Presenting the UN World Oceans Day Online Portal

Every year on June 8, World Oceans Day is celebrated by governments, scientists, civil society, museums, schools, and
citizens like you! This is the day when we can celebrate our combined efforts to protect the one ocean that connects us all The United Nations World Oceans Day
portal is your hub for information on all of the events that are happening near
you on June 8th You can follow major World Oceans Day initiatives and projects and learn more about our oceans through the wealth of resources available. You can make your own pledge to protect the ocean for future generations and you can become a World Oceans Day champion by organizing your own events and activities Make sure that you register your events so that others can see it and join in Keep sharing your ocean events all year round to turn every day into World Oceans Day Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be a
part of the global celebration Visit today to learn more!

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