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‘Bachelorette’ Rachel Lindsay is having a destination wedding with Bryan Abasolo and gave HollywoodLife the exciting details: the date, why she’s not wearing a suit and which ‘Bachelor’ stars are on the guest list    After Rachel Lindsay, 34, gave her final rose to Bryan Abasolo, 39, on Season 13 of The Bachelorette in 2017, their wedding plans will finally be put in motion in just five months Rachel revealed that she and her fiancé will tie the knot in August 2019 during an EXCLUSIVE interview on HollywoodLife’s upcoming podcast episode, airing March 15 “My wedding planner has been very strict about not giving the exact date or location, but it will be in the Caribbean,” Rachel told us “So it’s going to be hot. August in the Caribbean.” But she won’t be battling the humidity in a pantsuit, the outfit Rachel insisted on wearing right after she and Bryan became engaged    “It may come a shock to people to hear I’m getting a wedding gown, because I was very emphatic about wanting a wedding suit That’s all I wanted to wear, was a pantsuit,” the lawyer continued to tell HollywoodLife But it was Rachel’s designer, Randi Rahm, who ended up changing her mind. “So it was like I met Bryan in a Randi Rahm, he proposed to me in a Randi Rahm, it just makes perfect sense I have a great relationship with her,” Rachel said of the bridal designer, who has provided couture pieces for The Bachelorette After Rachel’s season finale wrapped in Aug. 2017, the ABC star wanted to extend her relationship with the designer  “But I’m so connected to her dresses, I know it sounds weird but I — they just had so much personality and I reached out to her, and we’ve had a relationship ever since the show I mean I had dinner with her last night,” Rachel revealed, adding, “And so she’s doing my dress and I just feel like she gets me, and so that’s very exciting ” But it was the following words that especially changed Rachel’s perception of wedding gowns: “And [Randi] was the one that said to me, ‘You want to wear something that you can’t emulate on a red carpet You want it to be for you, you want it to speak to Bryan and I thought, ‘That’s why you’re a wedding dress designer You just got my mind right. And now I want to wear a dress.’”  There won’t be a “heavy” number of “Bachelor Nation” stars that will get to see Rachel in her wedding dress on the big day But she does plan on having some of the ladies from Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor in the pews, as she competed alongside them before becoming the “Bachelorette ” Her original plan was to not invite any of her-costars! “So I’m close with Astrid [Loch], Raven [Gates], Alexis [Waters], Whitney [Fransway], Kristina [Schulman], Corinne [Olympios], those are for sure people Those are people that I talk to regularly. I am very fortunate with the group of girls I was on Nick’s season with They’re just a different breed,” Rachel mused. And she’s expecting some of these ladies’ plus ones to be Adam Gottschalk (Raven’s boyfriend) and Kevin Wendt (Astrid’s boyfriend)    But the groom-to-be didn’t make as good of friends with his Bachelorette competitors, according to Rachel “It’s weird, when you win for lack of better words, you’re kind of separated from the other men The other men all have this group chat where they like talk bad about the lead…if you win, you’re not in it So you don’t have that camaraderie that those guys have because they don’t want you to hear you talking about whoever you chose,” Rachel admitted However, she did reveal that Bryan is still close with Matthew “Matt” Munson and Eric Bigger, who also vied for Rachel’s rose And, yes — the host, Chris Harrison, is invited of course!  There’ll even be behind-the-scenes crew members to witness Rachel and Bryan exchange vows “I’m inviting several people around the scenes,” Rachel continued, as she grew close with the show’s makeup artist and stylist “Kerry the stylist is going to come to my final fitting, so I still talk to these people I’m still close to them. And so they’ll be at the wedding,” Rachel said. Stay tuned for HollywoodLife’s podcast on Friday to hear Rachel’s thoughts about the newest lovebirds to emerge from The Bachelor, Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph

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