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How to Make a Quilling Paper Artwork for Home Decoration This is the easiest quilling Home Decor that even a beginner can make! Things You Need… Scissors, Glue, Quilling Stripes, Quilling Needle Glue Gun, Brush, Quilling Moulds Palette, Decorative Pearls & Lace Take the quilling strips and join them using glue as shown here. Take a quilling needle and make a coil of it as shown. Press the coil slightly with your fingers to give it some depth. Apply and spread the adhesive to make the coil more tight. Now take another strip and make a coil. Place it in the quilling moulds palette This is how it will look like. Use your fingers to give it the desired shape as shown here. Fix this tear drop shaped patterns on the base as shown. Now decorate the design using decorative laces. Stick the pearls at the base and on the tear drop shaped quilling patterns to make it look even more attractive. Wow!! Your cute little room decor is now ready. Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting!


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