Our Evernote Wedding Notebook Tour

Before we dive into this feature a big thanks to Skillshare for sponsoring Keep productive this month Skillshare is an online learning community for creators with more than 25,000 classes you can get hold of a premium membership which gives you unlimited access to those classes for less than $10 a month you can join over 7 million creators learning on Skillshare and You will get a 2 month free trial in the description below. I highly recommend Skillshare I create classes on there myself But I would recommend checking out Thomas Frank’s latest one on productivity systems as well as Lindsey Holmes’s one on Productivity with Evernote, especially if you’re looking to deep dive into that tool and if you do have an extra moment I’d check out productivity habits that stick with the legend Mike Vardy Anyway guys, thanks so much and thanks to skill chair for sponsoring this video Hello everyone and welcome back to the key productive YouTube channel. It is francesco here and it’s the first video back from my little getaway I’m just gonna be diving into today how we used Evernote for our wedding and I want to go around the account or the the notebook that we used as you can imagine I still use Evernote is my active sort of document scanner and also just general toolkit for finding all the useful information, especially when I travel notions not got Travel line access offline and also just useful stuff anything from finance to Government documents to things like that though Just want to be able to say that some like it was that was a bit more important. I mean like election stuff and You know bank stuff. I guess not necessarily like government information make the sounds proper weird Okay, so I’ve got a wedding notebook here that we’ve got in archives, so I used the typical structure that Thiago Forte promotes which is the four core projects include his link to his course inscription below because it’s such a great course So this is in archives area and that’s actually helped me to organize everything especially when the wedding has been finished So as you can see here, we started planning on Saturday 20th of August I was actually using lotion at time probably a month or two into using notion But I wasn’t fully confident in the platform in actually committing to planning our wedding in it So I used Evernote and I actually was something that my wife was pretty comfortable using and it looks like we’re starting pretty late in the evening and We started planning add the event venue so we started very simply by creating this list of event venues with emails and questions and I would say that’s why you started because We just checked in every single month, really In terms of like planning the core things and getting the date nailed down now the second big note that we used was this one which was called the overview wedding planning and We were constantly just sort of tweeting this one at least for a couple of days until we moved to another one but this was a way for us literally just to List down everything that we were thinking of in our brain and just put it down And actually just general pricing for all of that sort of stuff now as you can imagine You know, we will get married two years after that so we had plenty of time So what we wanted to do is basically begin sort of great creating a guest list So we’ve created this really simple guest list and that got us started Now as time goes on even further We created a stationary list very very simple as you can see and we’ll get to the more complex Lists a little up there because I think I’ll use got even better We also was saving I spy missions for the wedding day and also invitation design this was like something that we were just saving the two different designs that we had and We were preparing for everything like that Now we were also saving emails up here So we’re saving emails from a B&B about you know information about the hotel and where we were staying at et cetera and then we were also saving inspiration so we had cake details And sort of themes like that now I will share with you a little bit of how it got more Complex in terms of our Evernote use so here we had something called the logistics of the Town Hall So we were getting married in Town Hall So what we did we had like this what to do list and different areas So we had like a general what to do start adding the welcome signs seating tables and we had these little checklists here So we were going down on the dancers checking them off What we need to include ensuite table guest table food table cake table and we also had this sort of we wrote out on an a3 Sort of piece of paper with how the structure of the room would look with our ideal sort of outline so we drew that on a three we scan that in using the app and What we did later is we actually modified this. So if I go to the townhome layout Actually, that’s not the one I was thinking of if I scroll up and try and find it Town Hall layout details Maybe it was so there we go we had sort of like all of the people we were inviting and basically Started to plot them out on tables. So this was really handy and we actually used it wasn’t Notability, it was the scannable app to actually modify this and actually used the Editor on the PDF annotation online to edit this one, which is really really helpful So going back to this logistics of the Town Hall. This was actually a really useful Thing to send around to family and actually get people check. So what check that we were doing it, right? So we copied this Shareable link and we send it to family and they would say you need to add table class needs outside spy games, etc But this was a good starting point Definitely when it was terms of six months In advance – now he probably would notice in here things I won’t be made Sarah clicking into is like completed forms. So we had to fill out a lot of forms for the wedding including like deposits forms and You know receipts and things like that and we were just saving them as PDFs into the Evernote account Which is really helpful, and we also had these smaller things as well so we would create like things to-do lists, and this would just be simply creating a table and listing the per person things we need to ask them and Giving a bit of a status on these now. You probably could use a project manager for this but actually we found it pretty simple to do this sort of thing and naturally just every single month at least go into it and Refresh it Now also we had the receipts but we also use this include a wedding point plane Now we had all the different types of payments up here when we would be paying them because as you can imagine a wedding is Pretty stressful when it comes to payments payments coming out all over the place people asking you for money We had the date and time so the month and what they was included the amount and one that was paid or not and with green Select them off. So all you have to do to do that is that it was a lot easier It’s a lot easier now to do that but we have to do is change the cell background And then we had like the activities like all of the stuff How much we paid so far to pay and updating it there and then including a couple of PDFs? so this was like the pipeline in terms of being able to see everything so Actually having everything in one place in terms of finance and updates was quite helpful Now we also had you know readings and hymns and things like that. So we were able to Toggle this in there and be able to highlight the hymns that we wanted for our wedding We will get married in church. So that’s why we had to select hymns and Even everything from the stag do was organized in here So we would capture the receipts and who’s been paid who’s paid these thanked do taxis and things like that Now I will show you the wedding inventory so we actually had like two bases because we had my house and Becca’s house And we were literally just logging what we had bought And already and what they look like just to confirm that we had them because we’re sort of spreading everything out Across did sort of different areas. So we had to take these photos with them and we had another one for Becca’s house, too So it was quite handy to have like an inventory of what we got Now there wasn’t really any sort of one note that would organize the whole thing But it actually was really really helpful to have this now. He actually added cheat sheet as well so what I did is actually just I Did something that I know many people were probably like why did you do that? I actually wrote out Everything in a bear document Bennett is a competitor to ever know where John was using at the time And I was really liking it because it was quite nice and and visually it was quite handy So what we had here is the wedding day where the cheat sheet so we wrote this out inside of bear We downloaded it in a PDF format and we uploaded it to Evernote and then shared it out using the link and what was really helpful was we had this said shoot she liked of all questions that we listed and You know like literally everything so that we made sure that we didn’t screw up and we literally had timings and Logistics and these were for people we just printed out like a couple of these so that our family would have them and they were just at general just back of the pocket things if you’re in a bit of a sort of worry, then you could You know basically go to it. Now one of the things that I also did was plan my wedding speech inside of Evernote and I wrote this in my head like six months before but actually just rode down Evernote the month before the wedding And actually it was really nice to have this and I’m really appreciative that I’ve got this not in physical format But I’ve got this in Evernote and it was actually it’s really sort of really a Big part of my Evernote experience. I think that’s sort of why I always have a really good sort of Relationship with the applications because I you have used it for some of the most important moments of my life to some extent So, um, we also did a wedding day timeline, and this is one that I mentioned I figured to start certain times of Thursday like the days before what we were packing up When we needed to do stuff, it was really fairly well coordinated. We would modify this and make sure that it was really organized that the best that we could Even down to the wake up So that we all had just a general plan of what was happening in the service So that was pretty much my news. I wanted to do this video with Becca, but I’m sure will probably do like a Productivity related Video about weddings and how we went about organizing yet But in terms of like our Evernote use this is how we got on with them now what I would say to those people looking to plan is maybe go with tables because we discovered at the start that tables were the best way to organize and we found out later and You may also notice that there were sort of some really random stuff like stationary lists all that and we began Combining more of the the only notes We were creating just so that we had a bit of an easier base to find everything so guys that was how I was using what we were using the wedding and organizing it through avenues and We recommend using it if I had to do it again Now when I was restarting it, then I probably organized it free notion but only because of the way that the databases work and I know that notion probably gonna be coming out with a timeline function soon So that would make it a lot easier in terms of logistics Plus it would look a lot more attractive in my opinion Evernote was very static and it still is very static and it’s just something that That might you might not appeal to but anyway guys, I hope you found this video useful Please do let me know in the comments whether you managed to use Evernote for a big occasion How you found it? And what would you would like to improve or what you you know, what tips you would like to have for other people? Please do let me know in comments whether this video was useful because maybe I’ll do some more of them But again, I’ve done ever known video for a while So maybe it was useful or maybe it wasn’t just let me know thumbs up if you did Anyway guys every thank you make sure to subscribe and I’ll see you guys in a future video. Cheers everyone


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