PLAYMOBIL Wedding Planner 9229 Unboxing And Playing #7 | PLAYMOBIL CITY LIFE | Speelgoed & Fun

hello all nice that you watch
to play paradise today playmobil city life to go they marry delivery time 4 to 10
year another photo found here you see what’s in it
dolls meijnsgen pro the trees looks very nice to keep there let’s take a quick look and sweater it
from the inside to transfer
Look at what you do with the tree figurines icon and another one
think all of this is the current one flowers that look nice well the bags where they are one by one
open look where the description that way you can see exactly trying
we have to start together it also all in separate bags that waist of the hood so for roof on the tree on which we are here
looking down at your flowers I also jointly I therefore another
other playmobil as you can see other series we have the series of city life I go
but just put together this one the five pieces of rope are seen here this breed is also Bet 5 little grabs in the floor
can not miss see also one at a time piece of other doctor and each foot above
place lucky the front picture on this side and on this side
as I said look ensure that the dots come out
to turn him equally have smaller ones watching brothers one here one next time here so and the last say this now we go to the next step
now we are going to decorate and pouch quite a bit flowers
we’re going to put pretty slinge on it the knee flowers are put on and you
of course all little one you can see underneath
a little flowers all set up just take a look before you go
and expensive on them everything is one decorate this look beautiful
so you are getting married he looks like this you can go on here later so gallop you have to decorate of course andrew grandmother pull it looks like a piece already
more fun and you this on the roof confirm to choose this and not yet this one also look up
do not do a nice rose, of course lots of roses can do when a white middle again a beautiful one
red outside you can also do a rose nice to dress k the white one rink wise here we go next
the trees are put together here bottom with 4 holes No I am going to show you how to bow
each other in the sun the bottom that’s what it comes
a sitting of those dots nicely do the flowers wrap OK it can be beautiful again and that’s what you do
the turn c we have the trees and each other
can nicely drop like this your table can not be nice and the book you come up with and
of course not sprinter dollies of ground with a nice heart in salt used one
beautiful bouquet you are getting married just did not say most
there is a way behind director complete
looks nice he thought it was fun video to make a thumbs up and
subscribe to our channel if you want more see until the next time


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