Orphan Black Season 2 Episode 2 Review – Sound Reason and True Religion

Hey youtubers it’s Charlie and this week
Orphan Black went a little No Country for Old Men, Mrs. S is not to be trusted and we
got a bunch more info about the Proletheans’ Plans. If you’re finding me for the first time,
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everything and please ask as many questions as you can think of. Sometimes it can be hard
to follow, but that’s one of the things that makes it a lot of fun to talk about.
So careful for spoilers from episode 2 if you’re not caught up, but let’s start
with top 5 moments and then I’ll do my review. Trust me, I have just as many questions as
you do. Here we go. Number 5 – Cosima Gets Her New Lab Of all the clones right now, I feel like Cosima
is doing the best job of being a spy or a double agent. Alison is just starting to deal
with monitor Donnie, but I think that will mostly be relationship comedy. I always get
excited for Cosima lab scenes, because that’s really where you learn a lot of Clone facts.
Like being fertile or not fertile as is the case with everyone except Sara. Did everyone see how much that upset Rachel?
I can’t wait to learn more of her backstory. It looks like she’ll be working with Cosima
and Delphine, so I’m predicting their lab scenes in the next couple of episodes will
be my favorite, even if they’re not the biggest WTFs. I also thought it was interesting that Rachel
didn’t know Cosima was a lesbian. And let me know in the comments, what do you think
is actually the most interesting thing about her? Number 4 – Donnie is the monitor Kristian Bruun the actor had this interview
they played during one of the ads where he talked about how fun it was to play Donnie
as this silly husband character and getting to watch him do all these new Monitor spy
things was a huge plus for us, the audience, but not so much for Donnie himself. Any scene they end up doing inside this new
Mr and Mrs. Smith plotline will be totally hilarious, but now that Felix is bailing on
Alison and she feels so isolated. I feel like she’s going to do something really really
crazy. Like she’ll slowly lose her mind, snap and do some Helena-Level damage after
a few “shopping trips”. Remember, she’s the clone with access to all the drugs and
weapons. I wonder how long it will be before the fireworks go off. Number 3 – Orphan Black Road Trip (felix/alison
separation too) So not only is Felix bailing on Alison, Sarah
and Kira can’t trust Mrs S and the Proletheans are involved now. So it’s like all the clones
are slowly being separated, like clone club is on hiatus temporarily. Based on the teaser
it looks like they’re headed for Cal’s house. The idea of the Proletheans being sciency
but old timey without a lot of tech kind of fits thematically with Cal’s character.
So I guess Sarah is just going to spend a lot of time camping in the woods this season. It’s super weird too, because the actor
who plays Cal also plays Daario on Game of Thrones right now and episode air so close
together it’s a little confusing in the fandom section of my brain. Number 2 – Mrs. S and the Birdwatchers
I love how much of a badass she was in the episode. It seemed like family turning on
itself was a big theme in the episode and turns out the Proletheans will pay big money
to get their hands on Kira. It seems like Mrs. S was being truthful when she said I’ve
always been on your side. But the big asterisk is that she’s not saying which faction she
really belongs too. It seems like she grew up with the Birdwatchers but because they
double crossed her, I’m calling Mrs. S like her own rogue faction in between the Neolutionists
and the Proletheans. It was pretty funny to think of her running
guns when she was Sarah’s age. Kind of like Sarah selling drugs to make money. The big takeaway is that Mrs S. knows people
in London that have answers about what’s going on with Kira’s biology. It’s like
we went from having two factions to four or more in the span of a few minutes. I feel
like I need to start a flow chart to keep track of everyone this season. Somebody feel free to paste a tumblr link
in the comments if you’re actually doing this. and my Number 1 moment – The Proletheans want
to breed Helena Hands down, creepiest moment in the episode.
They didn’t explicitly say it. But during that whole No Country for Old Men murder all
that talk about Helena conceiving kind of foreshadowed their creepy cylon plan to breed
her. It reminds me of that one episode of Battlestar
called “The Farm” where Starbuck get’s captured by the cylon doctor who tries to
turn her into a baby making machine. It puts Helena in this really interesting
place, I think she’s going to be one of my favorite clones this year. Because she’s
super crazy and yeah, she killed a ton of people including her own clones. But now she’s
being subjected to this creepy cult, so I feel like we’re going to wind up empathizing
with her. Let me know if you agree. Do you think that
because of all this crazy breeding talk, Helena is going to become a sympathetic character.
She’ll stop being the villain of the show and start being a victim? And be sure to let me know what your biggest
question is after this episode? I’m really wondering who those people in London are. One of my favorite funny moments that didn’t
make my top five was Alison’s song, Blood Buddies. Let’s hope that one makes the DVD.
Don’t you feel like if Alison doesn’t get to perform the play full on this season,
they should release it as a bonus feature? Overall I gave the episode a B plus, I loved
the characters, but some of the pacing felt uneven. Especially with everyone going in
different directions. Sometimes it can get a little confusing when the different clones
switch the energy they usually bring to scenes. Like Ailson is normally meant to be a comedian,
and Cosima is the rational brain of the group. So when Cosima starts being funny in a scene
next to Alison being funny it throws me off a little. And that kind of seems where everyone is headed. Clone Club did get new phones, so I’m expecting
a lot more conference calls. Since none of them are going to be in physical proximity
for a while. And eventually, based on what Mrs. S was saying, Sarah is going to have
to go to London eventually. Let me know if you agree that Sarah will end
up going there this season or if you think Mrs. S is going to bring someone from there
to Sarah. It’s like that saying. Brining Mohammed to the mountain versus bringing the
mountain to mohammed. We just don’t know who or what the mountain is in this case. So next week I’ll post my episode 3 video
after the episode airs. Be sure to subscribe to get it. And don’t forget, tomorrow is
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