OUR WEDDING | Nuestra Boda | Holly + Ben

I believe we met through some divine magic I won tickets to a concert I went to meet her at the radio station that was the first time I saw her… The day that I fell for Ben… the day that everything really started was at an Armin Van Buuren concert I’d met him one year before that and he seemed like a cool guy but I didn’t know him very well all of a sudden he showed up and I saw him
and I was like “Oh WOW. HI!” honestly, that had never happened to me with a man we ended up talking until 5AM they closed the club we were at we didn’t even notice when all the people left we looked up and they were sweeping up all the confetti and from that moment we’ve been almost inseparable the whole night I couldn’t understand why I was
so excited to be with him, to hang out with him,
get to know him, talk with him… and well… that night was magic, it was unforgettable and from that day on, we never really wanted
to stop seeing each other I’m incredibly happy… I’m pretty sure it hasn’t… …fully hit me I still haven’t woken up from this dream …and I don’t think I ever will because I’ve been dreaming from the start My precious Benjamin Today I choose you and I will choose you again and again every single day I want to walk with you through the mountains and valleys of this crazy life I will hold your hand I will guard your heart I will have your back I will rub your back too, when you want me to When you’re celebrating… I will jump for joy with you and when you’re sad… I will wipe away your tears When things don’t make sense… I’ll ponder with you When you think you have nothing left… I’ll encourage you When you’re forgetting how amazing you are… I’ll remind you I will love you… respect you support you believe in you cheer for you and stand by you I will cherish you I will thank God every day for you I will be your number 1 fan Your biggest admirer and your best friend Ben, I want to grow old with you. I want to tell you… that the bliss of meeting you changed my life Feeling our souls from the beginning melding into one… is something I can’t explain you really are my dream come true I can’t imagine a life more perfect than by your side I admire you in so many ways you are my ying… my other half… the one who complements me… and nourishes my soul with life. That is why I, Ben… promise to be your friend your confidant your support through any adversity I promise to guard your freedom so your wings may continue to grow I promise to listen to you respect you to treasure you and remind you how important you are to me…
every day. I promise to protect you with my life and to give you my love for the rest of my days and for eternity. I love you with all my heart.


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