Planning a Wedding : How to Choose Brunch Items for Your Wedding Brunch

Some people are now choosing to have a brunch
reception. Have a wedding ceremony in the morning, and then go and have a brunch for
a reception. One way to really pick out a menu for it, is to go to a local restaurant,
that is around you, that has brunch. A lot of times, you can get a lot of good ideas,
off of their menu, like a stuffed French toast, or even quiches, and a quiche is something
that is very easy to serve. You can have mini quiches, served for everybody, where they
all can go out and get some, or you can have different types of larger quiches, where people
can slice it like a pie. It’s very easy to make, and one of those things that a lot of
people do enjoy, because it is eggs and bacon, and has a lot of the breakfast type foods
in it. Also, remember stuff like bagels and croissants, and different types of jellies,
for your brunch, are always very important, but the one most important thing you have
to remember, is what beverage you’re going to have, and the number one beverage people
will be wanting to serve at their brunch, would be a mimosa, which is orange juice and
champagne, which really makes it very festive. Another thing, is also have nonalcoholic beverages
for the morning, like coffee and tea. Tea is always a great thing in the morning, especially
when it is an upscale brunch type, and even if it is not upscale, different types of teas,
will really bring out the different types of personalities in people, because teas are
like little personalities, because they have different flavors to them. Coffee is the same
way. If you want to use flavors in coffee, like hazelnut, and a French Vanilla. This
really does bring that brunch menu together.

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