Our Miss Brooks: Connie the Work Horse / Babysitting for Three / Model School Teacher

non-lethal your beauty hope and love the
queen jambu purcell glamorous dream girl pat bring you up on this book dying
yvonne harbourfront saying listen rather than
mine and though she is fond of her work and a
few old these last few days have been rather hectic and back to you the van had been the
collector favored faculty member biology teacher philip believes when i have to neglect divine you can be
sure things are hectic of course like most scientific made me
rather preoccupied it doesn’t spend all the time looking at
prague white might news laboratory now and the every friday does there who he looks at private despite his apparent absorption in
scientific matters i can’t help feeling that deep down
underneath as a definite lack of interest in me trying effective athlete for example i have to get the need for an
examination reading i wanted desperately to get my work done
by friday afternoon so i think you could be we had for that evening may get better start at the beginning thursday morning my landlady lived a bit
flip me promptly at seven thirty o’connell without murnian is the date is when bank to bank
and the satellite uh… may arise that you’ll have to get your
own chanda i’m glad you got me up on time maybe i can make up a few questions
before my first flat i don’t think you should do anything people you think
you’re with these little you’ve been going it meets your needs anything to
hide connie i don’t like to scare you but i’m worried about japan and alright
sweet of you to take a keen interest in me was the day that work doesn’t bother
me and help the use of ours where does this mean although it isn’t
good for anyone even the horrors even higher even one of the great around the name
would you evangelist and but i figured i’ll be all
right if i keep my pet block shampoo regulator pick range and prevented enough to get you feel comfortable level
but you can’t use different people victories peacekeeping him a budget that gets me
down and should know better but here goes perfect approval well that’s stronger than usual plenty
of time well i would say you took a wrong potato
one hard-boiled a exam right chris a couple kidney beans
and spinach and throw them into the mix master peacekeeping viet if a doctor how
many greek now i think i’ll skip the duty of
morning at the data backup to hurry while today picking me up in a prime okie kilotons
trafficking now definitely but the repair job this time on calls
made much of the plane i had to pay twenty dollars per parking twenty
thousand clearing the way did you conduct lobby of the stevens hotel how did you ever did in the air just
like anybody else through the revolving door he i’d like to think you have a water
i’ve got some work to get done before my first placards agnes rex can service but did you said you got work to do
before your first class that’s what i’m preparing question for your midterm exam it’s not a difficult getting the right
one lol if i may make a suggestion but why don’t you forget about the difficult
questions and think up a simple one can’t make it easier on you wouldn’t yet
but frankly i question your motives i wasn’t thinking of myself miss brooks it’s just that i’ve been looking at you
while i’m driving here at the corner of miami sort of in what you want to look
at the metro side in had dot knowledge that you can used a little changed water yeah i remember when you first got to madison
highness brooks you were so bad for me you are actually pulsating looked like
an energy in uh… she always seem to be sort of
shimmering and that’s not all like running fixed
delicious flavors tonight a miss brooks you’ve gotta watch
your step how long do you think the pool of
youthful cleaned your cheeks it dot according to how you put it on mother we hope you don’t think i’m being too
personal this prospect with a look at you i can’t help thinking of something
process did you ever tried that in the country
and come to an old deserted pasture well in did you ever see at the end of
the pasture one lonely old course what’s brown eyes caring vents rail i knew i should have shampoo those that
block comparing you know of course ms right
now i know all that i’m not fast enough for them political worth picking a time when you
saw were now hesitate i’ve done my work now meinhold
just an old tired p dot longley horse with nothing to show for my years of
hateful service down probably would be any problem at
him and make that haven’t felt uh… i appreciate your interest in a
lot of that believe me i’m not ready for the glue
factory add anything i’m hoping that attendance of part time not blogger you
know how i feel about you cash i think you’re right at bay just don’t want you to get rundown i
went wild and use the hard work i’ve been waiting to buy the admiral really i didn’t think that what
housework way back in those days all what kind of work if you do then i helped my mother mostly they had
mothers in those days the quite a few your mother while father
without having been there i used to help clean up arcade a little sore image rats are dumping
really want to why should i be felt normally i work things sometimes it’s a
little unfortunate like this stuff about the whole arsenault i’ve know you made
it to my own good forget it walter i have now here we are combine the bond market
but you’re going thanks walter before you go yeses preps
seventy-three sugar columnist rutskoi garden will continue
in just a moment but first here is byron smith with an important announcement i’m alex hope is giving away prizes
worth sixty seven thousand dollars a grand prize of twenty five thousand
dollars in one lump sum or one hundred dollars a month for life and that’s not
all that over two thousand five isn’t my mom is big treasure chest convent forty
then westinghouse laundromat from silver fox got postmaster posters and it’s easy
to enter complete the last line of this jingle oppressor robin i think game is something that i would like to win on death row myself today that that that
that that death right or left lying on the plane sheet of paper or use of
official entry by giving complete rules obtainable at your dealers include your almonte dealers name and
address and mail with the big word palmolive from the front of the rapper
of one regular and one baptized kato harmonics all to annihilate bach
ninety-two new york eight new york not hears the jingle wants more out rescue rankin looking c it’s something i would like to win on get commonly felt that day that that the back-to-back that mail
your entry to probably box ninety-two new york eight new york but hurry
contest closes november twentieth enter this week yet harmonics softball about their
complexion remember doctors proved i’m always
beauty results here it would have been plundered going
you’ve got that something about about what a rip apart well i think
talking about this book overworked and i was talking to want to get me told me
that nick eva told him that netbook just himself but harry ooi waiting for a
woman doing something i’m not doing something for that matter i think i
think he’s moving a lot and that way if you’re interested in
doing something other than the thing you want to stop it’s that simple that is in trouble and while you’re
talking about it yet we stopped ranking working something
profound or now i’ll talk to mister blamed for
anything at that point book off and you talk to you absolutely not he needs the it my way oh and thereby plaque and they had gone out to my dad truoc one woman to another i thought the privilege of being frank
with you going again you are working to hard macbook
industrial player the falling apart ethically or anything fixture attitude emptied nectar make that happen to that growth correctly preoccupy half-year-old oracle impractical it’ll break now on the bowl of cereal finalcnt were pretty awful and i don’t
think we’ll have been multiple here we go again u_p_s_ sometimes like a dumb thing ed harris well i wouldn’t hurt your feelings for
the world macbook and we won’t be wrong with you looked at the teaching mickey kantor
fearing i noticed you yesterday in the cafeteria
with mister boring except aleks your food all that stuff to make
the point here at home needs very fond of rabbit you know forget about working at like today i
want you to read that contact when released each bag down had both have placards that’s what i was foot modeling that bloody waikiki when
it’s often must accomplish one of the one thing about harriet for sure i don’t
know maybe a principle of the school he
fielded duty keeping features happen it’s not what do you mean just in your teeth and don’t like to try
it allowed event argument from medicare banking with the
finishing this report from the school board with your your river moment admit
that than them minority no your your recruits hello hal actual after reapply their
bread you’ve got management from the back uh… i just wanted to remind you that
this afternoon we are going you know with the unique you have not but that isn’t she’s been working quite
hard lately and you looked like meditation compound a catholic couple
now sure you can at the convent that’s make-believe and they have to for the late about them the high ac all catholic co talking about hard rock prac yes bob goodbye that with my wife to send their regards
brokaw thank you make it happen no doubt your wondering why i said will i’ll be free during the war myopic at the most
consistently high morale within the unit in camp operable hot what has all this bill with your your a
reasonable for what has all that the review i really
gone on with the content football stuff take the time we ran out of
ping-pong ball it was not his fault doctor in charge of the post of trade i
have to start my duties faithfully but still there it was old ping-pong ball overrated from the man mothering of discontent swept through
the recreational i refuse to be thrown into a panic you know what i did this book i made those menus the it run hang out with the captain by finding
another hobby and that’s what i call a computer to do
this for a few got to find out a i what i have a hobby knife attacks and
allotted selecting a biology teacher as doing then i don’t have been who have
replied i’m afraid that is not a victory for him is brooks though what you’re
going to do is in the novel relaxed have a good time over that because i don’t
interrupt concentrate on from outside and prefers
brooks font effort or thought of it on the deadliest you’ve just got to
enjoy life or there a lap back dot sort of formula but it would take
but two have to get them you’ve got to blow up even if it
happened and then the outside pressure it by now seven do you think the
campaign unmarried problem something you waiting
for a good that’s all i want her folks would like
to dispute that that’s all i want to apply to disappear
contented and happy not nervous i don’t want to school but not attract here and the don’t let that happen at picketed gift and what it to do everything to getting a hobby captors pretty crowded today because i
don’t know how you manage to get this table i’d like to hide his divine i dot talbot in student who is getting a
ride montgomery they didn’t leave behavior that this works no not actually ga-ga knowledge this was
just tell me what you are along all along it’s time to shed the little tray
along over the railing give me a feeling of power cut had eaten at eighty three acknowledged health but you’ve been
working as project melted ice to your work or there is something in your eyes
lately that well i can’t be specific but they don’t
seem to say army here the paypal payments and one of my god to show up on
exactly pictures and questions at that the racism goal is to the script cuban within yourself terribly uh… by
had my own jackie but part that’s what’s going on with
restrictive examining troubling you anything at all i’d be happy to have you cry on my
shoulder i’d rather left against me pin that made the right yet but i could do to be so concerned
that there’s nothing wrong with me to be right there there is nothing wrong with
you that a good hobby won’t cure unit nine
oh and i thought of a wonderful hobby war threatens proved it’s called chart
made the beef invited potato idea getting ten but he said are you all the
places here not direct that outdated divine might be in a way that the christians in
the senate and i’ve never worked in line waiting
with breakfast lunch yet now water because the mind getting the
fam column and won’t sit down good senior year kaplan now not print this
morning walter package seems to have noticed my disintegration into really
ninety minutes with its decline since the fall of the roman empire down to something as props did you ever
collect stamps no i never did then you’re in for a tree see you later with my album or put in a few hundred new specimens i
just got a few hundred only program alleged commute village you better stop
of a delicatessen and pick up at that time pella expresses the actress dole nao
malden more u that block wrapped up in a room and i
want to work moment brooke have a nice pakistani
neisseria tonight apoplectic came today their father told me to get a hobby
begin on one yet no not yet kornblum i thought when you looked up and move
forward prop word powerful propping up big
corporate excellent or good afternoon that broke the barrier goodbye to my date with mister bond
tonight ordered so you mention my name don’t come up with the crime made of chocolate but uh… they
actually built i hope you like it in the way i did plenty of horseradish down the let’s begin if you are busy here tonight
we forced out thank you them to do it but very cut over lunch
down already i’m afraid i didn’t define i’ve got to get them work done before my
afternoon plans to race is terrible was procured g_o_p_
duck look do you play chess not if i can help it
means brian well i’m not very good at it it’s wonderful relax ation i’d be happy
to be sure yet or from other time at the front now if you just let me my checkbook
progress alright this was our failure later check for you don’t think smith
divine as you can give me the money later on the and and u uh… formal well i didn’t get much of
my cat prepared who has the date if i’ve got to get the word read complete
abducting beyond right here in two states it because i do need those just
looking my second will call on you at dawn final well-developed boiled for mandated
i’m going to keep you can do we did secret meetings will be anytime
the dollar people you have your campaign nine often i don’t want my government that damn
give me an american by everytime what land above the rim is candy thank you
thank you and let me will be fully into a ball with me today that i do we pay
you gone alright what do i do fairies you told
your hand about seeking to the public week begin now i a fact-finding around andrew brown
and around and then round and around and around i’d like to time nothing i don’t want to
break in the mountains and and and it didn’t mean not knowing
if indeed more fun than drawing your fingernail overflight he batted ball
astrological now yet always big there will be many of the
reading uh… on names you want to know no he
definitely land tiny department failed maybe she wants him by carbon the hollywood these thing to do kathleen are
known to blend monthly like me our abingdon finding one minute that you
could get enough there’s never been there are now boost up to the goldfish
bowl later on but date if you don’t think you have latin
american it for a while and i’ll play with the bar wanted me to new york times on are
really my paperwork done if you would give me i’d like to go into the dining
room i think that my reference books out on the table and moving up honey we
adjust the mollen making that the guy who i knew there was something i for got
you’ve got to get you never had to return you’ve got companies but i like promptness group well-known i
guess i’d be terrorist groups and that he did that they’re going don’t quit
rock narrated need you to come over together weeping um… thank you all of
them all within walking now that we’re all here probably all
people i’ve been quiet while i get to work more you can work later this week
she arrived at the board or set up let me show you how to play chips implanted
reptile start sorting rifampin looking for price specimens to show he cannot clock republic diet pill will be to give
a compliment him for a story of a these little one zero points they move one of
two spaces for are known to move the defeated at the brighton but honestly i
just went one game which means i’ll go for it their uh… gold rush yourself chess is
a very patient easygoing game but you gotta clean handkerchief miss brooks i
have to clean my magnifying glass pail of water dark damp area arctic that away from
port newt i’d be are double ok ed but it it worries me look at his desk we think the annual
dance deanna miss reps you can tell by the cancellation it’s
legitimate i’ll look to the glastonbury pretty wilder it’s your movements groups
farm all the game object coherent funny coincidence that
broke how do you think that i work for a hobby and newark de dar but this one out
that there aren’t real life and the whole country is that good part market confidence in the home of our for from god and uh… you know need support
diffusion here doctor gallup looking for a new hobby but discount through hamlet motley anytime
will get back down to are hobby about about the plight of the big
recruitment i can duplicate the entire help missus
bobbitt was my portable carpentersent uh… marriage that my bike double their
only half the department of product delight dot on the table top dash that
we are external legal movements brooks right at
that i’ll detecting and parent brian i’ll
take it back i’ll move my indictment dated there to agree or will the goodness brooke
give her a broken porter picked up mother figured like this stuff a few dolls
liberal i guess a lot of dust up a few dollars worth of employment asked not to take this class and look at
this early cameroon but before that weren’t prepared for it at and grab seven-eleven all you mean harriet
them might before we go through squares vertical and one diagonal worded util
mechanical man and he can work everything at a twenty mt gleeful grand where you live here by having fun the parallel admitted program that would
you call a little mechanical man back to you by denied making the though electric grill look to you lynn and i think it would be wonderful idea
and we are having a hot the acting in together olmstead the giddy still indicated you wanted your mind off
things that better human depend on the night can only move to
claim credit for all even offer a cute little wagon will be a good everyone we
could prevail maybe an inch katyusha we’ve gotten back that you
mentioned wanting to on the program that wouldn’t that be the market about the
people i d recruitment ltd might have been developing on there r_j_r_ don’t work particularly don’t get
a break time now forever hurt though that the left or that there
from about their all dot unpainted that there’s been a lot of the movement there
has been delayed good you’re in ninth annual banquet the main thing of course
is that we were able to a group of portraits of addictive the group notebooks your leader who won lengthy anil comic lead where women are you profit within the time the catholic at that corporate and personal with her and room united your income with world leaders
you’re here to look after a monster cream jambu only laughter cream brings you to do
with magic formula blend of secret ingredient plus gentle an alum give
loveliness blather even and harvest water glamorizes your hair as you watch
it monster cream not assault not a liquid would have been
the cream shampoo leaves here frequently clean free of
loose dandruff listening which gene manageable give new beauty to all of
hairdo or permanent forum jar one dollar smaller sizes
either tubes or jars tonight trial of two cream shampoo of removal ruined roman when i and now i want to go and arm is broke well i didn’t get many questions band
that i could be rita hayworth unloved of carmen i knew of carpet with the examination
question still to be done i’d have to cancel my date with mr bohren but that
was almost inevitable from the beginning when i finally reached home i knew i’d
have to buckle down right here that brightened dining room opened the door
and playing on the light of course you can move the night two
horizontal prime minister of britain if i’d known you were still here i’ve
never turned a lot of time on what the watch five harmonica you are
beautiful and lobster cream sample burt thought glamorous dream girl bear around the and know what do you think that and over
four thousand others say colgate two however with a two minute
group teamed up peeps parking and super clean so the removed all film and get your
teacher and clean just brush teeth two minute morning and night with colgate to
father brush inside outside abiding services or we’ve got away from the
ground female quickly this fifty naturally
bright it removed all film but improper brushing missus and colgate two wilder
also sweetened job ref hyatt by colgate two moderate today the warmest remembering wrinkled wildland
and implement more urine and meaningful remarkably claimed
they can and be with us again next week it has
been planned y nada comedy abbott all about armored road while mom and baby that would be the
from iran amoxil you are the people and mustard
greens samples for soft blacklist dream girl air bring you hartness brooks starring
yvonne although i miss wilkes teaches english
at least uh… our problems like those of any other teacher on always confined
to here at least elastically there’s mister football and winston’s a biology teacher of moments brooks is
extremely fun and returning lavish is his affection
monies prague guinea pigs there have been other problems too a perfect example of what i’m talking
about it carried last sunday agran demonstration of what can happen
when you have a little softness of the heart spread to your head the day standoff innocently enough when
my landlady mrs davis knocked on my door around nine thirty in the morning fruit in mrs anecdote just a bit like the sound sandy
now that’s all right missus davis had been up seems to me singer said coming out on a get-up
comets and i’m very catching up to me to be in i’m glad you
didn’t think that got to do a little checking today and one of my pupils of
the manson all the any garstin troops didi cindy hamas is
david is always had such a good record of
attendance not just can’t understand it his mother has meant that any of my
notes and by tomorrow mister conference ended truant officer after him i’m going over to his house today
investigate it’s very nice of you to take such an
interest in the billy conn well i think it is my duty to go daddy’s
home missus davis he’s always been a good student
well-behaved with a fine character and he lives for doors from mr blonston pc tiny did mister bolton as differently broker missus davis i have to ask him to
yet biking straight now that it doesn’t mean
that harry had might accidently ran to his divine i’m perfectly willing to
meeting halfway because of his door opens outward i’m
glad to get a broken nose understand that mister berlet likes to
keep peace in the morning constitutional balance sale now at what’s nice about a
constitutional you can always demand it pan he this products magnanimity all or yeah yeah sure sit
down this book’s thank you eddie handbags seat not sick i came over to find out why you have
been in school only world frankly miss brooks i’ve been
pretty busy uh… well i guess i can go home now uh… it’s jumped runner is kids jeremy fourteen years old you say no lacerated sorted out uh… i guess i can go home now and you can make it brothers misfits gcg my fathers on the road my mother’s
in the hospital crime sorry abt is there anything i can do to help serious misconduct runs over in the clay city hospital
attitude right out and see everyday if there was only someone who stayed with
the kids well you well that’s wonderful mistrust st business but he claims teacher at school glad to know you to my and this is that it’s a lot of this book
stand now they will be any covered on the
sprouts in fact on t_v_ all the help you need with tommy debate i’m not going on now i’ll be home in
time to get that civilians here we are you have to wait on second thought maybe you two other to
better wait client but there will be home stand how did your mother keeping quiet out west uh… i’ll tell you a story sub-prime in time it pretty blase for a child his age anyway what’s there were three days it yes kids any explicitly to and sounds now live in the pins lived
happily ever after by you wonder why eighty eight home sit his
teacher dot hit your hand style and i wondered
why it should’ve been backed by now that
would satisfy them it is something to eat and drink in a
minute why tommy now what’s there was a girl named red
dragon hole whose father was a traveling salesman separate right now the cinderella split malone thank goodness there over three brand new and analyze sc expressed oaks kill i guess maybe but
him now well xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx scratched start out stuck treats me i shirts ostrich xxx perhaps chill out transcendental st stay with me middle pays what free press how easy it is st well come on drop the other issue davis uh… what a horrible night and seeing them that is the what’s in the kitchen before
hungry face de inscri me wake up not and members got a call missus davis stability states
quietly few more minutes chill mistakes card c deboers seek window will you be not taxed i watch paper abstract excl parks due to any type of exp justice o school k brought abit you not going to school monday morning minded test hill is that he was good discussed speech hotly debate sized despite used books
will be in school special xd and you don’t know an additional cheats breaking the spell yes we can i believe you connie i wouldn’t go we in
india which is what you call student size and one of my students to the store
my yet books and i guess i’ll have to enter your brother eddie comes home reminds me when it comes to conquer wants him i can’t explain about maybe on the phone decides there’s no proof of his story
and i was not a comes back got to ask for a while fattening spell it out to i’ll make the lead on missus davis in
telling i’m sick so is the contents dismisses dvds yes i just wanted you stand he’d be
happy with well you first oleg she’s nowhere sketchy ted levine doc can spread how did you know she was sick just cagney i’m terribly upset about this set flyer my and talking to you ed guestbook starring yvonne will continue
in just a moment but first here’s vern smith with an
important announcement alex hope is giving away prizes worth
sixty seven thousand dollars a grand prize of twenty five thousand
dollars in one lump sum or one hundred dollars a month for life
and that’s not all all there are over two thousand prizes
and probably is big treasure chest contact westinghouse laundromat from silver
boxcar toastmaster toaster and its easy to enter complete that last line of this decal blanketing skiing is something i would like to think i get on molly self today dot that dot right last line on the plane sheet of
paper or use an official entry blanketing completely people did your
t_v_ include your full name dealers name at
address and mail with the big board palmolive from the front of the rapper of one
regular and one baptize geico palmolive soap to palmolive box ninety two new york eight you know not hears the jingle once more oppression right here looking skin in something i would like to blink i’ll get long-lost self today that that that mail your entry to molly box ninety two new york eight new york what great your last chance contest
closes next saturday mum on its own allow their complexion renumber doctors pro i’ve always been the results top back to our miss brooks where we
find water denton and harriet conklin listening to the radio and what was gone and that ladies and gentlemen concludes
artist examined you’re gonna give another group b_ about
not wanting to do carry and have a dozen japanese or extra
clothes about boys on the c_b_s_ sing it again program at camp his father was a key was stopped sometime it lumbering hoped he would you put it off look at you like to win those prizes at camp his father was sixteen a lot was a second i’m hearing it was nice of you give me a ride bring that’s alright gary if i were the
principles daughter and you were made to give me a ride if my father joe walk to
school early in the morning without me this morning wooden chair annually three properties because of my
father well of course it’s not working i thought you might want to write off
and pick up miss brooks with me missus davis was pretty mysterious about
her but yet menlo witnesses because they missed reply to twenty-five park street after bowling come to think of anything hot threefold one called drop a line yet here yet brought another even scrubbing miss relax me of corn hobby ciliary mr bling doesn’t like
girls blacks rocks no wonder i didn’t think about he might i know just like a woman always giving people
families allowances margs beginners ms runs in
that house student welder harriet i’m glad to be i didn’t know you would be a lot now that you are not going to take you
into my confidence maria can you keep a c even from your father actually for my father good and i don’t
want to either of you to mention that you saw me here you see i was told to come from that i
was sitting which stands later but right now you’ve got to go to the
grocery store for me elected you’re going to explain later miss perhaps
that’s the secret walter just business needs money and have been
seventies groceries out as soon as possible u_p_s_ is right on the bottom of it
hopes to start sherry something funny going on which is nothing funny about it fifteenth broke kicked children you have hotmail pr fl now you’ll look at this order we can or carl not one tan vegetable chocolate milkshake article i thought
the catholic amplified mature as suspicious alright nobody
despite pakistan mary the storm consistently mister bush what they’ve been very howie day body
going was would be expected spreading of
blessed event of any time yet cause patricia has quite a big
family now speed salute ants but this is one of my favorite from said struggles with pretty heavy was a
good idea to have a lot of consistently week bop torment pittsburgh’s ready to come out and sell machina pretty upset only sorry last mr
bling he respects both of these fibers and
right over there defied all the way i guess you never heard to twenty five park three park street i’d pick one park street he says he lives on black streaks unlucky at school dont worry mister clinton with them it’s wonderful it and while sleeping beauty was waiting stranding invented bell chemin pains i testify carry away by the story it did happen to me asked the groceries hello miss brooks and mr bohren right
behind them come in won’t you people in haiti seeking miss brooks who are these these children
will build my pockets it’s the bright now believe that teaching and play with
the meat cleaver and alleges that packets happy after terry’s add-on excuse me buying
they have a little baby his show i guess i’ll have to pick up whisper x_l_ i don’t want a private waited all these
children come from miami biology teacher knows that at the start i mean he’s who celebrate well their children that any garson
who’s a student of mines mother which their father is a traveling
savills man i’m afraid you’re upset how well of
course i a m you’d be upset too if you had breakfast
crying and three children cooking on the stuff something anything i can go to hell yes they certainly has missed the point
you can help me get this house tidied up before any dreams is not a home from the
hospital the textbooks i’ve got to go to school you’re smart enough now in some way just a compliment eileen your ill but i’m i’m not healed stick around a wider chances will end i don’t know what this is all about the
spokesman if you’re in trouble there list i can do it standby lend a hand did that by a box of merit badges into
tickets in the next olympic games road out no one realized some of you go
to my office harriet once you start i was speaking to my daughter something strange going on in the school
today first missus davis calls to tell me that
miss brooks is sick and mister bond balls tells me he won’t
be able to come to school today because he’s expecting an illness and then what i was conducting both day
classes i catch my own daughter receiving a note from this this straight this delaware madeleine albright denote your hair whatever you do don’t let the cat out of
the bag about meeting you know when the grocery store and standing in what we
did we don’t want to get bids you know who
were in trouble after all we have no proof that those little you know who is
either all because it is at two twenty five
park street is about that like this what’s the meaning of hysteria you wouldn’t want to keep it three
o’clock surprise what you want to look at it budget stuck i’ll find out what’s going on that too
twenty five out st well mister bonior did you enjoy al and
so yes indeed miss brooks and you know something saying it taking care
of those children of men talking them into the nap after lunch made me feel
this is where you belong experts to do everything giving up your career is a teacher i missed the boat i mean it i’ve been thinking it over all morning i’ve got another excellent career mine
for you yes mister x i have why don’t you become a governess well i’ll tell you what does the vine
outcome of that and that’s when you become a governor it’s been fun trying to help you out
this morning is good so i hope i have been of some assistance with the
children how you’ve been a tremendous help mister going they would never gone to bed so quickly
if you wouldn’t tell them that fascinating story about the african
deepti fly it’s nothing really mapping and it had everything humor pathos sleeping sickness abdul excuse me i i i got to watch the
lantern that you don’t know you cyclically experts i’m going to do with
which indexes myself public mister but don’t know i’ll have a bit of a chip it to you nineties okay viewed found time to time time sounds i hope that said in his mother iraq
there e boeing for you good girlfriend shallow white with the impression that you were
sick what coincidence ya meeting me here at
the doctors uses the he’s an obstetrician i don’t think i helped my case ended website institute afternoon mister gordon i suppose you’re
here visiting the doctor too sees expecting temple shirts explain sinuses mister cochran to the right place for three hopes to pressure to do the motor pool video usual i’d know this is no talk to
them you know what i think i think it was secretly america this is
your at mixed newswatch thank you v conklin remember your blood pressure educators think i dot e i don’t know what all do you want hillary you too oh sit down mister cochran picketing the
rocket starring get back in your room or i will kill you now please let me explain mister kaplan
petaluma scripts everyone’s entitled to a hearing for his hand but i like an open mind he said mister bond and i would just
taking care of these children and our mother comes back from the hospital that’s right continent it was an
emergency all well and good but why did you like it would be hard to explain on
the phone mister koppel besides i didn’t want to be doesn’t get in trouble he’s been week taking care of his little
brother was very touching story first broke so i don’t doubt the motives were
about i come from a school that way this books unless you’re in your classroom for the
afternoon session you had better look elsewhere for
employees well that must be eddie now i’ll get it annie i thought you’d never get ways your mother which is paying the
cabinets book you’ll be riding the doctors say she’s fine of good and
should be able to take care of her family again and i can get back to
school are not you can mispronounce we need to more than ever now in this blanket here brand new baby
brother might time that was the government’s
main connie bruck and eve arden has on this brooks returns in
just a moment but first who’ve helium it’s lovely your american look
after mustard greens only luster cream brings you can do with
magic formula blend of secret ingredients plus gentle gives loveliness lather even in harvest
water glamorizes your hair and you watch it luster cream not absorb not a liquid but it didn’t
beat cream leaves here frequently free of loose bandra glistening achieve gives new beauty to ol hairdos or
permanence for out job one dollar smaller sizes either to absorb job the people and new and man out once again here is homes i couldn’t afford it lose my job at school i hated to leave missus parks in the
middle age so i did the only thing possible under
the circumstances i got somebody they help out in my place before i left for the afternoon sessions
i gave a few last minute instructions and i’ll be sure to formulate isn’t too
hot and don’t be stingy with the talcum powder any other questions what should i do with the safety pins
when they’re not enough maybe this aging won’t have that problem
that i missed the cabinet go another alarmist but killed dot deal
by palmolive soap you look at the old and blasted range ample result planners
dreamed harvest book stunning developments
produced by larry bird written and directed by alice with music
by wilbur mister clinton was played by jeff
chandler mister cochran by gale gordon others in tonight’s test would gain log
independent lawyer mcmillan tommy cokes and rubble bobby allison jap sober no means to you spent over four thousand that to say wanted to tell with the two minute routine get steve
sparkling and super clean belleville get your peeps i mean clean just busting two minutes morning and
night with colgate two well bus inside outside inviting services always brush away from them see how quickly this gets teeth not it removed all filled with improper
brushing colgate bolivar also sweetened your
breath by colgate two thousand today one mystery liberally sprinkled labs
listen to mister and missus not the exciting unpacked adventures of an
amateur park avenue detective and his political life students evenings over most of these
same station and be with us again next week at the
same time another comedy episode of power in this brooks problem on speaking
this is the viet for molecule your beauty or and welfare
cream shampoo oversaw laboratory enduro dare renewal
are miss brooks starring eve arden and harmless english ano monday in the life
of a scoop here is pretty much the same as next at night you well perhaps would better let connie
brooks beepers cell well one day in the life of the school
teachers pretty much the same in the next at night you wish you were dead deadline boren how could i be witnessed it fell upon
teaching biology and medicine across every new froggy gets in his
laboratory represents an arch rival but i shouldn’t complain it give me in
added interest in life each morning before i get out of bed i looked down to
see if i’m getting wind speed do now ever since we’ve been on the faculty
together mr bohren just doesn’t seem to think of
me as a woman i can’t quite understand that because when i think of mister bond not
always think of me as a woman do and i almost always think of mister bond our dream about him like the other morning around seven
twenty five prove cholesterol i’d love to go dancing with you when will you come for me app that’s
quick word alone prior to today and food food girl i’m talking about it’s
something that i’ve been there drinking now i’m pretty used to it by now that
the david do it like to clear my throat provide
for our institute the a i guess i better get up and perform at
morning evolutions like that ain’t you can have blue pecan do you
guys meanwhile witnesses davidson seven let me know
nobody’s impressed at the top two half-hour rated but why that’s right they want pictures of your friend and
meet you first wake up to be able to sleep who died your faded duvall is about missus davis
after the magazine connie sometime ago i read that they were
looking for their ideal american teacher for an interview next thing i have been a outdated
they’re receiving found and they called me up for an appointment to meet you me
reply me happy from the beginning to deal with
the mother tincture somebody like poland and that you got me hope to talk about the output of under
forty two you are and how all of your pupils in the outfield our you shouldn’t
have done manages david i didn’t while alley discovered there every night
piece this morning i presented to me that haha do it not been somebody had
ability are tiny even if we can you believe in love with you today but i’m
not going vermont snaps snaps a school teacher there were reasonably well and not pregnant lady optimal prepping for the are away all that the end of the day ed it demise stockings hanging over the
radio de-mining speterson at peak friends business partner of the do if you’d have
to wait in the living room for a few minutes i’ll get back up and maintaining
wrote we’d rather dot in here u_p_i_ laid out edit their that night
the before you made me out depaul in mind here in washington i’m katie i wish
you wouldn’t what can i have that god can open ended
when you’re on the guide the utility company perplexing to panic i’m going to make some breakfast for all
the best swelled out of the our second shot steps back to school teachers backing up
a breakfast but that day well i think that if a drive the air we don’t want you to do with paying for
this picture realism is what i read that one the added practically stuck together because directly prompted an flapping of
the ear and a bit of time nine theory and that map that looks like it’s just
take with iran and shop do you want to guest the way you are clanking do picture out
called areas yet delete that just let me about that riding the connecticut that effect on
the models now listen you need we’re going to be together all day to be
much more pleasant for all of it if you call after well they didn’t and i don’t
want to cooperate with jeff but i don’t like that my picture
taken with that little makeup even if it’s only an insured to like
you’ve got on the dating a deadline to either either makeup and dad he added that they
have here that their dad everywhere that dad down if i i’m not sure i really want
this spread crying out of the air but whenever you get this done k battle anything that although do let me know all that talk about it after that that
that dog do when you join us at the table or do you want ross author of mail
from the back then a don the their hadn’t been in j right now i can
take you know the batteries not only didn’t
you borrowing their election if you tell
you’re never a time again dude indicate that you would have to
natalie allen incubate person in the amount of power
in new york i had half a cup of baking powder mixed with paula knew yell took
up that he had no good and have the whole thing is being
fifteen x nafta i’d begging the added teaspoonful of sided in attacking sneaking a good trip back do you got a recipe the fab cabbage that
would think you screaming into the hills down up and it isn’t that good probably play the table this is david
powell gets out of it the non teaching about the closet on the glove and
classroom atlantic effective date of birth but are i don’t mind taking my pictures from our
now that i’m dead well i don’t blame you my dear that’s a
very dispute uh… chirac’s in india mitigate the effects of durable material one thing about the black-footed
beaulieu radiated down then they had their content it’d be a shame defeated great big i
figure has closed for awhile haha i think maybe you’d better get somebody
after the fact is the cabinet think of the press neighborhood school israel uh… com everybody making a fuss over
you i think it would make you can we still
don’t know if it happened b the blindfold uh… the school mascot musician i was a
visit dwindling snaps run no nevermind don’t worry about it i
change my mind you can take all the pictures you one we’re going to be watered down means
that he picked me up this morning though that’s got your cousin the repair shop
again usually county o you are not call mister yes i do well what kind of a car where i had a brand new forty-nine had
been that i didn’t want to show off so i
traded that for a thirty two steps but contact a walkway not be night that and then call for you
in the morning alleviate the well-known absent minded professor no day at this point moriarty sixteen year though and i think and run
very fast doing uh… if they won’t mind if we ride on it’s going to miss brooks
i guess it’ll be alright come along too bad today they think that i just thought
it uh… thanks for david how healthy is sterilize than
expected app lab in writing about that calling somebody looking at me this
morning right well maybe you really think that i
hear arguments practice what did you meet her do you mean as far as if our defeatism a twelve and then there with map magazine water exactly
what i rival technique that could make it quick
movement against him that gate do you teach it matters from
happening teach pragmatic teacher although i a few coach somebody younger
students in subject suggest actually come easy to redeem i had lunch period
in study hall down it was in that to a mistake you’ve seen phil dolan film
world beat the game added strongly lauderdale delight called
it then you missed call me we must dashed do you really think im worldly stephanie that need to an email this morning was
going to be different even though it started out like all the other crummy
mornings in my life down my way over here i just salvage something romantic was going to
happen and sure enough here you are five walton love me speak it’s not a speech it’s really what i feel stephanie down we go to school outlawed our death day in the cab driver do and the our best book starring a bargain
will continue in just a moment but first there is burned smith with an
important announcement ladies what’s your complexion problem my
skin for a dingy mind-blowing my skin’s del constantine for lovelier
complexion you must stop improper cleansing instead use public so polite
doctor’s advice leading skin specialist have not ruled
the probably plan using nothing but probably so can bring pressure brighter
complexions death regardless of age type of skin or previous beauty care now here’s what these doctors advise wash your face when harmonics so massaging for one minute with online
fell nothing about it if anything massage brings your skin palmolive soap with full beautify new
pet it is three times a day for fourteen
days it’s that simple but remember thirty six doctors leading
skin specialist advised this way for one thousand two hundred eighty five women
with all types of skin dr oily normal young older and proved this plan using
palmolive although nothing else really works were to a lot of three so far
lovelier complexion forget all other beauty care instead bill was these
doctors advise use palmolive brought pressure brighter complexion by loveliness although her you’d think
thrifty bow outside com other in yorktown more shower don’t were you know loves when i read
that snap magazine was looking for a model teacher i was going to write and
suggest misprint but then the midterm exams came on at
that kind of busy night yet but i just i was going to miss brooks thanks anyway wilder i think did you think you’re going to appear on
the cover when the story comes out i’d imagine so often sheet that’s great it’ll sure be relief
for those pictures a glamorous young girls and bathing suits with ladies do
may come as a shock to you walter but i’ve got legs mapped out you have birth they may not be as pretty as
marlena dietrich but and i’m not a grandmother yday doubt not do and fit one do they need a change of
subject this forest is stephanie after you get to taking pictures of miss
brooks it’s cool now i get some of the faculties to drop out this afternoon mulher all the faculty politics he dance but we
call them what happens it’s helping weber’s marge schott uh… that’s that’s an eighty yeah they
serve a wonderful mall here they’re struggling is are monster to stick to sift through a
strong you have to keep witherspoon cannot be mentioned picking respond
really do think that dancing do perhaps in a cute little dance floor before we get the school stephanie i’d
like to ask you one jew could you he wouldn’t you couldn’t you
be there ten minutes ahead of you deliberately without the little put out he led by any chance of picking bothered
to ask you to the hop mania at act now hydrolytic peril do all the time to
drive the deal what do you think mister bruck the a blackboard eraser with teeth do i didn’t mean to hurt your feelings
miss brock are you getting water i’m used to it i was just wondering about harriet
tubman did you have a date with her but this afternoon i’m sure there is nothing
definite about i merely after she wanted to go to the happen she said yes uh… do you know it was that tentative
do if you’re going to dance with mister boynton hummus brooks it’s not that many dues only got the job wahlberg i
referred to mister barnett our mascot is really the biology teacher management
fareast panel and teacher boy you see good luck uh… we enable he at least home dark handsome stoops show did not need
cross-eyed dah hairs mister scornfully i’d almost passed i was looking at somebody on my right
but you’re just turn your head water you’ll see harriet approaching on your
left it brought back or didn’t know we have happened here
promises miss forrest mister peterson harriet benefits snap magazine how you deal
right if you’ll excuse me i don’t like to get
some atmosphere shots of the campus we have done that campus pixma sprockets unravel american
teacher although wonderful road had a lot of collected coincidence larry when i read about hike that right young
wrote them a letter recommending you well thank you harris are really think that you are protected pond if you think that the other day that’s just like a child at your age
harriet child walter easily stephanie this is
the infantile out of time but my heels when im not involved with some more
glamorous creature like yourself well it didn’t work in the u on this crummy morning water
has become a man of the world doing better find a place to park in follows
it went to bed again here in its tracks doing for you at that would be a lot and then while q
that was helping you will and do netbook i don’t like the way that woman looked
at walden i don’t like the way that woman looks period do didn’t he the cobra like sort of way seeking mr boynton yet bite your tongue
barrel behind think you want to get permission from daddy before you go
through with it interview after all it happened preferable harriet you give me an idea i must admit i kind of like delhi
attention because i thought it would make that they’re going to sit up and
take notice but i never thought to think that they
might sit up and noticed the wrong thing so maybe twenty book the interview practically road have harriet you are right beyond your
years now if you’ll excuse me i’m off to beg
for your father’s on permission i’d three the crackpot here for a moment of the
problem primordial reproach uh… down and snap magazine wants to do
it laid out on me as a model teacher for nineteen forty eight you’re escort isn’t it ridiculous a sentiment fareast minister pedersen to
take pictures of medium the unpainted school in the overcrowded classrooms and
restrained up from the faces of the pupils i had a lot of his books of
course you can’t when you get the that expanded the big they’re better
than that wavy mister cochran i’ve always looked upon medicine high
unused teachers as my family and it’s the first rule of a family but
its problems be kept to itself strictly to itself we should not hang out on a
wash for every tom dick and harry tusi tom dick and harry should not see our
washington do want to do any good to arguments brookside made up my mind publicity as nothing but a cheap
parasitic device designed to prey on their own pettit appetites of the
unsuspecting publicity effectively philadelphians too only you must be missed that conquering i’ve been looking well at the meeting at
the conference and stephanie protestant that magazine uh… for do borchers at government for their review tomorrow event is saying that growth publicity
has built almost blessing of our century it makes young and old no could bring him home a snug joy into the
home of everyone having got the econ dick and harry peeking at my watch do as
far as i was just explaining to miss brooks what is wonderful exploitation will need
to medicine hot-headed problem unfair that you see a battling with the content you and i would have to work together on
this i need your advice on so many things voter river do by that cannot be felt problem you can call me stephanie hood river dromi year of the
group running a doctor i mean doubt that
though that i met a lot of people will stop shooting this book that one fine
i’ll bring my own blindfold dubious carbon black or credit know you were busy said well i
am board reviewed but a comeback player sell your woman’s the blindfold well now what that meant so much about
madison biology department procurement servicer but that may have ever thought before in
my life do i think that that that the clinton for
the american my name is stephanie five that you can call i mean for it if you want to live in fear for arms
again dwarfs that was brooks nevermind miss broke snowboarding the amino do
wrote will you stop mumbling doing this part here is going to do a
story on this brooks for snap magazine already here remembers particulars for marble picture
product that’s wonderful his books in our i was going to write in and
suggest your name myself with when i got all wrapped up in my pigmentation
experiments and neglected to do so rowing nice to know that you probably
have trail another jury avoided what is if you wanted to talk to me about webster it’s something i need for my
guinea pigs richter i’d rather talk to you when when you’re alone don’t come down this
to broaden you mustn’t give anything back from a reporter whatever they do
need for the creatures born and die rather upsetting mixed company sir uh… and not well that twenty-one some
of us are way over cut come on board it up with it what you
need for those g_a_t_t_ were at butterick your insist hormones here repair right out of their own women alright shouldn’t we give the party here a few
minutes head start curricula about but
by but by then there are ekata you know i’ve been traveling by
snap magazine at the moment arrogant schoolteacher of nineteen forty eight
kanka thank you bite and arab and i’d like you to meet miss farhad next layout editor guided by a thank you god not be able to get anything can happen
in reportedly at that point that in the background begun they are sitting down
that far out there sitting on the top of the debt but one well with the room is crowded as it did
not use them as life god like uh… if they keep the smaller
children from being shoved into being well delivered and do that might have been treated while
there’s got to the protracted bacteria by actively clapboard hill condo artwork will make up between don’t make enough outlook i think the
featured a schoolteacher effort from any food he did admit they respect him after
them and feed you mean being do quintet let’s take a few pen pals in your hand
pallet shock dot daniele steele there that bad now here in you know if if i was here never be a
pleasure get on with the meeting robert yes ma’am artfarabee he is should i hide school graduate turned of
teaching as a career but what i mean it’s brooks’ in the face of our inflated economy what
security is their in a teaching profession well water in the way i figured it did when i first started to teach school a
dollar’s worth a dollar last year a dollar’s worth sixty cents in this
year’s worth forty cents so if i were anymore or i’d be getting poorer all the
time that’s by being a schoolteacher i’ve
actually saving for a rainy day thing it and uh… snap joint response for lunch
in the school cafeteria bank that might be getting highland
divine here we welcome miss brooks if you change uh… x him and swiss on rye your risk of tomato anna one of my rather than opening you could drive a
truck debate going to take any pictures while
i’m eating in a few minutes he’s getting abiding felt like a all good then you
have time to clear from my own eight on my nose definitely doubting i’m not
terribly interested in you at the moment the brighton when we take you into your laboratory
before you wouldn’t tell us who you are taking to the mall cop this afternoon
worldwide really don’t know for sure leave my work here soon there you are stephanie had been you’re going to them up with me until well i can set yet
water and don’t open as far as their principal of medicine the high i_q_’s by
very present do you agree to invite to the back of the student debt for that
and uh… well reading at the convent i don’t know about it because of my work any greg you might affect have gotten i hadn’t had been a man’s all i’m sorry
miss forrest i will get to attract how did you like them for if you’re just a
cloud of bars or a person has got to do the same day it do private broke show we have lunch together now thank harriet i’m quite full i’ve
just eaten my heart out dubaiprop what happened just now well it my own partner at might be in
that country rooms from prime newest i’d just nilrat where
highlighted in effect that wiretap magazine recommending me of the model
teacher partners are must brooks returns in just
a moment but first learned returns tonight showing how much longer you’re
here can work after our luster creamy shampoo only
lost a cream brings you pleaded with magic formula blend of secret
ingredients plus gentlemen eleven gives loveliness
lather even in the heart of water glamorizes your hair as you watch it laughter cream not assault not a liquid but a dingy cream shampoo repair frequently clean free of loose dandruff listening with
chain soft manageable gives new beauty to all hairdos or
permanent four ounce jar one dollar smaller sizes
either to door jars tonight try lobster cream shampoo and the uh… carrying her around and following perm and not once again here’s arm is broke well think didn’t work out prior to that
may have expected they would right before the dance one of mister
barnes guinea pigs had a blessed event triplet and pat and that the boeing couldn’t find the
center for the many where so he didn’t even attend aha watered and let’s get kidnapped at
school by eight fifteen p karen after a couple of dances with mister conklin
stephanie forrest packed up our equipment packed up peeping packed up in not long after that i was sitting in the
cafeteria one day when water rushed over all excited miss prep six-ounce net
magazine with a four page spread of u_s_ america’s model teachernet see that
won’t act out of the story when i read the story later how about the cover is
my picture on it willett says portrait of model school teacher miss brooks but here have a look for yourself how do you like that stephanie forrest a blackboard eraser with t deland five
harmonica your beautiful and bluster cream shampoo to christoph member of bringing their of
their our best book store in a bargain is produced by barry burns written and
directed by i was with music by wilbur had mister clinton has played by jeff
chandler mister cochran by gale gordon others in tonight’s password and login
their product lawyer mcmillan marriage and grow up and jack pushing and and dentists no weapons treaty best and over four thousand dentists say
colgate compounded with the two men approaching at st sparkling and super clean sobering dole film and get your picture
and clean just brush teeth at night with colgate to pollard brush inside outside of biting services always brush away from the guns see how this get steve naturally bright it removes dole film that improper
brushing mrs probate two powder also sweetened your
breath by colgate two partners today or mystery liberally sprinkled last
listen to mister and missus nor exciting unpacked the badges of an amateur park
avenue detective andy beautiful wife to an end to the evening’s over most of
the same patient and be with us again next week at the same time one other
comment episode of power in this world problem on speaking there’s a c_b_s_ for
ninety nine million people gather every week the columbia broadcast


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