Plan Your Meeting & Events at Homewood Suites by Hilton

We believe in the power of human connections. We believe in the energy created, when one
face looks into another. We believe in the strength of a handshake
and the fusion of talents. We believe it’s easier to share a dream
after you’ve shared a meal. We believe that lighting strikes when brains
storm. We believe in army’s, and generals, revolutions
and uprisings. We believe that when real people gather in
a real room, something happens. Ideas are unleashed. Courage becomes contagious. And things that once seemed impossible, suddenly
are possible. This is CONNECT at Hilton Worldwide. A powerful way for people to come together
and truly CONNECT. Face to face, shoulder to shoulder. We’ve been bringing people together for 94
years because our founder Conrad Hilton, believed in the power of human connections.
This is what we do, all over the globe, 24/7 And today the world needs it more than ever! It’s time to CONNECT.

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