming for nine,
10 hours on a wedding day. Photographer was great though. He was so patient with me, so nice. Just a side note, this
safety angle from the balcony was filmed with my Sony handy cam camera, which recorded two mini DVD’s with a maximum recording
length time of 30 minutes. So, had to make sure that
I got the whole ceremony and it only lasted than 30 minutes, otherwise I was not going to be recording with the safety angle. That’s kind of the opposite
of what a safety angle’s suppose to be right? It’s for safety, it’s
suppose to last forever. Well this one lasted 30 minutes. (gentle music) There we go, got that
slight shakiness there, a little handheld feel. Professional. This is also pre-veered by the way. Don’t know if you noticed that there but I look like a child. You can see the confusion on my face. What am I doing? They just went over there. Wait, what are they doing? Do I need to film that? Do I film the people walking in? What do I do? I look over there,
photographer’s getting that. Wait, should I get that too? I think I’ll get that. (laughing) I knew what I was doing for
the other families, see? Get that candle lighting. Never mind the photographer
over here on the left side. He’s hiding out of the way. I only got a 50 millimeter, I’m going in. It would take a very special wedding now, for me to walk up in front
of everybody like that. At least I had a good angle
for her walking down the aisle. I don’t know if me
standing in this position was actually blocking her
view of the groom or not. Hopefully not. If you want to know how
dated this wedding is, look no further than the
cameras that are being used. There’s no smart phones. This is 2010. Nice point and shoot. Guy on the right here, has
got his point and shoot going. I think I put a mic on the groom. I had one lav mic a Sennheiser G3 and I think that it was on the groom. I don’t think that I had
a mic for anybody else. So the officiant, pretty
hard to hear the entire time. – [Priest] Together in wedlock. – I may have been up in the front there in the way a little
bit but this emotion from this angle, it’s real good. What am I doing now? Oh no. Don’t hit anything Matt. A little ninja move there, you see that? Sneak around the other side,
while everyone’s watching. I definitely had mic on the groom. His audio wasn’t horrible, it’s definitely a little peaky though. – [Groom] I endow in
the name of the father – [Priest] the Son,
– [Groom] The Son – [Priest] And the holy spirit. – [Groom] And the holy spirit. – Enough of the ceremony,
let’s see the kiss. – And Mrs Wyatt Tracey Hubbard. (cheering) – I got the kiss, just as important. (clapping) I’m just following out, getting all of the photographer’s
shots here at the end. Ideally I would of been
back there next to him filming them walking down
out, instead of behind them. First wedding. Onto the reception. (gentle music) The cake close up. Why am I so close? Notice how well lit
these cakes look though. That’s because the
photographer loaned me his on camera light. Which I would never use
now, but at the time it was really dark so I needed that. We’re getting creative here, I’m going from table shots
to shots of people coming in. This is revolutionary stuff. Still fading though. Fading between every shot,
never actually do a hard cut. (upbeat music) Would of loved to have had
some audio of the people cheering as they walked in. Didn’t get it. I’m pretty sure this is just
their entire first dance. Me filming it with the
shoulder rig the entire time. Didn’t have a second shooter, just me. And I did not want to miss a second of it. Done with the first dance. – Right we’ll see if I
can get through this. – Of course I gave the
couple all of the toasts Fully, documentary. I do not recall plugging
in the sound board for these toasts. I’m pretty sure I didn’t
have the right cables so I made do with just on camera audio. There’s a lot of things
that I’ve improved on since making this video. I think audio maybe
the most of all though. More toasts. – It hasn’t been that way. 18 years my best friend. – Still peaky. Very peaky. Remember I had to dub
over all of this music for copyright reasons. I think I used some country
song for this otherwise. I’m watching this, I’m like,
I have come a long ways. I really have. 2010 Matt, definitely
need you to start bringing your reception light to these weddings. Oh man. Keep in mind I have no idea
what you would normally film in a wedding, so I’m
like, and here’s a shot of the wedding certificate and now let’s do some dancing. There’s gonna be more
handheld dancing throughout. Not bad, pretty stable though, but so long. Oh it’s just the full dances. Like four minutes straight. Bouquet and garter toss. Man I feel like bouquets and garters are going out of style
now, especially garter. I don’t see it nearly as often
at weddings as I used to. I believe they did a
sorority song and dance. My mental state for my first wedding, document everything. Don’t miss anything,
put it all in the video. And exit. Even though I’ve covered
this up with different music. I did not have any ambient audio in the version that I used either. Yeah, it’s not a bad exit,
it’s not mind blowing. And they stayed at a
hotel across the street so we like filmed them
getting on the elevator, I remember that. Not a bad way to end a video. Their expressions. Is it done? No, it’s not done. – We read about – Okay. I used a Michael Buble song for this, so I’m gonna be playing
very small snippets of it, because I don’t want to get in trouble. But know that there is still six minutes of well wishes that I
recorded from guests. So I believe this might be the grandpa. – And you can tell by my gray hair, I’ve got a lot of experience for this. – And I did all these lovely animations and after effects. I believe I bought a pre-set pack that had these little
swirls and flourishes. Put those in. Got some photos of the couple, I believe off of Facebook, and just faded them in
throughout the video as the person’s talking. How do I didn’t I just
stop the person talk? I thought it looked better like this? I don’t know, I was
thinking like credit scene. I put so much work into this and I really questioned
if it was worth it. I definitely wouldn’t do it this way now. One thing you’re gonna
notice is that the audio of the well wishers is
better than the audio of any of the toasts or
even the ceremony I think. I’m not sure where I got this microphone. If memory serves me right, it may have been from a karaoke set, that my brother or sister owned and then I took the mic from it, ’cause I know it would
work with my audio recorder and I brought it along to
the wedding for this reason. Did what I had to do. Very minimal gear for this wedding. One thing I want you to
notice is that while the audio sounds good in this
moment and a little bit I think my battery on the recorder died or something so I had to start
using on camera audio instead which was significantly worse. This guy’s mustache though. On point. – Congratulations Caitlyn
and Whyatt, love you both. – What happened to my audio? On camera all the way but I still put it in. – Did you put A in him? – [Matt] Yeah I got an A in him. – Thanks to him. – Oh my gosh. – Are we filming me? – [Matt] Yeah we’re rolling. And then I insert myself
into the wedding film. Faded out. Little flourish. Keep in mind I had not
created a company yet. So I was still going
just by Matt Johnson so. I did like a chromatic
aberration text effect here to make the letters pop a bit. Did you hear the sound effect? At the end like the wind whoosh. (whooshing) Why was I doing a wind whoosh? I have no idea. And that is the first
wedding that I ever filmed. Thank you for taking this
trip down memory lane with me. I believe that I charged 500
dollars for this wedding film. Do you believe this couple
got their monies worth for about a 50 minute long edit? Leave me a comment and let me know. I hope this video has
been encouragement to you. Like I said at the start, a lot of the wedding films that I see from beginner film makers, do look better than my first film. If you want to see more
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