Public Speaking 101: How To Get Focused Before A Speaking Engagement

Louis Louis gold hi I’m in locking out a California and
I’m about to give a presentation for the national charity league so in
about 20 minutes about a hundred and twenty-five people
are going to be occupying the seeds listening to me speak so so many times
clients say to me told you get nervous before or giving a
keynote presentations is just horrible they get some service and what do you do so let me tell you what you do because
I’m doing it right now now the first thing that I say
to any of my clients is preparation is key meaning that if you really do
your work you know your material you’re excited to
present it that means you’re prepared and when
you’re prepared you have fun because the moment that you are
taking the stage and sharing your message you’re just
giving your gift and ideally the more fun that you’re having the more fun your audience will have so
yes be prepared no I do not write a pic script about
what I’m going to say even though I and very well trade
actress who can learn scripts when I’m speaking from my heart I think
about what I wanna say in terms of pot bubbles I have this story and I want to tell
this story and i wanna tell this story and then I naturally to connect the
stories so when you prepare think about in terms of
thought bubbles but here we are in the moment 20 minutes for I’m going
to begin so what do I do right now the first is I make sure that
I have all my little note something sexy not notes but props to use during my speeches I have a
nearby I have water nearby so that in case I
get a little dry cough or something while I’m
speaking no problem I’ve got everything I need just an arms length away the second
point is I just take in the room I take in my
surroundings I get myself grounded I sorta walk
around the room spreading my energy everywhere and it just gives me a sense that I
belong and I inhabit the space with my body then I make sure that I’m not nervous in
any way that I really preview and connect with my breath if you are nervous at any point in your
life anytime taking a big deep breath and then
letting it out instantly calms you down it just brings all have your awareness to your body and
your breath just grounds you instantly it’s amazing the my last
little bit that I have is in a weird way it’s
it’s funny I had hadn’t planned on doing this blog post
but I think for me it’s connecting to why why now why am i sharing this message with this unique group individuals why because when I connect to my why i
connect to my hired deeper purpose and then I really make it not about me
not about my nerves or who’s going to be in the rumor anything
that has to do with alexei it’s about the greater purpose of
giving back and every time you give a presentation
whether it’s for your corporation your charity or in front of your family or whatever the
case may be it’s really not about you it’s about them and when you make it
about them you literally get out have your own way so I think I have about 15 minutes left
so I’m gonna go practice what I preach but hopefully these tips will help you
stay grounded com president for you can give your best
message to the World Cup when you are released from your own fear
your presence automatically liberates other your
presence automatically liberates other so thank you for your attention
tonight thank you for the great work that you do
and thank you for just keeping that little thought in mind about the power have
positive thoughts I have no doubt that you’ll see the
change very quickly in your own life thank you for cool up

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