Planning a Wedding : How to Create a Bridal Registry List

One of the most fun things to do is create
a wedding registry. Make sure it’s something that suits you, as a couple, and don’t pick
stores just because your family says, “Oh, that’s a nice store. You should get stuff
from them.” Make sure it’s something you really, really want. You can choose national stores,
which are very, very easy for out-of-town guests to get something on the registry and
get it sent to your house, such as Target or Wal-Mart. Those are national chain stores
where they’re…they have wedding registries, and most times, they’re very inexpensive for
people to choose wedding gifts. Make sure that you create the wedding registry together.
The worst thing is for you to create this registry and your groom doesn’t know what’s
on it because it’s his registry as well. He should…he should be included. Also, if you’re
not too sure what to get, bring a friend along that might…that’s a good shopper. If you’re
not a good shopper and you don’t know what to do, bring a friend along. But do make sure
it’s something the couple wants. The other thing is if you have a very large invited
guest list, make sure you have a large registry because the worst thing is for people to go
online or go to the store and pick out something and there’s nothing available and nothing’s
left. Also, do things separately. If you’re going to get a comforter and sheets set, try
and break it up where this is the comforter you want so people can purchase it separately
from the sheets. Also, with kitchen gadgets, make sure that you split that up as well so
that people have choices and they don’t have to feel obligated to buy certain gifts. Also,
do not put a lot of expensive gifts on your registry because people will feel that they
need to spend a lot of money. Avoid picking gadgets that you won’t use. There’s a lot
of things out there that look shiny, bright, and new that you want to have in your kitchen,
but you’ll never use. And how many things do we have in our kitchens that we don’t use,
especially a sandwich maker or a crockpot that we’ve never even opened? Make sure it’s
something that you’re going to use. Another thing to remember is china. China, I think,
right now is a thing of the past. Do you really need it? Do you really have room for it? How
often will you be using formal china? Most often, you won’t be. So if you’re not going
to use the china, don’t put it on your registry. Just sign up for everyday use that might be
nice to use in a formal atmosphere, but also, not so expensive and something that you don’t
have anywhere to place it, especially for storage. Also, don’t be limited by certain
traditional choices. You can also go out of the box, like electronics, DVDs you might
like, even a DVD player if yours is broken. Don’t be limited by the traditional sets of
bathmats or towels. There’s a whole world out there of different things to put on your
registry. And also think: Do you really need a registry? A lot of people would rather make
a donation to a cause or just get the cash themselves in order to put a down payment
on for a home.

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