Planning a Wedding : How to Hire a Wedding Consultant

How to hire a wedding consultant is something
that I know a lot about because I am a wedding consultant. There’s a few things you want
to keep in mind when hiring someone. Try and get somebody who maybe was recommended by
one of your friends, or hire someone that you saw at another wedding you went to because
at least you know their work. A recommendation from a friend or a colleague is really something
that we, we base our business off of because we want to show everybody that we can do a
good job, and if we did a good job for your friend or confidant, that we’ll do a good
job for you as well. Another thing is to remember when a consultant is this person is going
to be your right hand man. They’re going to do everything from being your best friend,
to being the person who may have to yell at the caterer. They might have to become your
mother at one point, or even your psychiatrist. Just remember, this has to be someone that
you trust, and understand, and like because you’ll be working with them for a very long
time. And another thing to remember is this person is someone who does this for a living
most of the time, and you have to understand their schedule as well, so when booking someone,
make sure that they have the time for you, and don’t just book someone because they are
someone that’s worked on another wedding that you may have been to. It’s always a great
thing, especially if you enjoyed the wedding you went to, and that means they did a good
job, but don’t get stuck in that. Maybe interview a few of them. It is like you’re hiring someone
for a job. Look at their resume. If they have a website, look at their website, their pictures,
other weddings that they have done and think of ideas that they might bring to the table.
But also, remember cost. Make sure you can afford someone who can help you with your
wedding because they are very important on that day. They take care of everything so
your day is stress free.

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