Hiiii friends welcome to my new vlog. so guys Happy Republic Day. and today i am going outside for fun. so let’s go. Guys guess!!! where i am. I am in Golghar of Patna. actually i wanted to go to the museum of Patna. but today that museum was closed. Thats why i came golghar. so let me show you this place. So friends finally i am out from this place. so………… Now i am going to P&M Mall of Patna. so let’s go. so guys finally i am in the mall. so let’s go i show you this mall. Guys……. All of these games are run only on card swipe. and i forgot my card at home. so…… No matter we will play these games next time. so now let’s head out of here. so friends now i am heading out of here and i am going home. so let’s go home. so guys i am in my home. and if like this vlog so plz plz plz click here to subscribe my channel and click here to watch my last video so see you in my next vlog so bye.. till next time.


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