#OwlentinesDay | The Wedding of Stella and Sherlock

[light piano] My favorite way of describing Stella is saying she is a big diva. She knows what she wants and she’s confident about it, and she’s going to have her way. And it made it really easy to know exactly
what she wanted on her wedding day. She’s very demanding and luckily everything turned out great. It was all up to par for Stella’s tastes. Very special day on Valentine’s Day, February 14th. Sherlock is a very interesting owl. It was a lot of preparation getting him up
to this. Getting him out on the glove, and out around people so he wouldn’t be so nervous, but I think he did really well, and he looked great out there, so it was wonderful. I love Stella very much and she’s such a good bird, so it’s really fun to be able to kind of share the day with her. [music builds] Today, we have the honor of having Noah the bald eagle officiating the ceremony. He is a live mascot for the Philadelphia Eagles, so it’s an honor to have him doing the ceremony. We have a flower girl and boy, our two eastern screech owls, Munckin and Zeppelin.


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