Plan with me | September 2017 | Bullet Journal Tips for Beginners!

Hi everyone, today I am going to walk you
through my very first bullet journal and give you some tips to start one of your own. It is not as complicated as it looks and it
can definitely be fun to create. I did plan and sketch my layout beforehand to save us some time, so now I’ll walk you through the inking process and give you some beginner to beginner tips and show you the final flip through. first off, I am so excited to use this DIY
bullet journal I made, the dot grid was super helpful when I needed to write in a straight line and the drawing paper didn’t bleed through. If you like the journal and want to make one,
check out the description below for the link to my tutorial! Okay, let’s get started. I came up with the woodland floral, fantasy,
magical theme for this month because September is definitely a month of change. Summer ends and Fall begins in this month,
plus most schools/ classes start which means the beginning of a new chapter. So I decided to draw a cute fox as my cover/
title page with flowers around it. And then drew the word september on the bottom. No color because I wanted to keep it very
clean and bold. I have two tips for this page:
Tip #1: Pick a theme for your journal and start it on the cover page. This sets the mood for the rest of your spreads. You just have to be creative here and just
make it work. There is no right or wrong way to create a
journal. Tip #2: Do not be afraid to try. I am horrible with calligraphy. If you asked me to write anything in that
cute fancy font, I cannot do it. I’d rather draw you a cute picture of a
flower. So for this journal, I ended up looking up
fonts online and then just copied them freehand. I wasn’t really writing, I was drawing the
words out. Use existing fonts as reference and then make
it your own. And then use various line weights to kind of fake it and you’ll be fine. Since I wanted my journal to be more like
a storybook, rather than a simple planner, I determined the mood of the month on the
second illustrated page. I left the actual second page blank to give
it a cleaner look. This is the month of change and below that,
is one of my favorite quotes: “Strength doesn’t come from what you can do, it comes
from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.” So everytime I open this journal, I am reminded
to be fearless. I have huge goals, you guys. And I really hope I can pull it all off this month. Next section is my table of contents. I added some florals underneath to keep the
theme going and all the spreads connected. Again I just typed out the word “contents”
on the computer and copied the font freehand. For the actual table of contents on the right,
I had to finish setting up to know which page numbers coordinate to what section. So I am inking this now for you to see and
the set-up is pretty straight forward. I made my numbers larger and wrote in my normal
handwriting what you’ll find in that section. Tip #3: It is definitely okay to have negative
space in your layout. There are plenty of bullet journals that have
amazing spreads with every nook and cranny filled in with some sort of imagery or box,
but you have to remember that this is your bullet journal not anyone else’s. So make it exactly the way you want to. Next section is my 3 month calendar. I titled this “At a Glance” and then added a
motivational quote to keep me going. It says “stay positive, work hard, and make it happen.” I then added my flowers and a cute little
birdie on the left and then floraly mushrooms on the right to tie it back to the theme. I need this journal more to keep me on track
with my timeline, so it’s important for me to see what the days are like for the next
three months. I made the current month larger and added
the next two month smaller underneath. Tip #4: Use a see through ruler. It really helps when you can see the pages
and sketches when you ink or color your layout. Moving on, I have my Monthly. I know, I was thinking about why I would need
this if I just drew the entire month of september, but I realized that I would like to put in
events or goals in a calendar. So I designed this spread for that. This way I know what’s happening and when
it’s happening. Added a little section for my goals on the
right, which was kind of an accident since I wanted my squares exactly 1 inch each and
that gave me this extra space on the right hand side. But that was a happy accident. Which leads us to Tip #5: Go with the flow. As your drawing out your spreads, know that
they can change. You don’t have to stick to a specific layout
or be exact in your measurements. The best things come from the unexpected. Next section are my trackers. Before you guys say anything, I spelled “fitness”
wrong, I know that it only has one “T.” That made me crack up when I found it on my
final flip through. Up top, I have the evolution of a flower which
is appropriate for the purpose of the spread. My goal this month is to work out and walk
5 days a week, spend less, and sketch everyday if possible. So I have my headers in a illustrated wood
plank stake thing to follow the theme again. And then the dots help me to determine where
I am going fill in my info. Moving on to my page of milestones. So let’s say something amazing happened
to me, such as being featured on a blog post, which I was, I’d put it here randomly. This way I am reminded of my accomplishments
and the journey I am on. Otherwise, I’d end up feeling like I didn’t
progress, which is not the case. I added two bunnies here, one making a wish
up to the moon using my microns. I wanted a somewhat magical scene here because
these milestones are pieces of my dream coming true. Tip #6: You do not need to box everything
in and you also don’t need to erase every pencil line. There’s so much freedom with this bullet
journal setup and it’s also so nice to see where the final spread came from. Progress is in the pencil lines. And finally I have my weekly setup. I kept this one basic with something similar
to my cover page to end along the same lines. For this setup I made it really simple, in
a grid pattern. I put the days on the left, where I can fill
in my to do lists and on the right, I want to set up a goal per day. This way I have a target that I am shooting
for, to help keep me on track. It’s a super simple and clean setup, and
I just repeated that 5 times for the five weeks of september. My hands started cramping up towards the end and the ruler ended up moving so my lines as aren’t perfect. Which that’s okay But, I am so happy that I ended so close to
the center of the journal. This is perfect because I can use this same
book for my October set up as well, if I decide to do this again. Okay so here’s the final flip through. Overall, I love how each page blends into
the next and are all connected in this journal. It was so much fun to create my first bullet
journal and definitely a test on my calligraphy and handwriting skills. One last tip for the beginners and anyone
really, who is into bullet journaling, be fearless in your creation. Try new layouts, make-up new ideas, and just
explore. And that’s it, I hope you guys enjoyed this
video and that it helped inspire you. If you end up using any of these layouts,
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