Planning a Wedding : How to Choose a Menu for Your Rehearsal Dinner

Choosing a menu for your rehearsal dinner
is something most people don’t think about. But one of the things you need to consider
is not choosing something you are eating the next night at your wedding. And most rehearsal
dinners do take place at restaurants because of the small amount of people, and you don’t
normally want more then thirty people to come. So choosing your menu is easy. Most of the
time you just make a small menu based off of the larger menu of the restaurant and if
you don’t do that and you choose to have it at the church, choose a caterer who can do
something easy like chicken or beef, that most of the people would like to eat. And
don’t go as crazy as having a meal for everybody, a different meal if you are using a caterer.
Most of the time you want to choose something that everybody will like. A grilled chicken
is always an easy one for the menu and a nice salad and some wine and champagne for toast.
But other then that your rehearsal dinner should be something simple and everything
should be easy because everybody should enjoy it and be mingling cause this is your family
and friends that are closest to you.

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