Planning a Wedding : How to Make a Bride’s Last-Minute Survival Kit

The day of your wedding you are going to want
to pack an emergency kit. This is something like a survival kit that if anything goes
wrong you have it packed. And most times a wedding coordinator will have one with them.
But certain things you should keep in your little survival kit are a sewing kit, some
scissors, a lighter in order to light a lot of the candles you might have at your wedding.
A stain remover stick just in case something happens. An extra pair of pantyhose, and some
black socks cause you know one of those guys will forget to pack the black socks. Possibly
some breath mints or those listerine pocket pack things that go right on your tongue and
dissolve are very, very nice to have because you’ll be kissing the man of your dreams coming
in a few minutes so you’ll want to have fresh breath as well. Or a toothbrush and toothpaste
is something you might want to pack too. An emery board in case of a cracked nail, and
also a first aid kit just in case someone gets hurt.

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