Pre-Wedding Planning : How to Plan a Bachelor Party

So you just got asked to plan your friend’s
bachelor party for his wedding. So, you’re asking yourself, “Where do I even start to
plan a bachelor party?” I’m Jessica Meiczinger with Simply Divine Events and I’m going to
tell you guys how to plan the perfect bachelor party for your friend’s wedding. First of
all, you want to start off by asking the groom a good day and time to host the party, and
maybe get an idea of what he likes to do and, you know, as far as if he likes sporting events,
or wants to keep it low key, or if there’s a special place he likes to visit you can
incorporate that as well. Next you want to come up with a guest list. Usually it entails
the groom’s friends, definitely the groomsmen, sometimes the groom’s father and also the
bride’s father as well, and then just anybody else he wants to invite. Next you want to
also think about where you want to go, what you want to do, and how much money this is
going to cost you. Some fun ideas for bachelor parties are a golf outing, you could go to
Las Vegas, you could go on a cruise, you could take a few days and go to the beach and go
bar hopping. Or, you could go to a sporting event or just go have a crazy night out on
the town. If you decide to have a crazy night out on the town, make sure you arrange for
transportation. You could go with a party bus, rent a limo, or if you don’t want or
have the money, just go ahead and pick a designated driver. And kind of map out the places you
want to visit and the what you want to do the night of. Just make sure, at the end of
the night, you have arranged for transportation for all the groomsmen and groom to get home
safely as well. So, those are just some tips on how to plan the perfect bachelor party,
and again, I’m Jessica Meiczinger and happy planning.

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