Oscar Party Planning Tips : Oscar Party Gift Bags

Now, once you have your whole party, it’s
done and over with, you’re going to want to leave your guests with something to take home.
Now if you want to go the favors route and just give them one little thing like a CD
or an award, then that’s great. Or you could go do like the awards do, and really treat
your guests like stars, and give them a gift bag as they leave, like all the stars get
when they’re going to an award show. Now, it doesn’t have to be like designer jeans
or like diamond rings or something crazy that celebrities get, but you can just make a little
gift bag of just some fun items like some other candies that you put in there, or fashion
magazines, or celebrity magazines, or you can put in like the movies–a movie, a DVD,
or something that they like and will remind them of the party that they went to with you.
Or you can put in some inexpensive beauty products for the ladies, or just go and see
what’s on sale somewhere. Or you can give them some celebrity style sunglasses like
these crazy ones. And I think that anyone will really be happy to come to your party,
and they’ll know how much fun they had and they’ll be able to show off their celebrity
sunglasses wherever they go from then on. So, whatever you decide to get them–I mean,
it can be that mix CD that we talked about, or anything–you’re the one that really knows
your friends and what they would enjoy, so just keep that in mind once you’re getting
your gift bags ready.

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