Planning a Wedding : How to Honor Parents at a Wedding

A few ways to honor your parents at your wedding…there’s
a few ways to do it and one way you can do it is actually at your rehearsal dinner where
you have the stage, where you can actually make some speeches about whoever’s in your
wedding party, but especially your parents. Most of the time, your parents are the ones
paying for your wedding, so you really do want to make it clear that they are a part
of your wedding. At the reception for the next day, you also want to make sure that
you bring them out on the dance floor and have that first dance with your father, and
even bring your mom out and have that dance. During the ceremony, a great way is to actually
put flowers on them to honor them by knowing that they are a part of the wedding party
and your parents. A good way to do that also is to have them enter in their own processional.
To have them have their own music, have them seated by ushers or walk each other down the
isle. Your parents are a huge part of the wedding especially because you wouldn’t be
here without them. So, make sure that you take some time and to honor them in whatever
way you choose to, giving a speech about them, or making sure that everybody knows they are
your parents by dancing with them.

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