No matter how she shows off her wedding, I only care about my own life.|ep32-3

Alright I’ll open the door Come jiangsheng Congratulations on moving your new home This is for you Thank you come in Are you all here Just How’s it going? Of course busy I’ve been busy getting married recently Can so many things, big and small, be busy? You came right, we are helping Jiangsheng pick a job jiangsheng You are looking for work Then come to our company Brother, you are an investment company I can’t do it Why not How can it not work? Don’t you have your brother? Don’t trouble Xinghui? Isn’t this a tianyou company? Chen Tianyou’s career is really big Then you go to this let me consider it How is my house? Ok Why didn’t you tell me when you rented a house? Do you have any room missing now I buy for you I don’t lack anything I bought everything What are you doing You still met with me What’s so great about our family? jiangsheng I don’t want to see you living so hard alone I am so big I should be independent too Moreover brother Aren’t you going to have your own home soon? My marriage is secondary What I want to see most is You are happy Nothing else matters I went ahead Go, go Bye Then we go first Be careful on the road Take care of yourself

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