Planning a Beach Themed Wedding : Beach Themed Wedding Invitations

Hi my name is Jessica Meiczinger with Simply
Divine Events and I have been planning weddings for a little over ten years and I want to
tell you today how to incorporate your elegant beach theme into your invitations. You can
first start off with your save the dates. Collect local post cards of the location you
are getting married such as you know your favorite beach, Clearwater Beach, St. Petersburg
Beach, and send those off and remind your guests that you will be getting married. And
just put a little bit of information on there as far as accommodations and the date of your
wedding then after you take care of that go ahead and lead into your invitations. You
can actually take a simple invitation with just a nice film overlay and a nice elegant
ribbon and just adorn a shell to the front. Another option is you could put a starfish
on there, a sand dollar, anything that you want to tie in your theme with. Another cute
idea that I like is to do the message in a bottle instead of doing a flat invitation.
Go ahead and do a scroll invitation, roll it up, stick it in the bottle with a little
bit of sand and maybe a few shells and send it off to your wedding guests. Another option
to that which is a little more costly is to actually get a nice little square jewelry
box and adorn the bottom with seashells and sand from the beach and place your invitation
on top of that and send it off in the mail. So those are a few tips that I suggest for
including your elegant beach theme into your invitations.

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