Open Air Photobooth Showcase Video

Hello this is Nick Andrews owner Open Air Entertainment and the inventor of the Open Air Photobooth This video showcases a
couple the different options and add-ons available with the Open Air Photobooth. as you’ll see it is a very versatile, high quality product
that can integrate great very well into any sort of event. We are here experiencing a couple of the different options that are
available. If you notice just behind me this is a red carpet set up It’s a standing Open Air booth in which
we are actually integrating the theme backdrop. As you can see it is a book designed for
a standing application the camera is mounted above the touch screen monitor and it actually allows you to shoot in a horizontal or vertical
orientation so as you can see here this is the face the Red Carpet Open Air Photobooth. and the full 4×6 images are printing out with the upgraded Mitsubishi printer in about 10 seconds. Now we are showcasing the iPad integration of the Open Air Photobooth. As you see here on the side of this white booth we have an iPod mounted where a guest can instantly email, Facebook or Tweet their images after selecting their images, a guest at an agent can instantly enter their email and, not
only send themselves their selected images, but also their guests with the Facebook integration you can also like a Facebook fan page So, either your own Facebook fan page or, if you’re doing a corporate event, your corporate clients can actually give
you their Facebook fan page URL and that can be entered into the
software so that they can gain likes and gain exposure through Facebook through the use of an Open Air Photobooth We’re now going to demonstrate the video booth feature of the Open Air Photobooth. this incorporates a computer, camera and
software upgrade which allows the Open Air Photobooth to
capture high definition video clips. Let’s watch and observe Sam and Suzie we’re so proud of you guys! Congratulations! Congratulations Sam. You have to shave that mustache off now, Buddy.
Suzie doesn’t like mustaches, alright? She love it! We’re so excited to be part of your guys’ adventures! Congrats! Woo! ok as you can see not only are high
quality still images able to be captured, but video as well. The video booth upgrade is extremely popular and a definite recommended feature of the
Open Air Photobooth. Another great source of entertainment
your event is this slideshow add-on for the Open Air Photobooth. With the slideshow add-on you can run to a number I’ve a/v components including flat screens and projectors. The images can be randomized and dynamically updated throughout the event. (I am from) Australia I’ve never seen an Open Air Photobooth before. (Came to) this party! (Took) some photos! This thing is insane! It is so much fun! I’m totally bringing one home! This is
awesome! Look at these pictures! Do you love Open Air Photobooth? I absolutely love Open Air Photobooth! We love Open Air Photobooth! Every party should have picture as
clear as these! I just Facebooked all these pictures from the iPad over there. It was crazy. Open Air Photobooth. Open Air Photobooth! open air photo booth – open air photo booth – open air photobooth OPEN AIR PHOTOBOOTH!


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