Pre-Wedding Planning : How to Create a Wedding Guest List

So you just got engaged and you’re starting
the planning process of your special day. So, I’m going to tell you how to create a
wedding guest list. Hi, I’m Jessica Meiczinger, and here are a few great tips on developing
a guest list. First, you want to think about your budget. Obviously, you’ve kind of talked
to your family and your fiancee about how much money you want to spend and if you want
it you know big or small. So now is the fun part, trying to figure out who to invite and
how to make an acceptable list. First, I suggest actually is I would go ahead and sit down
with your fiancee and just start out with your family; your immediate family as well
as you know your closest friends. And take a look at that and see how many people you’re
at at that point. And if you feel you can go a little higher, if you you know still
have some budget to work with, go ahead and invite a few more guests. My suggestion next
is to give your parents a certain amount of number of guests they can invite such as their
co-workers or their, you know, close friends from growing up. Another idea is to keep in
mind kids. Some weddings you know you can invite kids, but that tends to add you know
make your numbers go up quickly. Some weddings opt for no children which keeps your numbers,
you know, contained and you know closer to what you know your maybe your ideal guest
count is. So those are just some ideas on how to create a wedding guest list for your
wedding. And again, my name is Jessica Meiczinger, with Simply Divine Events, and good luck with
planning your wedding.

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