Planning a Wedding : How to Choose Appetizers for Your Wedding Reception

Appetizers are one of the most fun things
to pick for your wedding reception. Because this is usually the time during the cocktail
hour when you are off getting your pictures taken and your guests can enjoy a time when
they can mingle, drink, and really just enjoy themselves. So make sure when choosing appetizers
that it’s something that is not messy. You want your guests to enjoy yourselves and not
get really dirty before your wedding reception. One thing that always goes over well is shrimp
cocktail. People love it because it’s extravagant, it tastes good and it’s easy to eat. Another
thing you might want to consider is something ethnical, something that has something to
do with the background of the family. If you have a Polish background you might want to
pick something like a pirogi station and a sausage station. If you are Italian you might
want to have a little pasta station. And another thing is the crute de te which is the crackers
and cheese platters and have meats on it, and something where people can pick and choose
what they want. A big display of fruit is always good to keep people refreshed. And
just remember to have your bar available and complement your wines, beers, and what ever,
other cocktails you might have been serving at the time. And also remember don’t forget
yourself, to get something to eat and have someone make a plate for you so you don’t
get all hungry while your pictures are all done because it’s a time when you want to
make sure that when you enter for your reception, that you are not starving and you are refreshed


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