Only Up From Here – Justin Bieber: Seasons

I’m gonna sing, right? Man: ‘Kay. ♪ Your voice
is music to my ears ♪ ♪ I’m wide awake ♪ ♪ You say that no matter what ♪ ♪ You’re watching over me ♪ ( singing indistinctly,
echoing ) ( continues ) ( vocalizing ) ( cheers ) – Yeah?
– Yeah! – Do I sound good?
– Hell yeah, baby. – You sure? Okay.
– Positive. – ( music playing on speakers )
– ( rustling ) ♪ No seatbelt on ♪ – Man: Less sleep.
– ♪ No seatbelt on ♪ ♪ No seat, no seat ♪ – Okay.
– ♪ No seat ♪ What? – Oh! I’m so sorry.
– You said “No seatbelt.” – I’m so sorry.
– It’s okay. Justin:
I’m just nervous a little bit.
Just expectation stuff.Shouldn’t we be writing
this stuff down? ♪ What is there– ♪ Again. Shit. This album has to be flawless, and this is really hard to do. I’ll be honest,
I don’t feel good. I struggle with massive anxiety.There’s a lot of people,
I think,
that think that fame
is this achievement
that brings you fulfillment
and happiness. And the truth is
there’s this weightand this heaviness on youto achieve and to be something.People have these
expectations of you.
It’s just a lot.You know, it’s nothing shy
of devastating. When someone is 13
or 14 years old, we know that the brain
is not yet ready to handle all the rigor that comes with being
an entertainer, let alone somebody who’s
quite as famous as Justin. We started working with Buzz,
who is amazing.He’s a behavioral specialist.She remembers the time
where I would get stressed and I’ve remembered that, too. So it’s, like–
that’s a categorical
trigger, right? 100%. ‘Cause it’s not
all the little details. It’s just under
the category of this show or this event
that we did in the past
felt this way. So your brain says,
“I’m going to remember
what that felt like.” You know what my brain says?
You know what my brain says? “Run.” Buzz:
When I first saw him,
you know,
he really wasn’t functional. I think as human beings
in general, I think we’re– most of us, I don’t know if anyone
wants to admit this, but most of us are hurting.Music helps me copewith my day to day struggles.His cortisol levels
are through the roof. So your cortisol is your
fight or flight mechanism. Justin:
This has been the hardest,
roughest season of my life.The pressure of delivering,you know,
delivering a good album,
and just a lot
of different things.
I can get it better. ♪ Only angels ♪ ♪ Only ♪ ♪ Only angels speak– ♪ Shit. I made a promise to him
that if he could never sing, if he could never dance,
if he could never entertain, I’d still always be
in his life. Scooter has been highly investedin checking in with me
on Justin’s health.
Scooter sees him
almost like a son. I think when I was younger,
you know, he was always an authority
figure in my life. I was rebellious against that. At this point, I just want
to see him happy and healthy. We’ve put together a process
and a schedule,and we’re having meetingsand we have goals
for the staff.
Allison, uh, updated
schedule presentation? What I gave you was
a theoretical dreamworld. And now I have
actual availabilities
and things like that. We’re talking
the long-term schedule. A schedule like Justin’s
is like an NFL football playerplaying Sunday football
every single Sunday,
every single week
of the year,
52 games a year
for ten straight years. And it just can’t be done. These are supplements, and too many of them,
if you ask me. You’re taking them very late
in the day today, babe. I don’t take them “yate.” You took them at two o’clock. Anxiety creeps in.
He has to get away. Do you know Amangiri? Justin:I was, like,
feeling pressure.
I had to just get away
from everything.
It was right smack in the middle
of the album process. He was recording things, getting new songs all the time,trying to figure out
what direction
he kind of wanted to go in.It was good rest for us. ( indistinct chatter ) Have you ever had
the Flamin’ Hot Munchies? – They’re fire, right?
– Yeah. – How are you doing, dude?
– Pretty good. – No.
– Oh. I just feel like it’s so random for them to be in–
like, on a road trip in a random place like this
and run into us. Like, if we were on
a road trip– And we, like, ran into,
like, Adam Sandler – in the middle of nowhere.
– Yeah. – You know? You’d be like–
– Yeah, yeah. It’s true. Justin:
Amangiri was so fun.
I just feel comfortable
and safe traveling with Hailey. Hailey:Something that
we love a lot as a couple
is we love to experience
new things together, because he has
obviously experienced the most in life
for somebody his age. He’s been everywhere. He’s seen everything.
He’s done everything. But he hasn’t really done
a lot of those things
with a partner. Man:When you’re there,
are you thinking about work
or do you try to
not think about it at all? I think that’s where Buzz
is really helping mebecause my brain has been
so foggy for so long,
it’s hard for me
to compartmentalize stuff.♪ Never ungrateful for it ♪♪ That’s all me before it ♪♪ Habitual lady ♪♪ My love is habitual, yeah ♪( vocalizing )( music playing on speakers )– ( muttering )
( music continues )Every time I– Every time I roll,
I gotta, unh, unh, unh. – Every time, unh.
– He’s a night owl,
I will say that. He’s always up
in the nighttime eating cereal
and just roaming around. I have no idea.
I feel like creative people
tend to be night owls. ♪ Tell me what you wanna know ♪ ♪ I’ll tell it to you
right now ♪ ♪ Every time I, unh, it back,
I’m chicken like it’s Kung Pow ♪ Hailey: Yup.( music stops )Hailey:
Where we were staying at,
there was this big, big,
big rock outside, almost like a little mountain. And pitch black,
in the middle of the night, you can’t even
see in front of you, Justin’s like,
“Let’s go climb it.”Everything feels
like something new
when you’re doing it
with the right person.
The stars were somethinglike I’ve never seen
before in my life.
You just felt like you were
somehow closer to heaven.( music playing )Justin:Life is good.
Life is amazing.
We have so many things
to be grateful for,
so many things to
wake up and look at
and be like, “Oh, my gosh.”But, you know, we got to
make much of what we have.
You can always be
grateful for something.
I think– I think
“Angels Speak,” too. “Angels Speak” is another
special one, man. 13, 14, 15. – That’s an album right there.
– That’s a– There’s that number, dude. ( overlapping chatter ) Hailey: Whoa, babe!
That’s a big deal. Justin:
Okay, let’s bounce. We got maybe a couple
more songs.We’re pretty much done.♪ Your voice is music
to my ears ♪
♪ I’m wide awake ♪♪ Stuck on the way
your frequencies resonate ♪
♪ You say that no matter what,
you’re watching over me ♪


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