Our Romantic Lesbian Wedding Day | 11.10.18 | Beautiful and funny vows that will bring you to tears

Shea, three years ago I took a chance and kissed you, and it’s the best decision I ever made. We fell for each other hard
and fast. Today, I choose to give myself to you fully, unconditionally, and without
reservation, and take you exactly as you are – loving what I already know of you
and trusting what I have yet to discover. I remember the night she told me about
Shea. It was also the same night that she told me she was gay. She was worried
that I would be disappointed or mad. So we continued to run up about $100
bar tab at happy hour. It was a fun night, it was a fun night.
Anyway, we are to love our children unconditionally, the same way that God
loves us. I promise to always remind you how
beautiful you are. And when we’re old and have suitcases full of memories behind our wrinkles, I promise I’m going to trace every line on your still beautiful face
so I can relive the amazing journey that we’re about to experience together. There are many loved ones that are not
here tonight, but I know that your mom and the rest of them are looking down
from heaven and are as proud of you both as we are right now. Danielle was already spectacular on her
own, but you have brought out a totally different side to her that I’ve never
seen before. You two complete each other, and I know if my mom was still here she
would absolutely adore you. I can’t thank you enough for the amount of love,
support, and laughter you’ve brought to our family. I love you very much, and I’m
so excited to officially have you as a sister-in-law. I would say good luck
putting up with our family, but you’re just as weird as we are. After being together for 1,155 days, I
knew I had to put a lot of time and serious thought into these lifelong
promises. It’s hard to say why finding the perfect words was a struggle for me. It
could be that I got really distracted replaying all the amazing things we’ve
already accomplished in our time together like traveling the world,
starting a business, and adopting a cartoon for a dog. I was made to hold you I decided to keep it simple: I vow to be
with you forever. I don’t mean literally with you every second of every day. There
will be many times in our life when we’re not with each other. For example, if
I have to go to the bathroom, or if I leave the house to go to work to help
pay for these two freeloading dogs. Or when I’m out drinking with Liz or when
you’re out drinking with Liz. I like to think of myself as a
self-proclaimed third wheel to this relationship with an insider’s view. And
what I would like to share with all of you is that I don’t know if I’ve ever
witnessed a partnership like this. Such an intense, deep love, open communication, and a true partnership is something people search for their entire lives,
and you two have found it. As you can all see, separately Shea and Danielle are each phenomenal individuals but together they are unstoppable. I promise to never forget to love myself.
More than anything I promise to fiercely love you, not only with my mind and heart
but with my soul. Because my mind might one day forget and my heart will one day
stop, but my soul will carry on endlessly. Our love is and always will be my
favorite adventure. You’re my missing piece, my best friend, and I feel so lucky
to be marrying you. I love you and I like you. I’m not sure where we’ll be in the
next 1,155 days or the 1,155 after that, but with each one that comes and goes I
will continue to make you laugh when you feel like you can’t, to listen to you
even when you have no words, to kiss you good night even when you’ve already
fallen asleep, and again in the morning even when your breath stinks. You are my
best friend, my soulmate, my wife. I love you and I like you.


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