Our wedding vows

Beth, i take you for my wife, not for today or tomorrow but for the rest of my life. I . I say these things to you, like love honor and always be true. . Our lives will combine and sometimes will be tough, But i promise you our love can handle all that stuff. I will end this poem and get to the real nitty gritty. Before i forget today you look real pretty. Beth, i want to be the man you have always dreamed of .i want to be patient when you can not be. I want to be understanding . I want to be your strength when you are weak. I want to be your everything. .Our lives as one may not be easy, but i know with years of practice, trial and error, if we always put our best foot forward, we can perfect our love. Some people may wonder what is my view of love and that is simple to always view u as my friend,to be respectful of your boundaries,to know when to compromise to tame my tongue, even when its hard. . i could go on and on all day of what love is Just know when i say “i love you” there is a lot behind that word. Like you say they are gonna write a book about us. Beth, i ask you today to be my bride and me your groom, to accept me just the way i am for all the rest of my days. This has been a whirlwind of a romance ever since we met
The first couple of weeks are something  i will never forget
I knew that i loved you from the very first day
The excitement  in your face let me know that you felt the same way
You make me feel like i am  beautiful and smart You’re a wonderful  man with a very caring heart
We are very similar  in so many different  ways
From our fears and desires to how we like to play
The chemistry we have will help us deal with all the strife
You were sent to me from God to be my teammate  for life I promise to never stop trying to be a better wife and mother than i was the day before
I promise to always be your best friend and your biggest supporter.
I promise to always keep God as the head of our home.
I still cant believe that you are choosing me to be your forever love
I promise to stick by you through the easy times and hard times, to be your teammate no matter what happens through our journey together. I love you like crazy Cory. Today i am choosing to be your wife until death do us part.

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