Planning Your Wedding: Wedding Cars and everything you need to know (Part 2 of 4)

Natalie: And so what’s the best car for
each couple? How do they choose which car is right for them and how many cars that they
will need? Ally: Sure, okay. Well, generally what we
do is, I ask in one of my first questions to brides is how many in your wedding party,
and that will determine which car we steer them towards obviously.
The Princess is the main, like the most popular car because it’s big, it’s easy to get
in and out of with their dress. It can seat seven passengers plus the driver. Now we have
three of these so we could actually have a wedding really with 21 people in it in one
wedding with identical cars. Natalie: Oh lovely!
Ally: So it’s really good in that aspect. So we can house quite a big wedding party
and we could even have that plus the “Sheline”, which is George and Irene’s car, and it
still looks gorgeous with the four. So we would basically, if a bride has say
two bridesmaids and two groomsmen, then that’s six, they only need one car. That’s where
we’d become quite economical because they don’t need to get that second car and they
don’t have to share a backseat with anybody. They can still have the backseat – just the
two of them, and we can put the bridesmaids and groomsmen in the rest of the car.
Natalie: And I guess a lot of brides and grooms would like that concept of having their wedding
party with them in the car rather than being separated across different cars.
Ally: They do, yeah, it’s fun. Natalie: Yeah.
Ally: They have a great time in the car and we can play music for them, their favorite
music. Natalie: Oh lovely. So the couples can choose
to have their own music in the car? Ally: Yes.
Natalie: That’s good to know. Ally: And usually on the way to the church,
it’s a real nerve breaker is, I’ll play and George and Irene put me onto this, but
we play ‘Going to the Chapel and you’re going to get married’. So, it’s really
cute. Natalie: Oh it’s so cute.
Ally: It’s sort of cute but it’s really fun and the girls love it. They just all sing.
Natalie: Yeah. It’ll definitely put them in the spirit of the day.
Ally: It does, yes. So it’s nice. Natalie: Lovely, and so what about, I know
that in particular in January/February in the Hunter Valley it can get quite warm, so
is there air-conditioning in the car? Ally: Yes, we have had all the air-conditioning
in the cars reconditioned and obviously all the cars aren’t as fantastic as new cars
these days but it’s quite comfortable in our cars.
Natalie: Okay. Ally: Yes, so they’re all air-conditioned.
Natalie: Right, and are they decorated? I mean I don’t know if you’d really need
that with vintage cars because that’s the whole look but if brides, I don’t know,
wanted ribbons of certain colours, I mean is that a possibility as well?
Ally: Yes. Absolutely! We have the tulle in the back and we also have supply ribbons for
our cars. Generally, we do ivory or white matching the brides dress but sometimes brides
would like to match their bridesmaids dresses and we have a whole array of colours that
we can use. And look, if I don’t have the colour, I’ll just source it and just get
the colour for them. And we have the red carpet obviously that we put out for them for when
they get out of the cars. Natalie: Oh good, beautiful. And so what time
do you arrive at the brides house? So what’s the best way for a bride to plan to use your
cars for the day? Ally: Okay. Well, what I do is I always have
a lot of contact leading to up to the wedding to start with so that they feel like we are
involved and interested. So I’ll be in touch with them a month before the wedding, and
then I’ll be in touch with them the Monday before the wedding as well to say, ‘Hi’
and let them know we’re on it. We are going to be there at ‘x’ time and they know
that we are going to be there now. The way I work, I work back from the ceremony.
So I’ll go right, how long does it take to go from their house to the ceremony and
then I’ll then get there a quarter of an hour at least before that. So they know we’re
there. They know we’re ready to go and then it’s their choice as to when they leave.
Natalie: Okay. Ally: So I don’t ever pressure them to leave
on time unless they ask me to, I’ll leave it up to them so they can then just know,
all right, we’re here. I go in and I’ll say ‘hi’ and we chat and everything and
they know that I am there and they can just say, “Right, OK Ally we’re ready to go”.
Natalie: Because it’s really funny because some brides are really just from my experience
in the industry as well, some brides being on time is really important to them, where
other brides they really want to be that few moments late to make sure that all their guests
are inside. Ally: Yes, and you know what I’ve have found
lately is that some brides are telling their guests that the wedding is at 2:00 when in
fact the wedding is at 2:30. Natalie: Right.
Ally: So that they’re on time because these days people are so impunctual. That’s amazing.
Natalie: Yes, there’s always someone late running into the church. So it’s incredible.
Ally: There is, you know, so that’s sort of a good way to go, I don’t know how long
I’ll get away with it. Natalie: No, I definitely had the same thing
and with a lot of the brides that I have chatted to, yes, 15 minutes before they’ll try and
just give people that opportunity to get there. Ally: Yes.
Natalie: But even so, some guests might be punctual but then there could be parking situations
for some guests. So it’s good to give them that little bit of time as well.
Yes. So then they’ve got that option to get to the church.
Ally: On time or late, it’s up to them, yeah.
Natalie: Okay. Ally: If we… I usually say to bride, “Look,
if we leave now and we are early, we can always fill in time closer to the church by taking
them for a drive around the beach or something like that and we can just sort of like…”
Natalie: To calm the nerve a little bit. Ally: Cruise around. Yeah, calm the nerves
and then they can then arrive, because quite often we’ll start to pull up at church and
then the bride will say, “No, keep going, keep going”, and we go ride the block couple
of times until you know, because someone rings and says, “Oh, grandma hasn’t arrived
or someone hasn’t arrived” so we just do a couple of laps.
Natalie: Okay. So, it’s not the bride having second thoughts.
Ally: No. No. No. Natalie: “I don’t know if I can do this.”
Okay, and sorry just back to who drives your cars, so just say you do have five cars going
out and a couple have booked a car that you can’t drive that day.
Ally: Yes. Natalie: So who is driving that car and will
they have that same kind of contact with that person or…?
Ally: Yes. Yes, I’ve got some…I have one in particular, one driver that was with George
and Irene and I inherited him, John. He’s gorgeous. He’s got the big white, mutton
chops and the cap and fab fog watch. Natalie: Yes. He’s fabulous, I’ve worked
with him. Ally: He’s very good and he’s very caring
of our brides and bridal parties and I trust him absolutely to look after them and I haven’t
had any bad feedbacks whatsoever from him. Natalie: And so would it be him calling on
the Monday or they’d still speak to you and he would just be there on the day?
Ally: No, it’s still me and I’ll tell them he will be driving.
Natalie: Yes. Ally: I’ll say, “John will be looking
after you on the day”, and so they know who to expect.
Natalie: Okay, wonderful.

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