Our Engagement Story || Hannah Hart Totally Crushes #Proposal to Super Gr8t Girlfriend💍#engagement

– [Hannah] Secret Beach, what secrets do you keep secret beach? What better place to have an incredibly intimate conversation than our own bed. – Hannah, serious question,
how much did Ellen DeGeneres pay you to propose to me while you were promoting an engagement show? – Yeah let’s talk big
– Let’s talk big money. – [Women] Big money, big money, big money. – What’s crazy is that
now that I’ve decided to just use our relationship
for views, it’s not working. – Who would’ve thought? – I just thought people
wanted to see girls kissing. Speaking of our fake engagement, can I tell you guys a
story of how I proposed? – Yeah. – Yeah I wanna tell
everybody how I proposed. I would like to say that
it took us a week to make this video because we have
been telling this story to our friends and families
since we got back from Hawaii, so last two and a half weeks I guess. I said to Ella today when
she was coming off work, I was like, ‘Hey babe can we
please film the engagement story tonight’ and she
was like ‘I’ve heard it so many times’. So we are gonna give
you guys the damn near closest thing to full energy that we have. Do you wanna like ask me questions
– Yeah. – and then I’ll tell it that way. Maybe we can mix it up
– Yeah. – so it’s different for us.
– Yeah. – Okay, I’m into that, see communication, partnership, problem solving. – Cool, cool.
– Cool, cool. – We planned a big trip to Japan. Before we left for our trip you said you are not going to propose on this trip. And that really made me think, ‘Okay this isn’t gonna happen’. Did you have any sense
in the back of your mind that maybe you might propose? – So here’s the thing, insider info, bam. Ella and I like to fake propose
to each other all the time. In the beginning of this year we decided we wanna get engaged this
year at some point in 2018 and I had told Ella for the love of God please don’t propose to me, I
really wanna propose to you. She said I love you first,
she kissed me first, she wanted to be exclusive first, she wanted to move in together first. I mean, now that I know
that you’re the person I wanna spend my life with I mean please let me be the first one to ask. Are you still gonna propose to me? – What? – Yeah, actually, oh my God, yes please. (crickets chirping) – We’ll see. – To answer your question
about whether or not I thought it was gonna happen in Japan. Since I knew I wanted to propose in 2018 I did not wanna propose in Japan. I was trying to organize our
vacation to be half and half. I knew I wanted to propose in Hawaii because we shared one of
the most important moments of our relationship in Hawaii. – It was beautiful. – Yeah, it was the first
time I said I love you back and it was this time where
we were on the beach, full disclosure, drinking
vodka and smoking a cigar, listening to Rihanna and
talking about whether – It was an empty beach. – Empty beach, night sky.
– Middle of the night. – No one else was around
we were sitting there just asking each other questions like, ‘Do you believe in ghosts’,
like ‘Would you rather this’. So we were just getting to know each other and that’s when I first excepted
that I loved this person. There were two things I knew. One, I wanted to be in Hawaii. Two, I didn’t want Ella to see it coming. Ella loves surprises as
you guys might remember from my amazing Valentine’s video. – Scared. – [Hannah] Why are you scared?
I told you it’s a surprise. – I love surprises. – [Hannah] I know you do. I was trying to organize a vacation so we’d be half in Japan half in Hawaii. Then, it felt like it
started to get too suspicious ’cause Ella was like, ‘If
we’re gonna be in Japan, why wouldn’t we just stay in Japan?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah, good point’. So then, I said to Ella ‘I am
not proposing on this trip’ and I left the ring at home. – So you had the ring? – I had the ring, I picked
the ring out in December and then I bought the ring in March and the ring was nothing
like what Ella described. Ella, how would you describe the ring that you said you wanted? – I wanted that bling
bling on my fing fing. (laughing) I sent Hannah some options
that were like pink and giant, studded, and I don’t even… – Morganite baskets with
diamond encrusted edges. – Yeah, like that was my vibe. – It was a ring, it looked like this. So I found it really surprising that she had described this
ring that she said she wanted when it was nothing reminiscent of a ring that she would actually ever wear or want. – I think it’s really cool
that you’d picked out the ring because that shows that you
have a sense of style and taste and I do trust your style and taste. Also you know me better
than I sometimes know me. – Long story short, I didn’t
take it with us on vacation, which proved to actually
be a really smart move because we went to Japan and then everything got turned around. – Japan was abnormally
hot and typhoon season ended up coming early,
there were mudslides, so we had to figure something else out. – Ella then suggested
that we you know what in fact do go to Hawaii. So now here I am in Japan and I’m like, ‘Okay we’re gonna go to Hawaii,
well if we go to Hawaii now, we’re not gonna go back
in a couple weeks’. – I would be suspicious. – So basically I had no choice. I was like, ‘I have to ship the ring’. – But that makes it so
funny because I had no idea. If Hannah had said to
me she’s not proposing during this trip then I fully, I had no reason to suspect otherwise. – So I had to ship the ring to Hawaii all the while not letting Ella know that anything was
happening and the fastest, soonest I could get the ring
to Hawaii, fingers crossed, was going to be Thursday night and we were going to leave Friday morning. – And what’d you do? – Two day FedEx I sent them
a shipping form and I said I need you to send this at
the latest Monday night. – That’s risky. – It was risky but it felt right. In my mind it was like,
‘I don’t have another way to propose to you authentically,
organically that’s us’. – It really worked out. – Well there was one really
funny moment of the trip though because I was rerouting our
flights and rebooking our hotels and calling the hotels and
canceling this and doing that while also secretly
mailing myself the ring. And Ella goes, just like
brushing teeth, walking around in Toyko, is like, ‘Are we
sure we wanna go to Hawaii’ and I was like, ‘What?’,
she was like ‘Whoa, okay’ and I was like, ‘No, I’m just saying, I’m on step like 18 of Hawaii’. – I like to triple check things. – You’re triple check is
my like quintuple check. The third thing I knew about our proposal aside from one, I wanted to be in Hawaii, two, I did not want Ella to propose to me, was three, I knew she wanted
to have her nails done. – Mmm, yes. – Ella literally said to
me, ‘When you propose to me make sure my nails are done’. So on Wednesday, remember,
ring’s arriving Thursday night. So on Wednesday I say to Ella, ‘Okay hey babe, we’ve got
this coupon for the spa, why don’t you go use it
and get yourself a manicure so that when we get back to town you’ll be refreshed and rejuvenated
and ready for the week’. 5 p.m. rolls around, she
goes to get a manicure and I’m like, ‘Bye have fun’ (swish noise) and I scurry off to meet
with the hotel coordinators who I had already been speaking to. So they offered me a private dinner and then I said no thank
you because it felt like ‘Oh I don’t wanna just
sign up for something that you guys already do’. I didn’t want it to be cookie cutter and I also thought it was overpriced. But, I did want to make sure
that we were able to watch the sunset and in my
mind’s eye be on the sand. To which they said that while
it’s not on the property they did have access to
a cove that was small and not many people knew about and I said, ‘That sounds perfect’. I wanted to do it double whammy
surprise so I then asked, ‘Can we make a smaller, privateish
dinner after the proposal so that as we’re walking back to the room, hungry, ready to get
dinner, it’s not just, ‘Oh let’s go get dinner at
the diner down the street’, I can be like, ‘And here’s our meal’, we can stumble upon it. I really wanted the element
of stumbling upon something. So booked that for 7:30, cut to Thursday. So here I am being like
‘Tick tock, tick tock’ where’s the (censor beep) ring? And then I get a call from the hotel and I’m like, ‘Hello?’
and here I am so worried I’m like ‘Oh my God I’m
gonna have to explain to Ella what this call is about’ cause we decided to spend the day at the beach. Get off the phone, Ella’s like
‘What was that all about?’ I was like ‘Oh I have some
documents coming today that I need to sign and send back’. – I was like, ‘Alright’. – Long story short, ring
gets there, safe and sound, arrived A-OK, my love
affair with FedEx continues. Next hurdle, I now had to
figure out a way to get Ella and the ring to the beach. How am I gonna get them there? We’ve been on vacation,
we’re basically just like all over each other,
she’s all over my luggage, she’s all over my backpack,
we just have co-mingled everything because we’ve
been traveling for 14 days. So then I say ‘You know what
this has been such an amazing vacation, I think we should
do a special sunset tonight. So like maybe I’ll go buy
champagne, the little ones and then we can cheers
to an amazing vacation’ and Ella reacted like… – I was like yeah, that sounds great. – Your exact words were,
‘You love running errands, just go do whatever it
is you wanna do honey’. I actually have a video of me
walking to the grocery store to go buy the tiny
champagnes, check this out. Walking to the corner store and I’m gonna get little mini bottles of champ. The ring is here with me
and right now the plan is to go to the little secret beach at sunset and pop the question. I’m at the store now trying to think of ways to make this extra cute. Okay, I got my little
bucket, got my little bottles of champ in there. We’re gonna see how this thing goes. Okay so now now it’s t-minus
two hours ’til sunset. I wanted to make sure we looked kind of nice and cute for our photos. I was like ‘You know, I
haven’t gotten a chance to wear my favorite shirt yet this trip’. Ella was like ‘Well if you’re
gonna wear a cute outfit, I wanna wear a cute outfit’. – Yeah so I see her putting
on like mascara and stuff and now I have to wear mascara. – And at the end of getting my arrangement together I
had my special bucket. So then we’re gonna go
walk down to the beach, Ella goes for the bucket and I’m like ‘No, I’m gonna carry it’ because I hid the ring at the bottom. And Ella was like ‘Okay
I get it, whatever, that’s Hannah’s special bucket
that Hannah touches only’. I’m so surprised you didn’t get suspicious when I got the bucket. – No, every day you have
little quirks about you that I have to learn so I was like ‘Well if you wanna hold
it, you can hold it’. – I did wanna hold it. So we start walking
down to the little beach and it’s a sunset and I
started to get nervous. – Is that when it hit you,
when you were walking down? – Yeah, going down that little path, that’s when it really hit me. So anyway, we go to the beach,
it’s beautiful, it’s sunny, it’s great, Ella wants
to take cute pictures. I refused to put down the bucket. We sit, we take our little
champagne bottles out, we cheers, and then Ella
Mielniczenko starts busting out this romantic (censor beep)
and I was like ‘What?’. Ella says, ‘Wow, this really reminds me of the last time we were in Hawaii’. – It was reminiscent of that though. It felt exactly like that,
you would put on Rihanna, it was really beautiful
and it was really romantic and it really felt like a nice moment, like one of many moments that we’ve had. – Then Ella says, ‘It reminds
me of where we were then’, she’s like ‘I’m so proud
of us in these two years, of the people that we were
that day and who we are today’. – We’ve come a long way. – Ya know and I’m like, ‘Well
there goes half my speech, bro’, what the (censor beep). And so we’re sitting there
and the sun’s setting and I wanted to like break
the tension just a little bit. I say, ‘Ya know Ella I’ve
accomplished a lot of my goals in this life’ and I start listing… – Like oh here we go. (laughing) – And then I say, ‘But I only have one goal left to accomplish, which is to spend the rest of my life with you’. – And then I cried and I said, ‘That’s the most romantic
thing you’ve ever said to me’. – And I said, ‘Good, ’cause,’
and I bust out the ring from the bucket.
– But I thought you were pranking me at first. – I wasn’t, I said, ‘This is the moment’. – And then we were so overwhelmed that you didn’t even open
the box for a bit after. – You were just laughing. – I was just so happy.
– You were like, ‘What?’ I said, ‘Should I get on one knee?’ and then Ella was like,
‘Yeah’ and then she stood up. I mean like one knee in front of you while you were kneeling.
– No, nah. – So she stands up and I
say, ‘Will you marry me?’ and – I put out my hand. – And she said… – Yes. – And I said (gasps)… – And then I slipped my hand out again and looked down (mumbles). – I said, ‘Yes, yay’. – And then I looked down
again and then I said, ‘You were supposed to put it on me’. – And I said, ‘Oh okay, I’m sorry’. I was raised as a girl and I never knew that that was my job. I just didn’t think it through,
I didn’t think about it. I was like ‘ Oh my God, ya’, I was like ‘Take the ring, Ella,
put it on your hand’. So I pull the ring out and I slide it up her finger and it fit perfectly. – It did and it’s beautiful. – I took a beauty shot of the ring, take a look at that here,
and I said that this ring is for you because there’s
three stones on it. One of them’s me and one of them’s you and the middle one’s the
life that we build together. It’s yours, it’s for you.
– Yeah, yeah. – Ella, how do you feel right now? – I feel so happy, I’m just shocked, I can’t believe it, I love you so much. – I love you. Then we went to an amazing dinner that Ella had no idea about, but you were pretty much in shock. – I was just.. – When we stumbled across the dinner, I was like, ‘And the meal starts now’. – I was like I can’t process any of this. – Yeah, the rest is pretty
much a blur after that. – Yeah. – [Hannah] Oh my God I love it. – [Ella] It’s so good. It had all these little
twinkly lights all around it. There was like a bottle of
champagne in an ice bucket. It was like a little mix of
of Italian and Japanese food, which are two favorite types of food. – It’s pretty nuts.
– It was pretty crazy. Yeah and then we had a great great night. – It’s so surreal. – Do you feel engaged now? – I feel like now everybody knows. – Yeah. – I think that the hard
thing is is that when you’re in a committed
relationship and you’ve planned on getting married and
planned on getting engaged, blah blah blah, everyone’s
always kind of waiting for their friends to break up. – Or get married. – Or get married. I feel like this, I feel
like, naw I mean it. – Yeah. – That’s how I feel. – I feel like that too. We’ve put a lot into our relationship. – Yeah. – Relationships are
work, but their worth it. – Yeah, especially when you’re
(Ella talks quietly) dating people that are pieces
of work such as ourselves. – True. (laughter) – So that is our engagement
story, thank you for watching. Cheers, mazel.
– Cheers. – I hope that, oh here we go. Oh my goodness, good things
are out there, love is real, strive for happiness, don’t
settle for anything else. Click like, subscribe, etc., but thank you so much for watching and thank
you so much for being here on this journey and Ella
thank you for being so great. I love you. – I love you. – Okay, have a great day.


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