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hi planner peeps its Jessica welcome
back to another plan with me in the Erin Condren life planner so for this next
week we are leaving May and going into June so we have one of our split color
scheme weeks so I have had a kit that I have been holding onto for a really long
time and I think this will be my last chance to get to use it before we start
doing June colors and some are things with bright colors cause I have a very
light path talcott here so let me show you I have a simply watercolor Co can’t
hear it’s called sunday shopping and I fell in love with these fashion design
girls handbags is probably my other obsession in life and these are very
pretty and half great pops of color but I don’t know if it’s because I got matte
paper or white or its just made this way but these are my ombre full checklists
and my littles and headers are very very light so this will probably be my last
pastel kit of the year but I am looking forward to using it look at the Ouachita
it’s just super adorable and we even have some scalloped Ouachita play with
as well now to make this week a little bit more cohesive I did pull out my plan
about press deep cover up so I will probably use them as well and let’s go
ahead and get started I think I’d like to go ahead and start with the Ouachita
tape now this washing is about the same size as a regular washi tape roll so I
like that it has galloped washy to go along with it I think I wanna pick the read it so that
we get as much color in this kit as possible so I’m just going to win this
right underneath this one here very very dainty you want to rip it
that’s really I like and set this week and to my to do
today’s and little things i’ma start up at the top and take my to-do headers
which are this really light pink so if I don’t play down straight I guarantee
you’re gonna see the color underneath which makes me a little bit nervous and
then all alter need the pink and grey pink and gray next time I go ahead and start with my
today’s section and just place the headers all the way across can you guys see this super light now for the fun part of the kit the full
boxes we have to fashion girls so definitely one will go in thinking
thought box and I’ll probably center of the one in Thursday and like so nervous about these light
colors because I could kinda I don’t line up perfect you could see the
outline of the blues and the peen I’m trying to be very very careful here ok
so then i think im gonna do is just wanna go up there I think I’ll kinda go out and do like the gray boxes and
then I’ll end with the red boxes and in fact I’m in a takeoff there’s a header
here and here because I’m gonna use a weekend banner it’s a straight weekend
manner so just let it doesn’t go too far into my boxes alright so I’m gonna go
ahead and start setting down the rest at these boxes here turning out so what I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna start now at the bottom and start piling up my littles and I really like
the way she did her little and I’m gonna actually use one each on each day
because we have a little TV even though most of my TV shows are gone I watch a
lot of net legs I have a dinner to put down for each day I haven’t a strict and
a heart and those could represent whatever my heart desires so I’m gonna
put one on each day and then top it off with the little things harder washy above the little things better and
then take mom I have boxes and kind of I guess match them up with the day you
kind of have them touch into the full box actually right here on Friday
because this one just happens I don’t think you could see it even if I pull it
up this have boxes says he’ll do in it do you see itself so but on Friday we do
get paid and I do a budget and pay all the bills so I’m just gonna continued
down the row matching the why she and these have boxes I don’t understand it
seems like the half boxes are cut a little bit shirt I thought I had that lined up pretty
perfectly and I’m still gonna get some color and I might just have to live with
it if that’s the case that’s really honestly as straight as its gonna go so
that’s ok we’re movin along alone because what I’m going to do first
Sunday as many use this little sheet by pretty on Paper Co and it is like eight
uploading and blogging tracker so on Sunday I upload my Erin Condren plan
with me and then I like to post on Instagram and Mike bespoke so I thought
this would be an awesome way to track that so what I do is I will take a
little piece of washi and then gonna pick the color red that I have it may
not be perfect but it’ll be ok too I’m trying to find the best she ate it cargo it this one right here perfect for my sidebar this kid didn’t really
come with a things specifically for the sidebar and I looked through all my
stickers and really in find anything where the colors maps this too well
enough to where I felt comfortable putting them in the sidebar besides
maybe these just plain white ones but I could play around with all the extras
that I have there is a sampler that simply watercolor Co cent and I could
definitely use this habit tracker and this little to do and a half box we have
some extra letters here to label things I do have my laughed on braveheart check
land and then we have a few labels that I could use in there as well and some
washing if we need to fill in some space so i think im just gonna do my best and
be creative and start placing these things down where I can I think I’ll
start right up here but this habit tracker underneath the habit tracker am i put
this personal had her down and then use the last over a heart
checklist below the heart checklist I’ll go ahead and take this to do which has
three hearts in it go ahead and put in next week her down
under here then take this little box came off the sampler as well and then underneath there I’ll take one
of the labels that was provided in the kids and they do it to go and take the red
label from the kids and last but not least to finish off the
sidebar and just gonna take a little gray washy and place it right underneath
this label and we actually were able to fill up this site bar with things that
were provided either from the kid or off the little sample page tho yeah I’m
gonna go ahead and flip back then and go ahead and finish their layout by
placing the date covers pre-planning this week I actually don’t
have too much going on my son will be home it’s his first week off for the
summer and we just don’t have anything scheduled as of now it’ll mostly just be
regular routines and taking them to his baseball practice on Wednesday uploading
my plan with me on Sunday so instead of taking out icon I decided to take out
this pin it is by Betsey Johnson I got it at my goals and it just so cute and
really reminded me of this kit and its either I think I don’t typically like to
write in my plan with me because in my opinion my handwriting is not up to par
to how a planner girl’s handwriting should be but practice makes perfect so
I’m just gonna go ahead and write in my info for the days that I know of this week’s Brad I hope you enjoyed
planning with me before you go i just want to let you know that down in the
Description box I have a list of coupon codes and other info to share with you
guys see you may check that out if you have any questions or suggestions on
anything feel free to leave it in the comments and until I see you guys again
have a beautiful day and by Plan With Me Erin Condren Vertical


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