Our Miss Brooks: Connie’s New Job Offer / Heat Wave / English Test / Weekend at Crystal Lake

the sponsors of the army’s brooks
program which follows immediately wish to congratulate mrs lee these on winning the forty nine thousand
dollar first prize in the colgate-palmolive b cos forty-niners gold rush contest this is the old secretary to mayor
richard j marks of norwich connecticut experience the thrill of a lifetime went to armored car driver strolled into
her office and don’t forty nine thousand dollars in one dollar bills on her desk the complete story will appear in look
magazine’s august sixteenth issue would reduce the newsstands august
second conflicts all use and mustard greens and blue was all glamorous permissible here bring you up on this book starring eve
arden sir sir principles are quite strict
punctuality monthly numbers on this book to teachers and they said
madison heights summer school has always believed that higher
principle osgood conklin is over this survey i could never understand why mister
cochran had such a passion for promptness in taiwan and he was born at five o’clock in the
morning and last thursday adikted trying to get to school on time
if i had to stay up on wednesday night to do it promptly at six thirty that day morning
myelin block when r having enough on wednesday night nor did spot langar hall knowing that my landlady mrs davis was back in the kitchen as special like me and big invited to the phone home hucksters aa believe mister totten experts contracts
prompt small wants to get about promised construct dot teaching
distraught biology toilet them on the brink of mr martin does well focus groups that the president all
education expectation mr starr yes protection now made to me about teachers taking hop cake white teachers are acting more alright yumi joe statistical interest groups don’t stop recognizing
during school hours i don’t see arguments saying separate and trying to be superior all what let’s all uh… hospital aldous brooks
when you get meeting and ceo get on the ball now fraternization hanyang ac line out in the morning news is that as who
was that on the phone mister cochran results could be unreasonable everyday you have no idea how kidnap i’m getting
with his due tutorial nonsense you wouldn’t have to take in the oven if you had some of the job you could go some other job you weren’t or need to chat wit u now it just seems that way responds suspected to let me know re max conn uh… entirely secretary didn’t earmarks of norwich connecticut write me about him now there was a swell boxes let i’ve got a big surprise beaulieu you’ll need to get your old job back he’s back on you know i’d just made it clear he’s president
secretary one thousand dollars in the forty naina gold rush company it’s the company spurred on by again some big soap company wasn’t it ho so much for living being a huang colgate-palmolive pete’s continents faintly illnesses beat me up she’s a
woman who’s looking for your old boss earmarks with all that money she’ll probably quit
her job at one what does that got to do it in a missus date is don’t you see
connie if you just give him a call mea maxima softly you’d be positioning and i don’t know if i want to go back to
connecticut mrs you don’t have to accept the offer but once he knows you can work elsewhere
mystic conference articulate entirely different while going he can chromium actually abed you don’t have to pay me for the
call and tell me tonight well if that’s the case in it will be
nice to chat with designer it remember me a million all right with the act huh side steve that party line threats as well i’d be a little silly of me remarks
didn’t even know why why uh… the you’ve got along fine living connie abdul bc you try taking any i came off
the protests i’m not asking why linden he’s giving you have to school respects meanwhile that you can see i’m not quite ready to leave
the house that’s all right mister x nine besides final plenty of women who give
anything to look as good wearing an expensive dresses you look at the
upcoming your bathroom have keylogger i think have been in atlanta immediacy magazine antagonism long-distance call longest distance an explosive my are not say all about it after i talk to
me strapped it stu heads me for interrupting grace cat out that is trying to get a at the busiest party-line uh… i guess i’d better get ready now
honored excuse cannot recall misfits there’s something like last year graduate mess meant aslo know me and my
question has nothing to do in english and the question is is a man who because
his daughter happens to be in love with a certain other young fellow then will
he might choose if he had to say sell this curly titled the constantly kicked
this young fellow from pilate opposed we are right walter your question has
nothing to do with it i gather you’re talking about just on
the romance that harriet cotton exactly miss brooks confines hammond marianne because his
fondness i’ve tried to be patient and understanding but now i’ve come to a conclusion mister clinton has got to go please treat me like dirt so much it’s a
very way does hackney perhaps malaysian honestly if i were five to six years old
and i believe madison k thoda before you graduate and find out
how you feel walter i’ve been thinking of changing jobs myself changing jobs alleged to have a job
would you be good for pathway ideo team too led him to do impact they won’t hurt back to work as a secretary in norwich
connecticut their marks mobiles me right now you know it’s connecticut over what about mister bowling he will not leave him legion i might not
have to and secretary to the mare i might be able to angle intense burgers
to burn he couldn’t eat and speak via college in connecticut don’t they informer another in a nut school without me this morning i got to
try that calling and to the license plates stood pickling if they’re new to complement of have to wait no i mean you need to be less liberated and i like it beautiful at this time of the year you were gonna miss you miss parks maroon suit guess i’ll be going eastern right luncheon is perhaps and
guard family room husband mad love and nineteen and i had to get wonder how he looked there can you get
your patient calling yet known as they does the party lines billing let united nations are still not connie
out colony are for you and let you know what happened making wrapped up all right is the date is the before i go
i’ll try it once more account apt maintenance cinch embankment and enhancement sidon will continue in just a moment but
first here’s brian smith is wonderful news ladies wonderful
wonderful news now there’s something from in the new
wind power money towards the most beautiful abit yes something thrilling lee new or
molly’s famous beauty lather now brings you new fragrance neutron newell over
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beauty lather you’ll be thrilled by its new fragrance neutron nieuwe lore thrilled again by the fresh air brighter
complexion doctors prove may soon be yours on you loveliness all black signs mama and in time oversell helped my mother died and left miss
brooks he was convinced that she had a job waiting for a knowledge connecticut arriving at school the first person he
ran into was harriet conklin after hearing the news the first person
she ran into was a father medicines the law that principle us good company cibc districts is practically since new but she can’t leave no stones that was
vacation really yesterday he was chewing complaining about absentee based on the city to missus jensen slots
often visit his sick mother and mister love lance needs an operation fritz is a week away in the hospital full i’m afraid the head of the board
doesn’t agree with your area you should have it was just on yesterday he actually threaten me diesel we have me pounding a bead in brooklyn disproves leaves he may even investigate
some of the wild rumors flying around the school the timer tart thank you he decides to do it the new meaning tire i’ve always tempered my power over the
just in clearly well pick orders looks like a
thoroughbred simpson’s strong got to give the sometimes i’d like to hand it to our on the plate
sometime to realize harriet that you’re asking me
to be gentle with the woman with a single handedly jacked up my blood
pressure twenty five points tourists clients students in the spring but you know now you get to her first class and if
the student something to study miss brooks is late last year but mostly jews when she does give wednesday does bear sc being and it’s just as well cure mary desk message for you whistling in the hallway just appraised
of the long and distinguished line of
violations i’ve got planned for today slang used used a and since that’s
mistrust please don’t do anything to you talk to them he’s releases very well be traveling and for a moment fired about it like in this past is likely that now about your being late today about i mean walked nothing right here i’d just wanted to do know that i
considered extremely admirable up you can get here this a almost two hundred your breakfast
terribly your health comes first you know you
mustn’t that your sense of duty or your proven loyalty to me upset your peace of
mind right sku his net with prince minded and medicines principle nor principal miss brooks who prides himself above all things on
his ability to ease the path for those members of his faculty his family what tired or run down you may deny this this proof that you
need a respite from your school you still have is a still living in in
the future as in buildings outside your work unknown talbot linemen is the day i’ve watched
you from my office as the final bill writing and you left your classroom uh… itself collision billips through
the whole told some cheery role in the room with
mr bohren did these old eyes good to see you holding the pupils to write and let decided their little heads bobbing like
ping-pong balls as if they all that the new york and
uh… statement mystic did want to rekindle
that and used as a misprint that’s why i insist that you take the
morning off office i mean well over to the gym get those other babies
who didn’t agonize sunday been when he’s finished with this plan meet mister bulletin have a bit of lunch together roper stroll around the campus what do you live with though the blew it well it is a i can only say what my dear old dad mother taught me to say at a time like
this and what does that mean group never lived in this country in the mid
to upper is excuse me mister barnett now the gym
dismissed her class i thought i’d say hello well hello miss books i was just him when he was asking about you’re in a bathing suit either turn
around my dismissed find ran again just been taking us site map outside the
gym mystifying please response i’d consider sunbathing
on school property highly irregular know if i may change the subject line change
this saturday what’s up tell me about my wearing a bathing suit you’re just turn around and see that
this is a very modest member hello doesn’t quite come by my knee all right let’s say that i’d borrowed it from the domestic
science teacher now that this is a racy level job in the
gay nineties like old-fashioned bathing suits jet went even has a bustle in the back
as me o’neal and now you can and james the set why did you change into a bathing suit
moved out hafeez on the senate i like the semesters by technique and
why when i came to school this morning i was
fit to be tied i love the whole world stephen not mistaken planned you’ve been in the sun too long list but that is like to join you would see it ways to learn teaches temporarily out
mister cochran’s asked me to assume the duties of this in my own but that isn’t
fun you know i’ll be relieved pretty soon it seems that one of female teachers had
some idea of working in norwich connecticut but mister cochran’s carrying on a
campaign to keep ur here our campaign it doesn’t sound as the cold to me but he says that as soon as it’s too late
for her to get the job in connecticut he’s going to work or like a horse there with the teachers what do you mean by that just what i say and he was so sweet to me this morning
and maggie aircraft dob waiting make a workhorse out of me you will he disputes where you going i’m gonna get over to mister cochran’s
office and plow it under d sister and principal’s office be brief and not eight sprout task no no mileage is nice and dry the
technicals on that healthy teachers i happy teachers i
always earn it cat local on it just etc heart that mondrian and stan at st spouse well dispatch we’ve got to tell stops thoughts hot out science not much margaret just enough goodbye my dear size goodbye landlady and no cardinal it at all well maybe not at the whistling tea
kettle was such a spot for a while now laws was miserable i’ve got something to say to you mister
thompson never mind the acting lambo blood inseam my feet do it good i’ve got something to say to you
too but those ladies but i’m not relating this to happen as those words couldn’t occurred to me
as i approached his office suggesting di wuli how about time all by all means time
tyrants it’s that beat list mister temporarily now you can listen to my message this group’s although you consider me a
tyrant i think should know that i’m a very special con letting me i happen to be missed dat who has a law school what’s occurred using this brooks missus davis call sunbathing on nighttime to inform you that there is no job open
in connecticut slope and delivers into scenes of
pondered secretarial work these reports home in taipei and one more thing miss high and mighty go to ever again then to talk to me in
the lower bono was resumed this morning is that clear into campaign but so no half of it i’ll sell you have all this extra work
to do connie i can’t help feeling it’s not too far well it could be help missus davis known missus theo wouldn’t give up
her job desperate you measly forty nine thousand dollars we’re not a very nice on the phone he still get any of the desirable
critiquing easy to melanie renovating the just letting you down reagan to take a little see that in this work uncertainty has been you know the status sometimes i think i
should never left that job in norwich climbing one and four d nine has now it would stay there longer manhattan with me manohar retires and uh… primary mirror grammar your honor mailbox to would watch the
course one as your personal bodyguard and custom
companion insisted to hit his beloved and listening mine i love you your honor love u madly desperately crawley love your being here just threw one here headed to a rebroadcast of the other one and come out from behind a desk one so desirable commitment would you mind homes may appear just call me mate sounds more families or perhaps you see me too bold maybe i should strive harder to control
my passion after all you know as a position of
trust you’re a high public official the mayor of this city he s but i’m also one woman arabs the at the beginning of summer sweep just
can’t resist you puts her arms around me my darling the
buying this is my hope that someone might see let them see s i kiss you on the roof of the chamber of
commerce the steps of the city hall right on main street try my lips is less
traffic jam waiting on what was that i thought i heard pending outside my
door all that that’s just alderman company isn’t
waiting to see a great day so wrote a cop is a leash in bringing an
end yes your honor alluvial rana united knives on a hotel suite nine glory of
mischief is monday afternoon guy muon do want be brief i want to tell you
something something i think you should know yes has been in the oven the people of rebelled against or
pyramid and in a free election of parade democratic election had just been elected the state then alternate hotel and sound and you won’t be necessary
this i was having a demand that mister concha data macomb county is why it is painful
heal now let’s see it was for mayor mark secretary it says dear mister and offer you important position in
local or this job pays double salary receive is
the schools answer by return wire sinuses ready feel when a company that wonderful are you going to make safety now missus
davis i’ll have to turn it down what’s wrong with the position they’re offering w salaries a schoolteacher that’s what’s
wrong with that i can afford to work at ci some just a moment but first and mean no munster yesterday show him how much lovelier
you’re here can look after allister cream jambu monster cream world’s finest shampoo no other campbell in the world gives you
can’t do it in blend of secret ingredients plus
gentlemen alone not assault not a liquid luster cream
shampoo leads have freeways lovelier frequently clean free of low standard of listening with
xin manageable even in the hardest water mustard cream
ladders instantly no special rents needed after a master cream jam so gentle mustard cream is wonderful
even for children’s hair yes tonight try luster cream shampoo rember neend newton munster uh… alone newton stern and and now once again here is hour on this
book well might seem didn’t come true that missus rate feels and if you want to know just how she
felt be sure you get the august sixteenth issue will look magazine which reaches the newsday ends august second congratulations miss is the and i’d like mary to gain marks of
norwich connecticut now that i consider him as well as
starts and i’ve enjoyed meeting in some time thanh spit first of all here on-the-spot starring even as produced by
larry burns written and directed by al lewis with music by will bring that mister clinton is played by jeff
chandler mr conklin by gale gordon others in tonight’s cast for jane logan
declined online mcmillan and blowing up monday from the research laboratories in the
colgate-palmolive p company comes an astonishing new benefits colgate-palmolive you do with powder contains the amazing ingredients that
help prevent tooth decay and also has colgate exclusive only cleaning
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family will enjoy economical too the big morale inside those costs only forty three cents colgate-palmolive don’t bother one mystery liberally sprinkled with
labs listen to mister and missus not use the evening although most of these same
stations andy with us again next week at the same time or another comedy episode
obama sprouts oblong speaking this issue here sir honorable your political and what the
cream that group with proper murder purple hair renewal garment brought starring eve
arden everybody my lovely weather but nobody
does anything about it well army appropriately to the anguish
of madison heights summers gould by a group of proof that there are a lot of
week yep i made up my mind would mean stop talking about the weather but not when they morning my love having
backed up with me today that my landlady i’ve found that i’ve been harboring a
utopian dream cropping up with a common whimpering
party i read in the people that can happen all
over the country during the party of the that would be well over a hundred and
twenty three thousand along i’m glad you told me how improving life if i go there
due to be automatically i will be pretty much like dat ballet today reprogrammed barbara bergmann barbara
cochran lover moving around you’re being nobody connected with the
plan i’m sure that on the day like to believe that the country will get people need not be landfill that would
be nice that probably got plenty of do and you
know the name and fame to help with something will probably end pandering
bringing the philly girl identity problem will be with me all labeled bruton probable predictable consistent
throughout moroccan cleveland improbable japan
red-line david but not mentally how leaky anywhere in particular them kellogg
aren’t moving nettuno would mark the recipe that the david empathy repeating cruel we figured that they had a good work thankful for down there and uh… all head or loopy reluctant not on the pablo so
that the people below and i don’t believe that i’m not all right i do believe that occurred where our off but the roundabout
required verbatim wrote the theme for keeping
cool envelope from group on the floor of the public wants within pork-barrel offer for a while allah normal retiring papa doc are
problematic reporting and i’m a media drink before you don’t
mind it even more political painful fifteen nut career at grabbing when why the merit unitary an elected democrat intern i’m confident that we don’t know becky private without coming from how to
get back to perform the writing i’d contacted a world apart the so that they wanted and we giving me
look good morning father now that the laptop or during a practice outloud armand he hadn’t been here i commit your breath i know you meant to get here right
before we started downloader rutika probably folder powered five abby
may look like on the table renovated put their hand behind your back do from then on knocking baby looked like a big part of the united
procurement for confident barkley placards and were
morning hot water will be in class too never had any trouble falling at the
fair plane bachelor an e-card yahoo grouping look like walking through for
our problem even after recall child my pajamas no
that human ho liau pair of the dow doing badly walter lighting to pick up on
prime of your required reading orentreich but i can’t make it work our weather delayed currently inferno
the evaporate making a rip-roaring during the prep what did he get something that’ll make
your classroom much crew during regarding decline where they are no longer but apparently
not on my bed the mentoring program you’ve been willow if you were given permission to leave
during class are blocked with the requirement and i
prime time for you hidden that repellent pondered located better known as the old winning at all me krueger thinking with their without
parole out there uh… polyvinyl time period i won’t vote european you’re only
wearing that they didn’t get on the record in trying to put the world of the
third director told us now what do you have to be a little more
inventive if you want to cut through the day board it wasn’t thinking of coming
food broke anne marie maloney you want me to go where problem a
problem grow yet catherine i think he wouldn’t come
up with a quick hello reform for about another approval rating were in europe the development in terry told me a
picture body mentor program complete vancouver today at the
configured thank you well you know what a rugged individual
but the problem like thank you you are nothing he could pick him
directly but nothing but little proved floating around there in the iraq are looking for telephone wire potter problem for them the people in the electric thing we’ll
get your and no matter how hot it directed at school relatively comparable what can anybody do about that will
prove mercury anything would be terribly hard
head count cement wall high and not and do you think he may do you think you
are uh… injected therapy traveling
politburo mister gregg allman migrate penetrated into creating a problem their if black people who were reported
crime problematic office during school hours
nothing more might be hurted me very small gurgling noise dramatic equally her classroom here if you were nobody doing no word i’m sure you’ve heard of expression how quickly black in the air what we
want you to break it fan but karl malden wall about going too far i relied terribly warm day the month i could probably do it popped
in that department at bizarre reason with him oppenheim comfortable that is in the
classroom and i’ll find out how we’re thinking of
the holiday would be for all of it and i’ll bring up the renewed vigor with
which we define who i believe tomorrow afternoon and and how we can lurking in breaking band the
it roper we’ll give you can’t begin to make it
happen profit before he came here atwater how do you know you can hear
already work recorded pop into the jar if you were here to be shocked might
mccormick reaper old art man doolittle that because we did agree without the
proper impala didn’t know he would be different bechtel remember any film a printable of madison
heights of uh… paratrooper technical unimportant dot org wiki acrobat on your card better work that the old growth will be
in any manner gephardt line i didn’t know that you were a year good morning pair how do you feel alone dot though bear the your reverend reprobate everything no other than any other hot day well i think it is in back but i wanted
to talk to you about the problem reacted abnormality at the photo of the the the brief
mcbroom very well with the problem their uh… your practically in my lap you have to
pick up wrote the notebook you know if you need to better track of
weather over here do it’s already been and cracking during factory hot weather
ahead with the content i’ve believed though but i have no intent of taking
invented the first authoritarian i have long believed that weather is
nothing but a state of mind i working for the country during that
time a month of any of the few year-old any of the pack order for that matter the bacteria grow or learn rainbow are
now holding olympic onto the propeller of another a rather than driving after
road rally look like it’s going to be another
very hot pink to compliment very difficult gender that conviction
ordering anything for that matter realize that for the that brought them a
who left the room full of now they reconfigured argument at that
time fellow but uh… road i’d be no reason to interrupt the
regular routine a bit in dude don’t give me complaining about the wall
and unfavorably older than you are in the admit that readily the so i find the
temperature on bearable than it will be built with that usual at that at order of preference broke then forget
about the weather allied with the government i think that the handed to
you wonderful the way you carry on in part of the many give comfort but from
time to tell ruler of the are program river promoting brought the cause i’m a little bit different forfeit
the fare minority one of the problem not a problem for you right now really water
treatment broke i think i think you move your care back if you will hear from the
bottom of your day but that uh… you know that
bannerghatta blogger popped up around your neck the
a larry martin will continue in just a
moment they referred to it forbearance in beauty it back time
probably with a payment beauty rather yet background probably for lovely that
all over very something renewing wonderful beautiful i’ll be right back
dot com unko new program would flunk normal he had probably been riding public
knowledge other than the totally onboard mcfarlane lofted moving completely in
love with her all open will thrill to the king with perfume lebron whom open for the
poor turned him into normal and a few beth i’d probably be appropriate so
thrifty economical the youth regarded one so
long and give public bob lovely one other coldplay ralph lover along with the following
faithful in parmar felt alone palmolive between movie mogul walton fragrant moved home normal they can make every woman have been one
of the world emmanuel revealing are important but don’t know much mall you
so remember forebears in beauty if buca diet
palmolive with a thing that beauty rather yet
baptized palmolive for lublin a all over yet back prime time on until tomorrow metal product two and rallying i don’t have any money
means i got my first plant on the way and was about to embark on a quick time
period when i noted the marlboro toward the
back of the room it planted around right not grant medicine directly very definitely a three-letter very practically that the other hand to after
biting a_b_m_ me very definitely did anyway im going down the aisle to be
what all the budding with about getting their what’s going on yearly
notebook appropriate people four have grown and fun for
anything even i didn’t think i didn’t think europe the footprint demur from ukraine governor perry
powerful enormous will call you know what you want me on the day like today
anyhow madrid for a program where you have to be quiet and i want you didn’t want to share it
opened embroidered on the do automatic payment on your under
thirty crystal lake bed time the anxiety bme another day will be
tried for the com or recommended awful weren’t macbook ending a breeding tube
with the president kim panera patent mark we’ll look forward with a great kathleen
park non-fat painting and contracting partnering youth adequate water i don’t appear abrupt with you break if
you are really yet but that do you think you’re on the airplane
militates against a legitimate the of the i think you must admit that float
purified look that good religion the darren grown-up apartment book without great field are we going to
happen improper for the poor harriet conkland i’m deprived the few picking
your own father one of the men who are the dot at the time to read in february
and rating from look i’m gonna make you mark in your father’s
often complain about that campaigning for you mean you will go along with the
blood growth and we think that debating to
probably wouldn’t do any good notebook economy mandating without the proper
morn talking with you haven’t checked out the peeking over a
bottle remarkable preclude him from about twenty people mister black belt with the board welcome
back to the any tobacco biology of mike harrington waited that killer if you’re
going to bring them into camp run by a lot of good money good morning one of my people apparatus
dot might have something where walter yes i think mister bond barman and what was going to look for
problematical brought me to macbook note you know then i’ll make the fact of life divine and bring him back to you grade
you’re allowed to take back into the hall in fact hanging in with a
handicapped parking book you’re talking about the lakshi ko yaha level believe me while they’re going to be
when combined with no way for me to cool off the at the timecard adhikari right of your crack
with the bond market really multi-colored in peru thank not dampen been acting angry all
morning or rhetoric pyrrhic victory not really they i think that that attempted piping
debating too mean now that we can you get a good
morning that morning weekday the time period
after from there we are anti-war and wanted to bring about la jolla cooler
old procured unlikely dramatic virtual boy oh boy or a group home reporting recruitment that make me feel so the day recorders portrait of a roller
yet through it hurricane tend to keep you can do it in this kind of weather procure weapons away at work because
print but require are one what do you agree with wrote braun the alright alright non-verbal i_q_ mercury preheating you want form of argument for political below
mountain bike out they adhere to take you i wanna do rehab program from my hope ur doing the right thing need to
get into born many travel all week long seemed fine with the bulletin that the only thing daddy and i have in
common their problem or call victoria that
probably won’t like it broke after all he picked the day off you pretty uncomfortable and who had a you
forget ballroom at the convent had wearing prominent bottom drawer
pollutant you walk on water high rpm record in the
bangor they grow a little bit refill concrete anyway when paintballing here if you are friend president for brown did give me a
great big threat along with me thank abnormal review or little field trip with covered
appropriate for transplant i’d thought it’d be made from a day like
today to observe the flora and or in their native habitat so i’m taking my
point out the phillip spoarer flip her on it yahoo were not in your final practice
among uh… sorry about that water maybe the weather karen i’ve never had no idea
backfired affected my life carpool editorials shortsighted what’s referred
to about the need for a few gregory butchers since gregory pretty well old
gregory old criminal the covered recovery period swimming all that property isn’t fair virtually no where is it located again
it’s located midway between foreign partner and a half and we can thank you
for the right of the building through the training over your credit card record macbook it may not be able to keep her father
adam off much longer that idea he had to put those valvano by people
who make believe he’s a good number man yeah american eagle flight ragging working father val blown-up forgetful
hot new about it when we come back we’re going to have to talk with i’ve got all
the windows nailed down electric picnic hand i categorically equipment be comfortably traveling
around all right to new a anybody want to prevent the renard paragraph proper planned rally cap in the corner we are well what do you have everything to make
it department office night incumbent the confirming good morning your only or water when even your macbook we’re going with that peter we’re going to have her contact from a
technical eleven looked like gradually turned it off at what technique that right will pick up our compassion band
of abandonment by pretty heavy way back to your back closer through with wanted welcome bachlorette support
economic or turn off women rucker mclaughlin nine hundred
franklin contrary he what you’re doing well my father okay problem girl i didn’t want to be corrected now i’d like woman and he coming about far-right and waiting where he’ll be in the country taking away their compound in art cream
and who can’t think of the few the looking probably playing what mister
perot owner of the victims of looking over the black marker but human conflict prob by your boot your with the boredom
freaking out there because of the approved waving and clapping d he didn’t meant in any name but i knew
it with them week neither lululu the creature like your feltham worldwide where i’m not really my career in panic attack
pet owners like papillary borrowing return the quicker the better equipment technically like everyman right now the the uh… rather than favored bandwagon my
blood pressure and michael for a fact of life then protest pick dot in that compound in father
throughout their to cope with the concert right before but hamlet carefully please it’s a
rather print the dog i would love it what one going on in that car camera like gregory withdrawn her
recruitment for its not good before that although i did that bother
field like a very fat what we’re doing in my father not grant well i thought that the court to mister
cochran luckily i think that your progress women repair delighted you’re american going out with it you’ll have to give me more time at the
conference on the group like degree heat mister cochran i was looking for documents bumble blog
or a knight-ridder according to the right to accommodate your group lucknow suffocating clever what we do whirlpool
the boston globe turned over everything with bob dole but record program for recovery room one real shouldn’t complain we connect to
the floor a magnet will bring country coming back uh… down uh… or here and revert crockpot four here let me get
out of your way to cut them the pardon blood martin the fire it took them away to
fill a form with the curriculum variety that wouldn’t have enough time to take a
quick wife knew about it room of the board in front of her life now that i thought why not perimeter i’ve got to get marco following oh i’ll hold it for you i think that i’m
pillar like and put it on my program dude i’ll go to the bottom of the things unhide the kozyrev broke now which would be good enough to tell me
what drawing the crowd provide but martha
having enacted tabled rapid patty frank with the progress the programs are quite confident that we
thought we’d make it hot for you i mean they’re some of the thought that
this could be dependent today and we did your fan above the windows sub-acute
blacktown quicker but i’ve worked on berlin owner bro music played both they’ve met with
admirably but one more thing there could do it playing those ringo smoke
curling from beneath my closet door smoke online taking care of your prompt might
have caught fire why armageddon water right away that
make you feel comfortable that the problem comfortable where you’re going for that one of his
book that putting all well the but for yet tonight tell him how much lovelier
your haircut look after i left there cream gamble laughter cream world finance no other campbell of the world give
kingdom with magic blend of secret ingredient plot double enema not a pope not a liquid monster cream
trample leave their upbringing wave lovelier frequently clean free of on bender opening with teen manageable even in a part of the water laughter
cream leather instantly note by coleraine needed after a lot for
cream jambu told gavel laughter cream it wonderful
even for children pair yet tonight trial after cream gamble hamburger alone ballroom uh… who and now once again gary is our report rally hot anne compton he blew out the firing it
plugged in i left the premises department the
problem could have been part of me i think it would fair for me to bear the
brunt of our beloved printable rap and i would think declaring my fell from the
bank the philip swimming hole even all of you running out on the
contrary dictate the practicum you all the time everyone of you that you wind
up out here today might be like at yuma up propping up on the bank travel back and
picnic for catholic there right now alright water marchenko part of the whole thing of the
fact that it would all premeditated tampering and walter appeared on our loop but think d don’t worry about it and i got a good
opportunity corrected by our work with music by will
die you the new it’s amazing antimony did interpret that helps
prevent duplicate and pain good to that colgate a more needed to father created an colgate prepared by the court colgate a more needed to father during the revolutionary reviewed that help prevent new cavities in a
different that hate reflecting renewed the home really clean the effectively
get colgate are more needed to pattern all economical forum died only forty
three ten helmet will require that line and remote remarkably brinkley and whether or not we can reclaim uh…
right out of poverty ever or on the road will not be the and service our best book starring in march one other comment here but sold out by
lauren mistrust under the direction of allen’s by paris probably most city in
the war roses as newsworthy as hollywood
california how often you see in headlines that read movie star does so-and-so are hollywood here olin nightclub bro if it happened uh… anyone else in any
other comment wouldn’t get more than a few lines on page ten but from hollywood its front page news our soldiers overseas are in about the
same spot as movie stars attention is focused on them constantly if one serviceman gets out of line he’s taken as a sample of the entire
american army but we’re grateful that the percentages
small most of our clothes not all that a big part of their job is to build up
goodwill between ourselves and other people but the few do get into serious trouble make it a lot tougher for the bazaar our service men are doing a lot with
false ideas about america and they’re on the spot just like the
hollywood stars deplete lights of burning the cameras are rolling in the
whole world is watching to see how they act a country is known by its people what people think of your country depends on you as it must all school teachers final
exam time came last wait while miss brooks who teaches english at madison
high school that’s why pride in my name from the in
the bag had friend early and hurried back landlady was most cooperative by fruit
juice missus davis refused any fail cereal toast toast complete copy tackled my cabinet faction a dot kisi khaki you don’t have to wash
that is antibody iraqgate david i did get the test finished last night
at least it finished to my satisfaction now about eleven principal like that
everything’s okay how do you think i’m thinking is that came trang welcome the best week
he’d only been family apoplectic excel autocratic sometimes uh… that must be watered and i’ll get
it keeps pretty early for about a recently he’s been getting up on time
lately the here in new program ambiance jacquie called out of the world oscar demand in the day that need to get mad i’m coming good morning miss broke landrum coming fast may i add me to take my being there though novis ropes i don’t want the propellers
dented bad but it was wrong and then hit the
dark antigens beijing breakfast at the
convent would you care for a cup of coffee at
something i could do with the cup thank you mister on come on into the dynamic yesterday that the defense to deal with
the fact that you haven’t stopped by and by the lapd santa cruz care whale output counting
good morning margaret at the convent that he can do with a cup
of coffee this is a dead body fat updated defeat ethnic itself cup how about a slice of toast with your
coffee i could do with a slice of toast here decided doing the golf game is built
this at davis right down here mid at the conference
thank you miss brooks this is not to be construed
as a social call i was on my way to the engravers nearby and decided to kill two birds with one
stone missus davis and me look you have probably forgotten but
this is the time of year when some fortunate student receives the highest
on the medicine has to offer the coveted still the loving cup so thoughtfully
provided by us being below from the you’ll go it is getting pretty close to create
standing there this award affording added incentive to
all students has always been presented to that people who exhibits superior
attitude and mastering that glorious linguistic
infant that heterogeneous hybrid of sundry
tony’s the english language government wrote do you recognize my
problem apko alright how to get those worried backup
without having most of them stop over into the softer that is only part of the difficult it before taking any action however i want
who has the teacher who will be giving the examination to have a full say in all decisions
concerning the oval without unity cabinet and jerry gravity is
solely needed here either been casting about for the one-word but would sum up
the essence of this product abandoned to instead of having untested
really straight questions i thought i consult with you more about the
possibility of having a brief composition on the part of it rabat a
proposition that along with the questions of course not
only on the person penmanship but also originality of basic thought
clever phraseology and so forth that feel word qualities of which we chatted earlier
seems to me to be the correct one place upon the cup however before going to be brave as i’ve
made up my mind to do nothing without you or go ahead please throats belli
after all dedicated a hand in this now it seems to me a pending your approval natural imagine
i got that and it seems that the word unique most
closely to provide for breath unique means unmatched without an equal
unlike anything else so miss brooks how about having the
inscription read the your dog creature ward for unique
achievement in english dining room dead in the matter is flew here you
helped copy dot uptight we certainly accomplished a lot while
you were in the kitchen margaret had been there just show you what can be done when
mister cochran and i’d put his head together lakes teamwork but felt the spirit of
cooperation how that might be waldman now excuse me language detained lining up at the event at all possible
pupils from nine a model he’ll advantage here contacting you are hereby invited apart slaughter i have been fighting for you to come on the end of the dying encounters
respects anxious copyright happened to invite her
to the party and she tell me your father was really in a war at this morning he couldn’t find one of these socks is
something and not now giving orders devious gave me that thank you again good morning dinner now callbacks the dah nine are in the nightclub appalled engaged in involuntary cup of coffee jack in the upshot of
arsenic i’ll be running along no but what about
you don’t stop to it aren’t you going to be he buys into a
blast myopathy do you think i think the capital of
myself up valox provide margaret you manage it happened here and think i want to evolve dispersed do you think mister tackling though i
was talking about here hot cars not while very badly badly or
chatting about the weather the letter as everybody knows it’s been grouch was
out all week abducted milk and forget about mister
cochran party this tonight felt like you know
stretching advances toward it it’s a barbecue in back of his father’s
paycheck and happened several of the teachers but
more tender ones i have gary romantics atmospherics and we’ve
taken the liberty of inviting mr boynton banner it all figured out the mores city exactly seven twenty p at seven twenty one u one mr point yeltsin through an i_d_ card actually in
stretches back yard now when you get actually economic cute little very bad that’s what’s in the very bad a dirty al domestic chemistry services prize love
birds what do you think mister bush told you
when you see those leverage in a very bad rafael mister buying new clothes that i
didn’t hand them a towel lots of love birds and see what they’re
doing what do you suppose they are doing plot they’re robbing them weeks to get there it’s their way of making love and let mister bush’s standing right
there with you uh… you know your expression my pc
montego umpc monkey do she’ll either i don’t just sit back and hit batman and
let’s get going part will continue in just a moment but
first on the back lots of the motion picture
studios in hollywood they have what are known as per minute
sets these are outdoor sets made to look like
new york streets or french villages or something you might see in baghdad
london or tokyo standing in one spot you can see
reproductions of practically the whole world it reminds you that improved methods of
travel in communication have made the real world like that more compact more closely enough i think people today feel closer
together too an earthquake in ecuador becomes a
matter of importance to relief organizations in countries all over the
world the disasters fire in paris can have its
effect on the commerce of three continents people are beginning to see that what
hurts one country hurts all of us what helps one group helps the whole world our servicemen overseas have done their
part in spreading that idea they have shown that the way of life we
declare in our constitution is not a matter of words but something we believe in for all
people is an important thing to remember when
your station then another one a country is known by its people what people think of your country depends on you private school a few and that’s department time but my first
class so i decided to give mr fein opportunity to invite me personally
dispatches barbecue evaluated the biology laboratory mr bohren rose from his death ellis burks we don’t have too much time to chat
mystifying well i gotta get right down to beating around the bush you made any plans for after school well he has his books i have this after all that i’ve got a heavy day
uh… visits with my little nephew is just four years old man came to his
first movie compound like what about the evening mystifying well i’ve been invited to a party in the
schools a barbecue isolated stressed addresses please have been invited to that party illness
divine really good now that you’ve been invited not been
invited there’s only one more indication necessary one more do you want to bring somebody alister bond now i want somebody to
bring me or were you on that would you want to bring your response who do i want to bring me a lot hehe applies obscured p handbag transplant what just a minute his first if you
weren’t kidding about wanting somebody to take you to the party about going with me tonight i’m tired of
divine i couldn’t possibly one i i’m going with you hehe dot the confuse the night there petty cash evening now do the work force but in most of them were looking we were
gone dot lights that i have a very forgiving
nature at that instant badly feeling that lovely sunny pri barbecue
day physically workgroup homeless folks but not only that you know mars and karen english teacher hello these many
years i’m well aware of your galactic efficiency so let’s not talk shop powerplant coming onto the party tonight let’s look bill so possible response come up with a right to appeal party please stretch their in going to be any
party immobile rodeo now about hot stretch because wallets a little more minutes my father said this morning now i didn’t
while mats what father seventy second time in a bit
more similar studies and all parties involved for the entire
wall summer unless i won this your your dark rich award for english absent and should win an award by itself headset don’t understand your old man
your father mean that if you don’t win the cup today
the barbecue weekend fitzroy thought that this invite all of people invited late to do that was books i hate that
you do it through acts tell me the truth study for this half of all gaurav always thought it through everything for this english settlers but even
harder than i ever gone softened and called me the barbecue is
cut notes that there is still a few hours
before the band if you could get somebody to culture
like one of the folks for just a vast water thundered helped while the dam he’s much smarter than me on the last test we took he beat me by twenty points yes i know little marquis dot twenty nine hehe the tell you what the last minute planning
and uh… but i don’t think bother the ideal tutor
for your steps harriet tubman would give you some
pointers you beat wait a minute in that bag happy couple
going into my classroom both of them throughout during that time all used to used to okay thanks was brought to the senate of some way
quoted me awhile to bigger than a chance to get the crop that parole i didn’t put
it quite bad monday that he had something like it right say i’d be willing to do whatever i
couldn’t help that child always think that reminds me miss
brought he wants you to pick up the complaint your classroom this morning it
in the kathleen’s office right now missed again alright harriet i’ll get it
me why you felt like i have to take a steady period then you kids can take
stretch into one of these empty rooms in three or whatever you can intuit alkane
missteps annual now is animal arises arlen
specter’s barbecue pit tonight even if you’re going may yet be putting your
child’s beneath a very bad and i will tell walter i’d hate to think
i honed my beat from nothing me mister denton may i come in this again
you’ll iranian news the a well i guess i am iraq tonight on the
funny thing is true but then you failed to it so much is a
split second before albeit an entering upon the premises can ship where he faulted the
classification other puri rhetorical question maybe i’d better go out and come in
again on and on this bill most of his employer altogether too many
meaningless phrases night in the conversation i’ve tried to eliminate
them right you got something there mister
denton o’quinn mister that i don’t want it seems short
although you don’t the joe it in the evening you’re a nice guy lament care anna quindlen to if i may say so
for stopping in added i’d like to tell you what brought
me all i know the answer to that one the start the start of small jilted in the a part of small yet this start page is a chance in the
desert just eight weeks ago yeah time now with the little bear we didn’t have a deal we had a hard d i play with him every night when i go
home he lowered his head up all by himself
must have very strong hand i got came by to pick up eleven cap
mister totten tactic uh… mister you can’t possibly take anything up in
that it’s been a few and the cup of which you speak is
standing on that show right over your head alright again then if you don’t
mind that even if you do while pick down the loving cup and below and waller from walmart will go up or even forget what a very upset was an
outgrowth all member would that cost will be a quitter stretch no i havent been barbecue party don’t
you through more than anything from personal cruise everything you tell me goes in baltimore
years up the other hatfield hilly area so you don’t know but arithmetic unit don’t at having brockbank we haven’t been much help miss
brock now he’s more confusion and her looks like it’s up to you in a pollster
external lab tried that there isn’t much time left can you take this happened in my room
and get ready for the test yourself kabi along the stretches about being invested
some of the fundamental distress finite outbreak aspect in this streamline english course i’m
about to give you i’ll be using a text book which i completed on planning on do beds the use of the word within the sentence
make the preposition dot them perhaps i should explain that
simple rule governing depositional phrases before i can expect you to
understand preventive promo you know maybe that was part of my mind directly about the impact of the
companies are marginal open player now here is the real world bank i think that there’s no phrase a
subordinate clauses are part of tipping over eight make a complaint and an enormous any of
its relation beth nissen for him to use the society’s
money was designers affords is a case in which an intended
it to you was serving in the mountain the object of the preposition for agar
meri places subject and in pocket the money or unites people on the subject of the
bird was and if qualified by the adjective design it is that clear layout that what probably when we’re down to my
mother on and probably way the reluctant farewell
to the preservation of phrase plunged headlong into this and empty the rule say i’m john the fishermen i’m making a
positive statement flatly stating that i am indeed john the fishermen but they have an acting in that position
with them and john richard explains the words if i were preeti bitmap defendant is placed in the subjective
mood indicating that the supposition is not a
possibility that defied fate if i were down the
fishermen were making obvious but i am not john the patient or if i were down the
fishermen i would simply stay high and john the patient planning ahead paar am i not john the fishermen a five-day if i were down the picture disease new age on the bushmen ms brooks but how do you know flying down the those of you will join
the fishermen belligerent patience though that could be blocked and few brent the fundamental time today dog that could be countrywide eggplant do are revealing the winner of the yellow
dark rich award for unique achievement in english i would like to introduce the two
gentlemen that might be it on my right madison’s popular biology
teacher who assisted me in marking the tenth a period mr philip buying it her thank you students anti-violent mad and i did not have been
to vote at the compound thank you very during i have a bigger than any of you to learn
the identity of the lucky people who had one discovered it cut would you kindly make and here their
that way if that’s not bad uh… is this some kind of a joke according to your own definition unique mean out match then without an equal gerhard give me a great deal of pleasure to
present to use that’s not bad they feel about loving cup replacement brooks would you tell me one thing what that
stretch but i do it by being unique outline experience in the teacher student who ever completed make them without answering one question correctly break that anyone story pardon was produced and directed
by those blue my uncle’s birthday novelist with a
musical mister cochran was played by gale gordon has program came to you from the
footprints studios of the american forces network here and was prepared for rebroadcast over
this network by specialist and uh… m and harvest wrote starring he’d live in august twelfth marked the end of summer
school duties for the nation’s teachers among them on this project ages english
of madison high school yes august is the monthly school teachers need the siren
call of travel and sees such wonders as the taj mahal the eiffel tower and the
coliseum the parole then they finish their popcorn indeed
the newseum theater last friday morning i left my bedroom
and made the long trek to the dining where my landlady mrs davis greeted me
with some breakfast idols you enjoy your ari just used
bigger than i did nothing me thought was a matter of yours mrs
davis he was too high decided to take it out of the freezer in
time i have a brand new defreeuw you know it was a gift like do you think they’ll play he set to
be but candy why did you have to get up so
early today summer schools all over lead isn t yes
but i’ve gotten implying that the addresses an appointment at the hearing
this is usually signifies the gate with the sick and biology teacher are you having lunch with mister
billington you should be a fortune teller missus davis guilty that’s funny
i’d just got in a venue supply t_v_ use now you wait right here not used it fought against you in a minute to
give me a lead of ease your car in the shop began yes i
did my radiator pretty deadly day of the day a i got a ticket super passing a car on
the left but that’s not the eagle passing a car
on them left it is when the cars approaching you i appreciate his huge wilder and it’s a
beautiful day for arriving at seriousness tracks notice anything different about the plan the car as the top is down and wilder this was in the convertible
it was a club cope with the hardtop schiller or did you do take the job of i didn’t have to do it fell off it’s time for a ride the other night
that’s what happened twelve water you should would twelve
people in one car only one all in the car six seven months like katie and i guess idea but no one was hurt you know help fortunately they were all girls
inside they’re pretty side he got a little angel she likes the car
better with the top one home say that reminds me i’ve promised
to give you a little it downtown also miss brooks her dad left the house early
this morning and he’s got their car it do you mind if we pick her up on the way
you do not at all on it but please make it snappy ok at u_s_ right down his
mining neither is that if you have for you we can pick up my head on the way back can afford to let your mother carried this practice linkages meet published today by all right mister cochran pan i’d like to companies but the loan for a
minute harry okay mother always point com is rock well my dear i haven’t seen you ever
solanki has been quite a while he’s gone from the i’ve been working pretty hard
at school yes i know so is mister compton italian
up on insulin for some summer session that’s what i want to talk to you about
miss probes i don’t think that there’s a vacation would give you a lot of good
news has cause it was but you know mister comp and i have it in the summer
coptic christian right now to a lot was said today is our
anniversary and it’s been about the delay why don’t you join us and help us
celebrate well i really don’t know missus clinton
you see in a moment of weakness i promise mister born in the entire
weekend when did you do that misfits at lunch in
about an hour from now actionext at indictment so much the better dream is to bite you know seeing how happy i mean i think
it might be missed a button some ideas on the subject by missus parker and i don’t know what
your drinking there seeing them mister barton instructs and renoir woman
sees another woman look at it and the way you look at this too but ms brooks that who knows that the other police
began mandible thought about an entrance and then the creative from the picture that you may have had a
busy woman missus kind and i am funded with the
barn but i don’t want people to think about what they will end up with you
might as well hide you would mister barton come up to
crystal lake tomorrow and you can be on hospice over the weekend we’ll surprise
mister cochran maybe mister coogan doesn’t want to be
surprised you need all it’s going to be misfits you think feel when i get there with him will be extremely conducive to roman this is currently you just told me and i have a bunch of mr bohren today
alexander danielle very kind invitation to spend a weekend in your packet this
delay a cottage but remember miss brooks don’t breathe a word of this to mister
cochran don’t worry about that when mister clinton’s around i hardly breathe
at all do higher like the idea of what you might
is most of his books at lunch here since i was going to are
not to be right across the street from school mister burn preside the alleged criminal returning
to the scene of the crime but the foods quite good today cases
shipping is delicious you’ll always eat chile that way mustard and pepper and horseradish from fred i ever caster installments we have to get it to school walrus-like practices prods i think
spicy things and have some real tremendously that goes for life to designate
mystifying female u_s_ troops mystifying instead of our usual saturday
day how would you like to get out of town
for the weekend or leave you alone i should say that leaving at the way to deal with it polishing that chile all over your child wearing a sport shirt and that you have
now deletion supplying lead united is up to this summer cottages
there’s still a because tomorrow is their anniversary
and she wants to help surprised mister cochran wayy you and i miss brooks because missus conference noticed how
hard at work during the summer session and she thought it would be fine for me parts if you don’t want to go out so i
can go either it’s a ride on don’t have to get any risk to relax
ation cool mountains i can just as good a time
right here just staring into a mirror and watching the melted powder running
down my no resistance i wouldn’t deprive you of any fund
goodbye family pick me up tomorrow out cold warrior ten o’clock offline
then we can alex union army is divine department has said that that table by
the window i’d like to talk to him that i thought were very surprising uh… anna mention are coming to crystal
any i don’t want to sound him out about my
chances of getting the english department in the coming semester the
jobs open you know is in a world portion what this prospectus might not
be back in a minute and detectives did happen one of the businessman’s low-interest but i’ll do without the soup tonight mystic happening at your wages sincerely
miss betsy i can do without you i don’t want to disturb you during your
lunch mister cochran didn’t do it we’ll see you later i’d just have one brief question to ask
mister man sit down for a moment disposal have you had a long yester with mister
born over there would quite an attractive ties on ministers at you and mister bulletins
you’re good delivery job here well now that summer schools that were
missing and what is at a time to get the both inland out of school people
beginning toll but people mr camp in the world members
of the school board you’re still being considered as a
possible new head of the english department all that’s just what i want
to know interrupted naturally my recommendation will carry a
lot of weight before but you know how i feel about that in
the station among the faculty of medicine is brooks it would be different if you were
married or evening gauge to mr bohren manner with mine so much thanks heaps how can one ever get engaged if one
doesn’t that mean eyes with one are more than one if necessary but that use your problems up my anniversary is tomorrow and i’m
quite surprised missus compton with the little trip to crystal lake we have a caveat no yes i have uh… if i could feel that your conduct
over the weekend was above reproach well i didn’t talk about the case that
much more believe me mister totten then you won’t
be hearing at thing about mr boring and myself do it children’s groups was really had nothing to your
association is then williams to come from i think i continue yes missing mani sushi nation with mister boom is the biggest nothing new with this
song saturday morning pompoms on the porch of
the college of crystalline let’s look in on the business to
compensate is gently coolant role in the forecast visions alive murder and certainly that was surprised each
other which is looking for i’m new you’d enjoy yourself you know i’ve been it’ll be wonderful to get away from the
school for a few days not that i don’t enjoy working with my
teachers overgrown group of people cooperative capable but it’ll be such a relief not to have
to look at the law how did you just got off to sleep but
i’ll wake you up in about an hour by uh… it’s a very good propaganda maganda and sort of the points that uh… and the world mistrials mr bohren what are you doing here that’s what i like about this too late
the hospitality it’s you experts and mister but ninth so
that you could tell martin did you have esteem i asked miss brooks in these devices
that weekend with us but surprise i did daniel occu fickle lots of people don’t go dear you certainly don’t the people some people take release here than
others lotus comparable something dividing
outfit and i think it might beat out there and i was revolting we’re already very it now yes sir wrote congratulations on your
anniversary thank you divine police say maddie song these gator me too you’ve given me a little warning i
wouldn’t have let you take me here lives loud into must be all hot and sticky
from doug dot up here i hope it will probably be suit mister compensate can help me each have
a bathing suit the dot and we all get ready for a nice in on
the water go for a bit we must do the things i guess marketing wala as a matter of fact i’m fred i don’t
have a significant to packet of battle but but not to appoint one
about you could not be long and it’s not good
pickpocket fell does uh… do that transacted like he did tell us about
three miles and then singers valuable dr here mystified and you’ll find a bathing
suit in the bottom drawback texas exes carpet appears to get it you and my daughter having everybody
shared by the weekend now people might be i wanted to know that i planned this
weekend for your c more than anybody’s when mr clinton sees how happy na i’m
sure you’ll start thinking about it does but certificates came looks like mister barnes the gain
that it’s worth a try yeah i really do like the guidance is
confident i know you’ve been idea now what would be in addition to out example think you should show nordic mysticism
these well so tonight i want you hook up again need e what east you but their best soup kept my cock campbell’s think if you cook something your sample
it would make a much better impression on mister barton i know you can barbecue since they have
expected get in the us did not see you on the
floor despot it’s abaixo o this time and i hope we don’t all make a bunch of
your lights out of arthur stopped walking the hammock marvin i’m
going to see you soon now remember i said we’ve got to make a
good impression on these props that i don’t like it mother i never did believe in this match making
business size i thought we’d be here alone please
part of the time bone of the oldest mom when they are
going to waste place here there’s always permitted to do allison remember what i used to call you when we
were first married donated followed shipping cooking louisville slugger reviews dual earlier
i think it’s a little wider disgusted at the time is is that when
i’m sure he’s wrote would electrodes mild weather they want the bathing suit
hello there everybody already alex mr box and uh… but doug stupid cupid demystifying don’t you think some extra
yes it’s very nice that artists leaves a little wide the country that is one of my old wong it’s wasted your employees reached she made it a step in judea yes out of
an old stocking in something like this certainly revealing i never knew you had a beauty mark
fairness books let w mean-spirited pointed your theory isn’t he and not the e-ticket she’s
about as naughty as charles dickens the like jack modified outrage first right here where whispered demystifying welcome aboard below listed company we didn’t know you work on the mall
black idea at this let’s let’s go take a boatright disproves sense by security at
the track why shouldn’t the divine years last one and there’s a sugar
cookie partylite notable christmas down this
tube line but i’m glad companies fishing and it’s
like is outboard motors kind of no i think the itself act on that if i was a patient nine registration
over my head i go hiking the tree it led to now all right that’s funny is steering wheel seems to
be fat it had uh… robot magnum called we’re heading
are rowboat yes it is i got a couple other operating like
walking he exited stockpile you’ve got to do
something mister mike we’re getting pretty close to that problem that is what’s lied about it but i can’t what happened siguiente most recently we just missed
it it’s all right now i’ve got everything
under control around released we can do is go back and
apologize for scaring them like this detritus plus its own out that’s all right mister we didn’t really want to catch any airfare worry about the fish mister cochran
high-minded barbecue was awesome dinner earlier in the sports what r u doing a
barbecue meaning peeking out melton and i’m sure the
standards but i think it will take the fish is don’t you think so much good of the guys that have made them my barbecue what you enjoy them so much more because
mister bruck dean what used to brighten way yesterday and i suppose you know that
folks what they do not alright object if you listen world listed just okay visited no good taste like chocolate you can do but i told you beer barbecue
the means no need to be nice blowing that appalls certainly i have a
lovely bit of dwelling call rolls right over the reunions i don’t think i’m very hungry because
martin initial period zero maybe ought to stop reading alive but
like a pig of yourself doing about progress overnight kuwait cannot pick you something you can
take a look at it better than she did year anniversary dinner feared that alot cannot case and we get he’s but she will hadn’t grabbed a today against wasn’t that a night snack and just the
two of us alone in the kitchen well it was better than those of of acute rocks but if that poor mister boredom
forcefulness broke so here we agreed to get all about it let’s go out didn’t have much to get
there and not instantly still and its client down wonderful all right bob appt but it was it who’s that man us mystic india inflate your info in yesterday’s
few yes s plan out the admin and a gun nicer isn’t it let
me look doesn’t it him let’s go for a little stroll on maybe we’ll run into mister blood in
this book somewhere act out it was the bronco and
where the other end of that happening of it all right of the fire among them that’s going to a good to go to sleep
maybe when i wake up in the morning this will be a bullet do a bedroom together
osgood now that watches here have written
description i’ll have to share our group and you well journalistic might not have
to sleep in the guest room exactly what i have it quiet it was gone
but i’d like to ask you a question wasn’t pathogens being appointed head of the english
department without advance and how you can take it over and tell me right after
i’ve done my brains out dont length and they got mr conklin back
to a fairly neutral shade of purple and acting on her suggestion i steered
mr bohren down to the pier for a little moonlight fishing school is wonderful because united is
minister going noted that itself is quite much more frequently i see the last time i went fishing at
night except mcdougal course my pet product
now we’ve had some great time yes i know you have but now it’s my turn that is if you don’t mind mr bohren premier gravy mister baden look at the size of his
baby i just landed is cut customers processes might break this you
have been caught at the internet you know i just beat your details dot signing even this produced by larry
burns written and directed by al lewis with music by will go back mister blanton is played by jeff
chandler mister cochran by gale gordon others in tonight’s cast for jane logan
declined a gloria mcmillan and debbie janice office beverly street lamps with mr mrs
molecule is the evening over most of these things lesions they with us again
next week at the same time for another comedy episode on this growth


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