Party Planning : Planning a Pirate-Themed Birthday Party

So, you’re looking to throw a pirate theme
party for your child, and you’re not sure where to begin. Well, my name is Lori Randall,
with Simply Divine Events, and I’m going to tell you how to throw a pirate theme birthday
party. The first thing that you’re going to want to do is set your date for your party,
and then come up with the guest list. Decide if you’re going to make it more of an intimate
party, or maybe you’re going to invite the neighborhood friends, and kids, and the classmates
of your child. Then, you’re going to want to send out your invitations. And one cute
idea for invitations would be, getting like, you can even get something as simple as a
brown paper bag and crinkling it up, and making it look like an old treasure map. You can
even burn the edges around the side to make it look like a treasure map. And then, word
your invitation and your party information, as if you were a pirate. Talk in the pirate
slang and their terms. Like ahoy, swashbuckling pirates, Captain Shark Tooth. You know. that
sort of thing and really set the tone for your party. You could just, scroll it up,
like a scroll, you can stick a ribbon around it, and send it off, or hand deliver to your
guests. Then, you’re going to want to decide on what type of decor you’re looking to do
for your party. It’s a pirate party. So of course, you’re going to want to come up with
some pirate themes. Here, we used just a simple pirate ship. And with this pirate ship, it
could be your child’s pirate ship that they just play with at their home. Put that as
a centerpiece on the table, put the food around it. Very popular for kids is doing the pinata.
So, go ahead and get a treasure, a treasure chest pinata. And, set that out, so the kids
can do that. When the guests arrive to the party, it’s always kind of nice to have some
sort of little costume or something they can put on, so they’re with the whole theme. You
can go out and purchase just at any, like party store. You can purchase the little,
the little hats, the little pirate hats. Stick it on the kids like this. You can paint, paint
mustaches and scars on their faces to make them look more like pirates. If you don’t
even want to go out and spend the money and get the hats, you can get bandannas. It could
just be an old sheet, you know, or something you have at home. And cut that up, and then
have the kids decorate it as they’re arriving, waiting for all the other guests to arrive.
You, another idea for games to do, which I think is kind of cute, that I’ve seen done,
is, out on maybe your driveway or your sidewalk, paint, or not paint, but take chalk, sidewalk
chalk and make a pirate ship. And then you split the kids into, into two teams, and then
what you can do is, have balloons, with water balloons. And you, maybe you can get fifty
water balloons for two teams, and then they can, you know, try to sink the other ship.
And the way they sink the ship, would be, sidewalk chalk washing away. That’s a kind
of fun game. And leaving the party, you might want to do a treasure hunt, and have the kids
go find their goody bags, and that will be the end of the party. So, hope I gave you
some ideas. I wish you the best of luck in planning your child’s pirate theme party.
I’m sure it’s going to be a success.


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