Planning a Beach Themed Wedding : Beach Themed Wedding Cocktail Hour

Hi my name is Jessica Meiczinger with Simple
Divine Events and I have been planning weddings and events for over ten years now and just
want to give you some ideas and events on how to choose your menu for your cocktail
reception for an elegant beach wedding. First of all since you are getting married on the
beach I would take in the local flavors such as your local seafood delicacies. You know
if you are getting married on the shore you can do crab cake appetizers, you can do coconut
shrimp, you can do just a multitude of things such as a raw bar, that is another option,
if you want to offer some other ideas as opposed to seafood. You can go with like a tropical
fruit salsa and chips, you could also do some chicken sates or pork sates with a mango dipping
sauce. You can do different stations, you can do butler past, you can keep in mind that
it is a lighter fare so stick with butler past, I think that is a better idea. Because
you can do your stations and your heavier options during the reception. So those are
just a few ideas on how to choose your menu for your elegant beach themed cocktail reception.

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