Oldest House In Key West – Haunted ?

Hey guys, we are at the oldest house here
on Key West built right around 1829. Now, you may ask, how is that possible? Where did
people live here in the 15, 16 and 17 hundreds? They lived in houses but none of them survived
the major hurricanes. So, the right phrase is “the oldest surviving house in Key West.”
Let’s get to the story of the haunted house that I wanted to tell you about.
The family that lived in this house was the Watlington family. Captain Watlington, his
wife Emma and nine daughters. If you have 9 kids you have a lot to take care of. So
he is guiding ships through the reefs, he is a captain for the confederate navy and
a member of the U.S house of representatives. If you work so much, the wife has to take
care of all the 9 kids by herself. Three of these girls ended up with yellow fever. Back
then, nothing was known about it. Most people who got yellow fever would just die. If you
got it, you’ll have constant headaches, back pain and would be throwing up all the time.
Imagine being a little girl and getting yellow fever, you’d freak out because of these symptoms.
So Emma would be sitting upstairs, in her rocking chair, with the kids in her lap and
just rock them back and forth. She hoped this would soothe their minds. Sometimes, the kids
would play with marbles upstairs. In spite of trying their best to save the kids, all
three of them passed away. When this became a museum, the original caretaker
lived on site. He would sleep in the downstairs bedroom. Each night he would hear something
like this thump thump, thump thump. Exactly how the rocking chair would make if somebody
were using it above you. Sometimes he would hear marbles coming down the stairway. For
the first few nights, he would freak out because he thought there was someone sniffing around.
So, he turns on the lights, goes up and finds nothing. After so many sleepless night, he
decides, he doesn’t need to live onsite. Now, you see this big garden in the back,
it has an interesting story on its own. Because of the heat, they always had the kitchen outside
the houses back then. At nights, you might see a girl in a wedding dress speaking Cuban
Spanish. It is not a real person of course, but who is it? It is rumored that the body
of Elena Hoyos who was decomposing for 8 years was kept hidden here for a few weeks when
Count Von Cosel was on trial. If you don’t know who Elena Hoyos is, click on the link
to watch the video of what happened to her. I am Praveen Mohan, thank you for watching
and talk to you soon.


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