Phone Scam: Pot In Son’s Locker

channel nine five five it’s mojo in the morning phone scam now spike is going to tell Carol that he’s the school police officer and they found weed in her son’s school locker wait until you hear her realize that he actually took her husband’s jacket to school and it was in the son’s locker is that right yep it was actually her husband’s weed not her son’s the world famous phone scams he’s mojo in the morning yeah hello is this Carol the mother of Tyler who is this this is officer Kumar Patel I’m a police liaison for the school district and your son Tyler is fine just want to let you know but we’re gonna have to ask that you and your husband come down to the school as soon as possible when as soon as possible it’s an issue of whether or not he can continue attending school and to be honest with you I don’t want to make you panic but he’s in police custody right now and there’s some legal issues to be ironed out what did he do we found drugs in your son’s locker that’s not possible Tyler’s never done drugs our k9 detection unit did a sweep of the school right after the first bell this morning and the dog singled out two lockers one being your son’s there was a plastic baggie with a significant amount of marijuana in there now water the dog found it well how do you know it’s Tyler’s well it was in the pocket of his green jacket in his locker green jacket mm-hmm I don’t think that’s Tyler’s jacket oh really and who else would it belong to I I don’t know no disrespect man but I gotta admit we hear the I was holding it for a friend excuse every day up here you know it’s not Tyler’s jacket he doesn’t have a green jacket then how’d it get in his locker if I tell you could that person be arrested if they’re another student I’m not sure at this point I don’t know who the jacket is it’s not your jacket no and it’s not whose jacket no it’s not let me look hang on a second see if there’s anything else in here Oh what’s this who’s Ryan I don’t know same last name as you you don’t know who it is it’s his father so this your husband’s jacket okay okay ma’am well this is indeed your husband’s jacket then I think I pretty much determined everything I need to know cuz I want a party with your husband excuse me we want to party with your husband this is the Mojo in the Morning Show and you’ve just been phone scanned Carol does your husband have any wacky tabacky around the house if so it’s for medicinal purposes over the world-famous phone scan

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