Q&A with Wedding Planner Mindy Weiss

I hope everybody is comfortable and ready for a great webinar today with Mindy Weiss. Thank you so much for joining us we
really appreciate it.
Hi Sandy. Hi Mindy you all get the pleasure of saying hello to Mindy, so everybody knows Mindy wise I don’t think
she needs much of an introduction but just in case, you can see a few points up
here on the screen. She’s based in Beverly Hills, she’s a full-service event planner, she’s grown her own brands, become a
lifestyle expert with books, product lines, and a spokesperson partnerships.
And Mindy you’ve done three books right? Three books yes.
I’m not going to go into the list of all the celebrities, you can see the list of celebrities down there,
Mindy’s gonna tell us some stories I’m sure.
So Mindy is a lot of fun and she’s
got a lot of energy and a bubbly personality, so we’re thrilled to have
her today with us, and we’re also very honored, we’re very honored because
Mindy is on the Advisory Board of AllSeated, so we’ve had the pleasure of all
her expertise and it’s been a real honor to have her with us, and we look
forward to many years together spending a lot of time.
So I’m not going to take
up any more time Mindy, you tell our few hundred visitors that are listening
today what is in store this spring. So usually I get my trends a year ahead of
time because my couples have been researching every place and any place
where unique ideas — the colors we do wait for the Pantone prediction to come out.
Yet most of my couples now, which i think is a huge trend, is they are really
standing out and saying what they want. And they’re not
looking for other weddings that they’ve been to, to kind of form their
own wedding. They’re trying new things and I get
great ideas from that, so coming up this year we have a lot of weddings the
spring and into the summer, what I’m saying, which I love, is a fresh pop
of color. People are not as afraid to use color in their weddings, I think if a lot
of you guys are looking at blogs and everything, you’re seeing these beautiful
bouquets that everyone’s doing this interesting kind of extra-large
free-forming, I keep I call them an unkept garden bouquet with very interesting
flowers including succulents, and exotic flowers, so not only is a great in
photography it’s very unique. Now the bridesmaids bouquets aren’t
getting as wild as as the the bride’s bouquet, but they are a takeoff of the
bride’s bouquet, traditionally that’s what the bridesmaids are supposed to be
is kind of a smaller version, or something that coordinates well with the
bride’s bouquet. So don’t be afraid to add some color to your wedding this year.
Most of my weddings I will say the palette is white and green, greenery being our Pantone color of the year, and then adding maybe one
additional color; whether it’s orange, I’m doing a blush pink with that color
palette, a lot of deep purples, so the white and the green pretty much is like black
in our dressing that it goes with everything. So that is with the flowers,
the areas where people are getting married, whether it’s Jewish non Jewish ,whether it’s a chuppah or a gazebo,
the actual form, the formation of it are quite unique
now, they’re not just square top anymore. Right now I’m doing one in the shape of
a teepee with birch and curly willow, and that’s a little more rustic, and for my
dressy ones we’re kind of making structures that are either made out of
interesting materials draped in more of a very tailored fabric, so we’re kind of
going in.
My word for 2017 is crispy, think about that things that are just
really clean, and the wildness can come from the flowers.
A quick question Mindy, by the way audience feel free to write in your
questions we’ll try and get in as many as we can, Minday loves questions, and
then the ones that we can’t get to we’ll come to at the end, but Mindy we’ve got a
question here: do you still see champagne and muted antique colors? I do I do still
see champagne but they’re really blending that in with white, so we’re
getting a different tonation, the light flowers kind of attract the actual
lighting in the room a different way than the champagne does, so it does add
texture to the room. Champagne again I think is also neutral color, like with
our white and green, and I personally love it, because we are seeing a lot of
metallics still. So we’re mixing a lot of metallics between the rose gold, the gold,
the silver, I’m seeing all that mixed with our white and green or champagnes,
and do not be afraid to mix any metallics with that.
Cool okay shall we go to the first slide?
Sure. An example of a lot of the whites and
greens, where you see the word greenery that actually was a
hedgebar designed by Rishi in Chicago HMR, and he literally cut it out, it’s hard to
see with the picture but the bartender stood behind in that opening
there which made it very unique and you could do that with a party favor area, or your seating cards, there’s a lot of
different things you can do with hedge. we’re using that a lot still. You want to go back to that one?
Yeah Back to the greenery, whoops — Also something to think about,
like if the greenery is not your thing and you are gonna kind of step out, don’t be afraid of the greens that come attached
to your flowers don’t try to take it all off, because you’ll tend to need more
flowers and it’s nice to have a little break up, so leave a little bit of the
greens on your flowers. Long tables they haven’t gone away in my world, I’d love
to hear about your world if you’re planning on using long tables or round
tables are you still using mixed shapes? I find my brides and grooms really want
to continue to mix up their tables in the shapes, remember round tables give
you the best conversation no matter what anybody says, so I don’t see
that part of the trend leaving just yet, people I think people love long tables
because not only can you fit more people at them so it’s easier to do your
tables when you’re seating them, but also they’re so grand and they look so
beautiful with either a lot of flowers or very few flowers and still such a
great statement. Also a big trend that I’m seeing are low centerpieces as
opposed to tall centerpieces, though when designing for your clients
or brides; low centerpieces it’s all about the conversation and
who’ve you’ve invited and who use stack together, of course you can do your
seating with AllSeated, like to get that plug in there, but it is very important
how you’re doing your seating and who is sitting at that table. These are things
to think about, it’s nice if the families can meet each other’s friends and it
makes for interesting conversation, so don’t be afraid to mix up your tables.
Also if you’re draping your rooms or you’re in an area where you want to hide
a wall, any type of fabric color is very in this year, you don’t have to keep
it all whites and creams you could do very muted blue or muted muted yellows very pretty on the walls just to add a pop and a
surprise. Linens let’s talk about linens a bit, if
you are renting linens, again I’m seeing it very crispy but the napkins have
gotten a little more exciting. I have a line of napkins down where we’re
trimming the napkin, we call it paddling, the napkin with any color, so you’re
adding a pop of color in that, that’s with wildflower linen also a lot of
embroidery on napkins, so you could literally keep the tablecloth plain and
beautiful but add a treat on the napkin, because don’t forget when they
sit down that’s the first thing that they may see right in front of them, and
it’s on their lap all night, so they’re going to touch it, they’re going to feel
it, and they’re going to notice it. Again colors being brought in on the linens,
which is great you could have all white flowers if that’s the direction your
client or you would like to go, and just have white beautiful flowers so
that if you’re not comfortable with the color just spot it here and there. We have a couple of questions:
what is the chair trends that you’re seeing, my clients are over the same old
I agree on that, I am lucky out here in California, I’m able to use
this company Revelry, I don’t know if you guys — you know they do travel but of
course it’s expensive to travel, but he has so many varieties of chairs, lots of
good options, but I will say that I do see the chair cover coming back, which is
very interesting because we’ve we’ve seen a lot of great chairs
so we didn’t need a chair cover for I’d say about three years, but I do see it
coming back because, like the person who asks the question, we’re getting tired of
the same chairs and because of social media we definitely see it more than we would
if we were just seeing them at parties that we were going to. So my favorite
chairs, I’ll just tell you what my favorite chairs are, in this picture I do
like the X back I use it a lot, but not every one of my clients are doing
rustic weddings this year and I really feel it is a rustic chair, so this year
I’d say about five of my events I am doing very clean, beautiful linen chair
covers for spring and summer. Linen is my fabric of choice for this season. Also
keep the chair simple, I think you got a lot going on the table a lot with all
these beautiful new tabletops that you can rent, it is amazing how creative a
lot of these new companies are, and the tabletop is so beautiful then you don’t
want to take it away with a complicated chair. You can now rent beautiful cane back, I still love the came back round I don’t know what it’s called
all over the country, but I think here it’s called vintage
cane back, where you have the cane back round and then a cushion seat an
upholstered seat. I love that chair. A little dressier, I mean bringing your
metallics check out Revelry for inspiration on chairs because he has
rose gold and many others for inspiration that have been quite popular,
and most important very comfortable. So we’ve got a question here about food,
you want to start with the catering food or you want to or go into that, yeah?
Okay so in regards to catering are you seeing a new trend in 2017 in respect to food
presentation and service, is family-style still popular, what about
fun food stations, interaction with chefs or service staff?
Good question I don’t see a
huge difference from last year to this year, but I will say to you definitely
comfort food is here to stay, but my brides and grooms now wanted to look at
least organized on the plate. For a while at the beginning of last year we were
getting very organic, and it was it wasn’t messy on the plate but it was
kind of a little bit in my eyes a little mishmash-y, a because we were using so many fresh ingredients and it’s so organic that it didn’t need to feel like the
plate was organized, so I think that my brides and grooms and families want it
to look pretty, not only taste great but to be prettier on the plate. We are going
with a lot of still organic as far as farm-to-table, the
vegetables the salads and side dishes on the table, so instead of a complete
family-style dinner, which is actually my favorite because that’s how I eat, but
now what we’re doing is a served salad, then we have the waiters
come around and offer our guests the protein, so they’ll have a
of the beef or a fish or beef and the chicken, two proteins, and then on the
table we’re doing beautiful sides, of course Brussels sprouts are still in,
sweet Chinese the snap peas are in depending on the season, because of in
California we have a nice opportunity to try a lot of new things seasonal, but I
definitely recommend serving things that are seasonal that add color to the
season that you’re getting married in. My signature dish on every party I do, that
the client allows me, is french fries on the table, no matter if it’s the blackest
tie or the most casual, there’s something about french fries that add warmth and
coziness and reality to a wedding, coming getting back down bringing you off the
high clouds into going down and having a meal with guests around you, sharing it,
passing it, so to me anything that could be shared with the guests at the table
adds something. Now the desserts are as always, of course very important but
we’re doing instead of buffets and such for the meal, we’re leaving that for the
desserts. People want their guests to get up and dance,
so they after they’ve had this whole meal they want them to get out no matter
what, and of course there’s a break between the main course and dessert and
they’re going to get up and find a really fun place to have dessert.
Doughnut walls are our big desserts right now, that is a big trend right now,
are doughnuts. And I’m curious are you guys seeing a lot of donuts out there?
I’m getting so many requests we’re doing a lot of donut wall so I’m trying to
design some new things to display donuts in, really at weddings even though
they’re eating cake as well, and we’ll get into that in a minute,
the donuts have been important. For cocktail hour that has become a little
more interactive with my clients, typically in California we may do two
stations, in New York they’ll do up to ten stations, it depends where your
wedding is, but the stations are interactive. I just did a beautiful wine
tasting station where the client is offered 6 different wines and there was a small EA
there explaining the wines, it became very interesting the guests really
enjoyed it. So the cocktail hour is getting more
interactive, and the dinners getting a little bit less interactive, as far
as all the meals going on, all the food choices going on the table at once. And
believe me there’s nothing wrong with just a served dinner, there’s something
about it being organized, and it’s always nice to have a menu so the guests know
what you’re offering in case they have food issues, and that’s what I have to
say about food.
Okay so while we’re still in the greenery, and then we’ll move on
to the next slide, we have a question here: in addition to greenery do you
think we will still see floral walls, floral chandeliers, and other fresh
floral sculptures?
I think that before like my clients right now, they want
something for people to take pictures in front of, it’s become very important to
have an area, I’m not talking about a photo booth now, but more in area
so the guests can take their own pictures in front of something. So it may
not be a real structured flower wall, but now we’re doing more loose kind of
flowers just strung on strings coming down, those type of flower walls, not so
much tight and pave but a little looser and more magical whimsical. Believe it or
not I know you guys are gonna cringe but it’s quite fabulous bringing
in — hold your pants — balloons. Believe it or if you’ve seen beautiful artistic, like
art installations on balloons, there’s a beautiful way to do them for a backdrop
for a photo opportunity. I don’t think chandeliers will ever go
out but I do find that more my clients are liking the strong Bistro lights,
twinkle lights, a little more magical, it’s nice to fill in with chandeliers.
But I find that the light fixtures are getting a little more modern, so not so
much crystal but much more structured, I do have clients that are still asking
for chandeliers but I find a little more sophisticated look, a little more
architectural, a little more modern. But I think chandeliers will be around forever
and I get so excited when I see a new one, because just like all of you I’m
sure we all get tired of the same chandeliers and seeing them everywhere.
Okay so we came on to the next slide which is beautiful things here and
somebody asked they just want to ask about a chair; how do you feel about a
ghost chair? Not sure what that is but… Ghost chairs, that is a clear
acrylic chair, I think they’ve been around for a while and there’s a reason
for, it just like the Shamari, the ghost chair kind of blends in to
truly, and no one understands this, really within the event because they disappear.
So it’s a nice option when you have a lot going on and you don’t want to add
more confusion to the whole event, by just having a ghost chair it just it
kind of fades away, and it’s quite beautiful.
I wouldn’t use a ghost chair for a rustic event, although I love stepping
out of the box and I love eclectic design, but I don’t think
the ghost chairs are as popular but I don’t think they’re
going to go away, because I think they’re a great option and sometimes we use them
with a pad for a little more comfort and that way we bring in color, or pattern, or
personalization, but most of the time we just use them nice and plain, and they
make quite a statement. So you’ve got a lot of people saying here, just going back
to your donuts, a lot of people here saying that they are using donuts so
that’s good.
And challenge your donut makers, because they love to decorate
them, there’s some fabulous bakeries out there that are doing some fun things
with the donuts, and so change it up a little.
Somebody’s asking about, you were talking about french fries served, curious on keeping them hot, do you
have any ideas what the caterers do on that side?
Well every chef hates me for asking you to do some french fries because they get cold, any of you are
like me there’s nothing better than hot french fries but the truth is, if you
love french fries you’re gonna eat them hot, lukewarm, medium cold. It’s not
only for the deliciousness of the french fries, it’s hard to bring them out and
then to keep hot, even when you go to a restaurant, something you have to let go
because it’s more for the comfort value of being at a black-tie wedding and all
of a sudden a beautiful basket of french fries comes out.I have been
told and lectured at nauseam that you cannot keep french fries hot unless they’re under a hot light, a heat light in the chafing dish, so
I know it’s not right but I serve them no matter what, but it was a great
question because it’s true they don’t stay hot.
So Mindy they’re challenging you about the cake cutting, when is the best fit for the timeline,
clients are always worried about breaking up the dancing, any
suggestions, if the cake still could be used as part of the dessert?
Yes okay, so here’s some interesting things again
I love to hear your comments, because I love to compare what’s going on all over
the place, so lately I had guests, I have clients, so they come into the
room right they’ve had the hour of cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, then they
come into the room they typically go right in, so all the guests come, and the
music’s going, and they’re finding their seats, then the bride and groom come in
and do their first dance because they’ve been eating for an hour, so the clients
want to get them hungry again. They do their first dance we have a very short
dance set, we sit down and I have a lot of families now that want to do the
whole food service not including dessert, but first course, second course, main course, whatever the courses are, and not have any dancing in between which is new for
me. But it’s working, I can’t say it’s not working because some people don’t like getting up and down, up and down, so in their case if we’re doing
that sort of schedule, after the main course we do a really nice dance set
after that, sometimes it’s hard to get them going because they’re full and
that’s why sometimes I like to break it up. But the cake-cutting I like to push a
little, because as you all know people wait for the cake-cutting to leave, and I
agree it does happen. I once had, if you all remember Sylvia Weinstock wrote me a
letter, and said why doesn’t the bride and groom cut the cake at the beginning
of the party and then no one has an excuse to leave, but obviously that’s
never worked and I’ve suggested it and people laugh at me. If the party
format is you go into the ballroom and it’s eight to twelve we typically cut the cake I want to say 45 minutes after dinner, so you
have a nice dance set 45 minutes to an hour after dinner, and an hour before the four hour period is over. Now a lot of times if you wait too long a lot of people have left, and there’s cake left and we
bring it to the brunch, but I find that a lot of my brides and grooms are
doing a smaller cake and don’t want to stop the party to cut the cake, but they
want the picture, so we pulled the bride and groom over and just do the picture
with the parents, and not make a big fuss but if people see us doing it some will come over some will continue dancing, and they just don’t want that
attention or to break up the dancing. Mindy I have a question here from
somebody that’s from Mexico, well she said that it’s getting popular just
to have a fake cake for the pictures and then serve dessert does that happen?
It’s so interesting that everybody makes a big deal about the
cake and no one remembers whether they cut it or not, so yes we do the first
layer real and the rest of the — just so they have something to cut into, and then
a lot of times the rest of the layers are fake, but a lot of times it doesn’t
save a lot of money because a lot of the labor is in the design, obviously if
you’re doing a simple design it’s probably okay, but a lot of my clients
like some intricate design, but yes it is true and I agree with you in Mexico
that they’re cutting the cake and they’re not even serving it, and they
serve some other type of dessert. Something about locations?
Again like most of you this probably happens when the clients come in, or you brides out there and grooms out there, and you want a unique
location, but a lot of the times when you figure out the cost to have a unique
location, because typically a unique location does not come with all the
things you need to have a reception such as tables, bathroom, kitchen, so it becomes
quite expensive sometimes to have unique locations. Now in California a lot of
these cool locations are popping up and they’re starting to carry chairs and
tables which is fabulous because it will save you a lot of money. I’m not
doing as many barns, I know there’s a barn picture here it was one of my fave
weddings but people aren’t requesting barns as much as they were, so I’m not
driving around bribing some families to use their barns anymore, but we are doing
a lot of warehouse situations, warehouse and museums. The thing with the warehouse is that most of the time I have to bring everything in, and the thing with museums
is it’s hard to get them to close early enough for us to set up, so I’m always on
the search for a unique location. I think it makes our jobs as wedding planners a
little harder, but I will tell you to listen to your brides and grooms, because
sometimes they bring me locations I’ve never heard of, and it’s fabulous. Also one
other good thing is a lot of restaurants are happy to be bought out to make the
extra money to have an event at a restaurant, a large restaurant, so it’s
just some of the unexpected places can be something that is right in front of
your eyes.
Cool I have here a question do you find the old tradition of the
bouquet toss and the garter toss also going away, what are the some of the
things you do leiu of this?
Well I do find it depends on the age of the bride
and the groom for the bouquet and garter toss, my older bride’s, not
older but starting at 30 and up, prefer not to do the bouquet toss because
really they don’t have as many friends that are single and that kind of singles
out some of the people that are not married yet, and that the bride’s are too
old to have their garter taken off with the groom’s teeth, and they don’t really like that anymore. The younger they are they’re still into it. I actually have not
substituted that with anything else, a few times I did the bouquet toss
where the bouquet came apart and there were like eight little bouquets within
the one big bouquet, so that was kind of fun, so several people caught it and it
was a surprise. And for the garter I have no substitute I’m not a big garter gal.
I like that the bride wears one because I love the tradition, I just
don’t love the tradition of throwing it. Okay one other question while we’re
talking about the restaurants, what do you feel is an average charge per person
to buy out a restaurant? Good question. I know that they have to meet what they
would normally meet if they were open to the public, so they’re gonna charge you
more to keep it open, to privatise it. I think it depends in
what area you’re at, I would say on the low end $50.00 a person, on the high end… you know depending what type of restaurant it is and the
demand of it probably you know $200 a person. I think it really depends on
how desperate they are to rent out their restaurant ,what caliber it is, it
could be a restaurant that they never even considered to buy out and it’s
a great revenue. I keep begging, my son owns a fabulous bar he’s only let me buy
it out one time, because they’re busy and you know it has to be worth their while. I have a question here: I am at a
Nature Center what trends you see in green sustainable weddings that I can
suggest for my brides? Right now I’m in my plant green stage
I’m doing an aisle that is filled with potted and lavender, which is quite
beautiful then after the ceremony I’m bringing it in up towards — we have a
five-piece kind of a what’s called a blues band, so I’m going to surround
while there are cocktails, I’m going to surround the stage, which is just very
organic, beautiful lavender like plants. If you can actually use more plant
items that can be reused, and then she’s taking those lavender plants, and she’s
gonna plant them in her garden, and she’s going to keep those which is just kind of
cool to think that it came from the wedding. So I’m doing that also with any
type of kind of a green event — don’t laugh — but we’ve taken trips to Home Depot,
because it’s the best place to find in, their garden center I feel, like for one
we’re doing a beautiful little gated area, like a picket gate that we’re
painting in grays all the gray kind of muted tones to separate the ceremony
area, with a little kind of picket gate and very cost-effective, and easy to
install. I go to garden centers to get inspiration for the ceremonies, if I ever
can find trees for people to get married under, and then from the trees that exist
I hang strings of flowers, I always think a wedding should have some
sort of flowers or ribbons hanging, some sort of element that really
distinguishes the area where they’re going to marry to make it special and
look pretty in the picture. I’m doing my first glamping wedding,
where everyone will be sleeping in tents this summer so I’m so curious to see how
that’s gonna go, and that is the wedding where I’m going to do the tepee made out of the sticks and the birch and the curly willow, which I’m excited about.
And then inside instead of all — well you could do flowering oregano, I
love the way that looks and how it flowers, being beautiful for the
centerpiece, and herbs probably.
Are you noticing a return to a traditional
church ceremony and reception at an alternative location, or more of a
combination ceremony reception at the same place?
It’s interesting when it comes to churches I typically only do the ceremonies there, and then we move on to another location for the reception, it may be that the churches that I have
been invited to coordinate don’t have a big enough hall or reception area. Most of
my Jewish weddings ,and it’s quite interesting that I don’t do a lot of
weddings at synagogues, maybe two a year, and they’re the places that do have
larger reception halls in my experience. So typically we always take it out of
the place of worship after the ceremony. We have just a quick question here and
then we’ll move on to the next slide, how about the use of lounge or speciality
furniture groupings to enhance the comfort and look of the events, how is
that trending?
It is there people are getting so fabulous with their furniture,
amazing, I don’t think I do an event without some sort of lounge area. I feel
that people like to eat at a table I think it’s easier than having it on your
lap, sitting on a couch at a coffee table, if that’s your look where everything is relaxed and furniture groupings and maybe some
high top tables, great. But if you could incorporate both so everyone’s
comfortable at a table, and then kind of after the meal there’s seating groups
where they can kind of sit around if they’re not into dancing, around the bar
area, during cocktails is a great time for seating groups. I like to do my
ceremonies a little bit of surprise incorporating some couches within the
chairs. so you have couches and chairs and kind of a living room set up that’s
something I like to do. Lounge furniture is not going away, it’s only getting
better more unique and some interesting colors, go on Found Rental and she’s
doing some wonderful new things there. She used to only all vintage but now she
has some very interesting pieces, along with Revelry, and a lot of the rental
houses, like I think a lot you might have classic Cardy rentals, we have Town &
Country out here, and they are adding a wonderful furniture collection to their
rentals, which really helps because then if you’re using them for other types of
rentals it’s one cost for the delivery if you can get the furniture there too. Okay, tell us about the shades of orange. Wow, this was one of my
favorite weddings from last year last August, and the bride got married it was
a family home where they had beautiful orange groves, so naturally she wants to
bring in the orange. Now here’s an example of how different shades of
orange can really add energy pops of color, without using any white at all, it
creates a different environment if you are using color as opposed to an
all-white wedding. There’s something very warm and inviting about it, and I always
say I never have to work as hard if there’s colored flowers because there
some sort of electrics something energy that it adds and it gets people kind of —
“ohhh”, you know this is going to be a little different. So I wanted to show that the
bridesmaids are all carrying a different shade of orange, and mix of natural stock,
some berries in with the orange flowers. Consider a color, and if you’re going
to consider a color and you don’t want to kind of step out and do a lot of
different colors choose one color, but use all the shades of that one color
like we did with the orange.
So we have here: what trends in napkin folds
treatments are you seeing this year? So you spoke a little bit about that
earlier with the trimmings are there any folds that are different?
Right well it really depends on the wedding you know how informal, how dressy, how we tend — for a while we were tying things around napkins. I really like the trims because it
decorates the napkins itself, but right now I like a simple fold, just a fold
over fold over tuck, which I think a lot of you know out there, and then just
laying a very small flower on it. A napkin treatment instead of the bow with
the big rows, or something complicated which for us wedding planners takes us a
while to do, or florist takes us a while to do, think of this year again as crispy
but simple elegant, just a touch of thought. You know the
details from me are overwhelmingly important, I love a little — like this
weekend we did an Easter party and I just got a bunch of lily-of-the-valley,
and a lot of you might know how expensive lily of the valley is, so I got
very little, and I just laid a green leaf with one lily-of-the-valley on it. So
simple so uncomplicated, it looked beautiful. So let’s leave it that napkins
should be not as complicated this year coming up, you might want to tuck a
napkin within it, I don’t think we need a pocket anymore. I think it should just be
simple and beautiful
Okay I have a question here about how would you
introduce colors to brides that only want an all white florals?
I think if you can get it in your budget when you’re doing the flower
setup, how I do it is actually let the florist do the setup, and if they’re on the fence —
but you’re gonna have brides who say I want to white wedding and they’ve
never thought of having color in their wedding, and they’re gonna have a white
wedding because that’s all they can understand and picture, but if I know
they’re kind on the fence and they’re not really sure, we get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest that they bring us in and all their newspaper,
their magazine tear outs, and stuff, if I see color in there I often ask my
florist could you do one small version in color so that we can show them what the possibilities are. Sometimes they’ll charge you and it’s not in the
budget, but you know if you can make a story if you feel like you can turn your
bride around into a color story, present a color story, make your own Pinterest
and say you know with the location obviously that you know, and show them an
AllSeated floor plan of course, and pretty soon you’ll see you’ll be able to
add the flowers to the table, and the dishes and everything. Show them, paint
them a picture, you know most of our clients cannot visualize, which for us is
so frustrating because that’s our business, so you’ve got to paint the
picture for them and actually show them the possibilities.
So do you have new ideas on how to do seating charts when the couple chooses not to use escort
cards? Oh that’s a challenging one. Well I don’t — I hope you don’t hurt anybody’s feelings, but I don’t love the big mirror
with all the names on it, first of all everyone bottlenecks around it, if it’s a
mirror I find it very hard to read. I’d love to know if any of you out there
feel the same way, I see a lot of it on Instagram with beautiful calligraphers.
Also if someone cancels you can’t take their name off, it’s on there. Or if you want to make
table changes it’s on there, it’s hard to you know at the last minute,
which you know there’s so many changes at the last minute. I also
had a bride who wanted all the seating cards hanging, and we had scissors there.
Disaster. Everybody was waiting for us to find their card even though there are
alphabetized, the wind was going, and that’s work for me, so personally I love
seating cards so much, you have no idea how much I love seating cards. I don’t
know what the option would be, the big boards are, for me isn’t smooth. And
remember that’s the first thing when they’re entering that party that they’re
experiencing, they look pretty I just don’t think they’re practical, if you’re
not doing a seating at all, it may look disorganized, because
what happens is that people start pulling chairs away from your beautiful
tables that you have designed with your couple or your brides, and then all of a
sudden if there’s no table that they have to sit at, and a lot of my clients
might do to place cards too, which is a lot more work, but you know they tell you a table
to go to and then they tell you what seat to sit in. It’s a lot of work.
I suggest always seating your guests, always sending them to a table if you
can, and if you party planners out there come up with any new ideas for me,
with seating that are not written on a board I would love to hear it.
Okay let’s have a little look at the vintage look because we’ve got two more slides here
and a lot more questions, so let’s see. My aesthetic, I love I would say I
am vintage romantic, and now I’ve been adding a little modernism into my tables.
There’s something about just feeling like you’re in someone’s home I
always try to create a reception that is an extension, I like to see people’s
homes I like to see how they live and I like to try to extend that into the area
that our clients are entertaining in. So that’s the way I approach it, and vintage
sometimes just adds that extra warmth and mush for the success of the party. I
always tell my couples; you guys got to stick together, and when you dance your
guests are gonna dance, and if you have a good time, everyone’s gonna have a good
time. If it’s a struggle there, if you already have all the warmth and good
feelings on the table it’s half the battle. With the new
colored glasses, or you know one little treat on the table, that kind of can
bring you back a little, it could be at lace napkin, it could be just
anything, but I always think a vintage touch even with the most modern of
weddings is very cool.
Are welcome bags on decline or still a great trend.
I’m still doing them, a lot of them. I think the vessel that you put the welcome bags are
changing a little, not everybody is doing a bag per se. I’ve been doing some cute
boxes, I’ve been doing some trays, you have to make it easy for them to travel with or they’ll just leave them in the room. What I do see, I will tell you a big trend are these, I can’t think of the word, so they’re gifting lounges, so your guests
come in and they’re invited inside like to a hospitality suite or a room where
they’re getting a bag or a box, and they can kind of fill up with treats and
stuff that they want ,and then our staff is kind of helping them load up.
So these gifting lounges we’re setting them up but they’re doing all the work
by filling their own bags, so that’s kind of fun we have like trail mix bars and it’s more of what they want to take, and a lot of
fruit and stuff so it’s a little different, and they can kind of customize
their own bag.
Have you heard about unplugged ceremonies Mindy, let’s say I
Unplugs ceremonies, so is that… unplugs ceremonies, so is that
where everyone’s just kind of its kind of a looser ceremony where they’re
singing and it’s not as as a traditional, just more custom to the bride and groom?
Would that be an unplugged ceremony? She’ll have to come back on that one. In the meantime let’s go to the last slide which is the bold fun color. Oh wow well I did, this was a baby shower,
but I just did it and I just loved it and I really kind of was trying to show
the flowers, the pop, that it’s nice if you’re getting married in the spring, to
think about spring flowers. If you’re getting married in the fall,
winter I don’t think it’s a good idea to do flowers that look like spring, you
know stay within the season that you have chosen to get married, that’s
something to think about. I honestly think that’s probably why brides and
grooms stick with white because it’s just another decision for them, to me, so
white is safe, but I wanted to show this just because this is a spring shower, a
red spring, and I don’t think I would do it for a wedding, umbrellas and stuff,
it’s very cute, maybe in some sort of way you could, but it’s important to — you’re
getting married on the beach you wouldn’t wear a velvet dress you know,
stay and think about the month you’re getting married, the weather, the flower.
If you’re choosing a summer wedding it should feel like
summer, and that’s why I want to show this so that you stay in season.
Okay so we’re the only ones that don’t know what unplugged ceremony, is unplugged ceremony means no mobile phones, no electronics.
Oh unplugged, yes! I didn’t — yes we’ve been making beautiful
boards too – I can’t believe I didn’t know that, sorry whoever asked that! If you go
up my Instagram you could get a lovely inspiration of a board we did
about staying unplugged during the ceremony. Yes I’m doing it a lot, I would
say I’m doing it 80% of my events are unplugged, and I like it. They do let them
take pictures during the reception, and I have to tell you the guests are very
respectful of it, I haven’t had issues. A lot of them just don’t want
that picture with everybody with their phone in the air, I think that’s what
they’re trying to avoid, and you’ve been invited to listen to people exchange
their vows or experience and validate a very important time, and one of the most
important time in someone’s life, and if you look at it through the phone you’re
not really seeing what’s going on. So yes, can’t believe, it must be too late here I
do have my coffee. [laughter] A lot of unplugged weddings for sure.
Okay we’re gonna ask just some quick questions because we’re winding down a little bit,
and there’s still a lot of questions to get through, so we’ll try and get through
as many as we can. Well forgive us if we don’t get
through all of them, but let’s go: what kind of wedding gifts do you give your
You mean as a wedding planner, is that?
I just I think she’s asking as wedding planner I guess so yeah. As a wedding planner I give them me, no I’m teasing. I print a personalized stationery, something very
unique if they didn’t order thank-you notes, I always love to get them
something with their name on it. Susie and you know Gordon, James you know whatever, a beautiful — and then I write a thank-you note, because I always think a
handwritten note is better than an email note. So always try to get them something
personalized if they have a lot of stationery, I do personalized robes,
sometimes I learn about the couple like I know what they want, I think another lovely gift are luggage tags with their new initials on it. So
those are a few good ideas.
What design trends I’ve got this question coming a
lo, so Janelle is very intrigued to know this what design trends do you see
fading or going away? I think these big elaborate, and I’m sure I’m doing them this year at a few weddings, but these big
elaborate centerpieces, high, tall centerpieces. I had one of my planners doing one last week, beautiful beautiful. But I do find that most of my
brides are asking me to keep it low unkept, you know very organic to where
we’re doing the wedding. I kind of feel the high crazy centerpieces are
going away. The initials on the dance floors, I feel that it’s done, yes that
wedding last week she did do that, but I feel it’s done and I try to talk the
client — I’d rather have one word on a dance floor if they have to have
something on written on the dance floor. So the initials, that sort of thing I
feel is going away, What else are people done with…I don’t
want to say cupcakes are done, but I think donuts replaced those. I
am doing — we didn’t talk about music, but I have to say we are doing a lot of
DJ’s, and typically I only do live music bands, but I think our Millennials and
our type of bride right now likes to hear the real music. And even for my
black black tie we’re using some cool DJs. I like live music but I feel
that’s a trend.
What activities have you recommended to couples who want to
incorporate social media in their celebrations Sue from Barbados.
Hi Barbados, hi Sue. Well as you know the photo booths are not going away and
if anything they’re getting smaller, you know we’re not stuck in a booth but
we’re doing the backdrops with a smaller camera to take your guests
picture, and right there you can send it to your social media,
whether it’s Facebook or Instagram, right there you’re getting instant
gratification, and you’re taking away a picture with you as well. This is new, we are doing you know like Vanity Fair and all that where there’s a kind
of, I don’t want to say it’s a set, but it’s a scene where we’re kind of staging
a picture with the couple, not the wedding couple, the guests and we have a
beautiful chair and it’s like a portrait. A little more formal, but
then we get some people really creative who stand on the chair, so it is a scene that we’ve created and everyone can kind of do what they
want within that scene, but you have to use that chair, there’s typically a table,
maybe a lamp or something cool. Okay so when you’re presenting your
initial inspiration board to your clients, how many edits do you find you
have to do before you knock it out of the park for your clients? How early are
you presenting it?
Well first of all it takes time to narrow down their
Pinterest board when they’re showing you five different weddings that they want,
so that takes a little time to eliminate the pictures on their Pinterest, to get
down to what they really want. I’ve been lucky the most I’ve ever had
to do is three, I try to hit it out with one try but a lot of times I’m gonna say
one and a half because I’ve gotten it almost right but there’s a few tweakings.
But it as you know, everyone out there, it depends on the bride and groom and
how much time they have on their hands. So I’m going to end with one last
question, as this is one of Mindy’s passions and she loves to talk about
this, so what is going away in the way of invitations Mindy?
Oh gosh, well I will tell you we are emailing save the dates. I love everything printed, I came from
the stationery world, but I am doing emails. Mostly emailed save the dates, and
beautiful traditional wedding invitations letterpress, delicious papers,
but I see tradition coming back. I’m not if there’s a pattern on it,
where we’re taking it through the entire wedding. Marble, marble’s huge, everybody
marble is back. So marble paper, the white and black kind of like a granite sort of
look, that’s huge and they’ll take one thing on their invitation
you’re able to take it all over. I love engrave and letterpress, and I’m seeing
simple imitations so that’s where that world is going, don’t be afraid to email,
people appreciate it. Just to finish off because it’s still on the
printing side, you like to do menu cards on the tables?
I love menu cards, I think you can add a little bit of personalization to it, I
think people like to know what they’re eating and then they have an opportunity
to order something if they can’t heat what’s on the menu.
Okay and then I’m going to ask because this question has come up and then we really have to go guys. I know we’re not answering all the
questions but Mindy has given us so much time and so many ideas, but we’re gonna
just end with this one: do you have any recommendations on how to discuss budget with couples when they have not decided on wedding design trends?
Well that is my least favorite topic is the budget, but I tell you it’s exhausting, it creates
tension, which I know you all know. But I’m trying hard to get that price out of
them at the beginning. I want to know where they want to stay in, and that way
I avoid showing them things that they cannot — well they probably they may be
able to afford it but not on their wedding budget, so it’s very important
that you push the fact and you’d like to know what area would they like to
stay in. A lot of times they don’t even know where to start, so it is our job to
say okay: photography can be anywhere from five thousand to twelve,
whatever the realms are and give them, because as we are professionals we have
to guide them and give them the reality. If you want this kind of wedding it’s gonna cost this. But I try to do it really early on, and as you know it doesn’t even, it doesn’t even stop till the week of the wedding, a lot of the
times. Okay guys. Really, Mindy cannot thank you
enough, we could probably spend hours talking to Mindy.
Thank you for joining tomorrow my youtube channel starts
every Thursday, advice fun videos, reality of what really goes on, so tune in on
Thursdays it’s gonna be a lot of fun. What’s the address Mindy how do they
find it? I’m getting so many emails “how do I go on” but I bet you guys know how.
We’ll send everybody that was on the webinar the channel, Mindy will send us the link and we’ll
forward it on to you, we also have a recording of the of this webinar that
you’ll all get after the the webinars finished. I just want to end that,
we’re very excited within AllSeated we’re bringing out a scale table builds
up, we’ve got a lot of new features coming out, we’re going
into the VR world of virtual reality, so keep your eyes open for a lot of new
things within AllSeated. And Mindy we cannot thank you enough it
was amazing. Thank you, and remember you guys out
there, like AllSeated, surround yourself with things that make our job easier.
Have a great day everyone.

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