Nuestra Boda en Puerto Rico :D Destination Wedding

We drove many roads Swum in many oceans Climbed many mountains lived in many cities ate and drink….. a lot party like a family a very big family with many things in common and that’s why we are here sheers! congratulations! so we don’t get nervous How are you feeling? good she said: “finally” what Julia said? Alex! Alex! Alex! …. Do I need to practice? Where is it? Look at your suit! is there! He won! Magic Trick! “I’m Single and do whatever I want!” well! the joke is over it’s over! We are married! What you ordered Sebas? Piña Colada why? Cause it’s from here, from Puerto Rico Piña Coladita! Trifongo! We are eating Trifongo! Trifongo!


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