Newly Engaged, Now What?

Welcome back to another season of Wedding
Tip Wednesday videos! If it feels as though just about all of your
friends got engaged over the holidays it’s probably not that far from the truth! The
holidays are the most popular time for engagements around the world so there’s a good chance
there were a lot of proposals in your social circles. And If you’re one of those newly engaged
brides – I’ve made this week’s video just for you. So where to begin? Planning a wedding isn’t
as simple as going out and buying a gorgeous dress and getting your best friends
over on a saturday afternoon – no matter how casual you want it to be, there are still
plenty of logistics that need to be considered. In the beginning stages of your wedding planning
there’s a little bit of overlap in which tasks you should tackle first. You can’t
choose your venue until you know how many guests you’ll be inviting, and you can’t
finalise your guest list until you’ve crunched some numbers and determined how much you’re
willing to spend. So I suggest these three things – setting a budget, compiling your
guest list and searching for a venue – happen simultaneously. But before you do any of that – there is one other thing I recommend you do first – before any of this planning stuff. And that is to
sit down with your partner and decide what your wedding must-haves are. Your must-haves
are those elements that are most important to you on your wedding day. It could be having
as many friends as possible around you, serving amazing food and wine, or throwing the party
of the year and dancing until dawn. Make sure you discuss your vision with your new fiance
and write it down before anyone else has the chance to add their opinion. The reason this is so important is that during the course of your planning journey you are going to be forced to negotiate on a bunch
of decisions to either keep people happy or to keep your budget in check. So by deciding
up front which items are your non-negotiable items, then sacrificing other elements of
your day in order to have one of your must-haves, won’t seem as bad. I know I’ve only scratched the surface when
it comes to kicking off your wedding planning journey So I’ve created a free video training series
which goes over all of these elements in a lot more detail. So head over to
and sign-up for the free training and I’ll deliver you these super helpful videos right
to your inbox. Planning a wedding can be daunting at first, but if you kick off your plans the right way, then your journey will be a much more enjoyable
one! So don’t forget to sign-up for the free training course so you can start on track, and stay there!

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