New River Humane Society staff advocates for future of animals in local city council meetings

Faculty with the New River Humane Society are attending city council meetings across Fayette County…asking for contributions to be allocated in the annual funding. In Oak Hill’s meeting this evening, their request came with a positive outcome. DAVID 59 New Reporter Regina Gonzalez is live in the newsroom with more details. Regina? REGINA David, Oak Hill’s city council members voted in favor of looking into their budget for a possible contribution to the New River Humane Society. This comes after some positive news the shelter recently received regarding their budget crisis. Take a look. New River Humane Society staff sit at the Oak Hill City Council Meeting, ready to advocate for the animals of Fayette County. SOT- MICHELLE RISER One thing that I’ve been working on over the passed couple of months is visiting all of the cities and the towns and attending their city council meetings and trying to get them to place us on their budget for yearly contributions. Her efforts come after the animal shelter’s budget through the Fayette County Commission was drastically cut by 65% earlier this year. Riser confirms the shelter recently received a positive update from the County Commission as it was voted and approved to increase their budget by an additional $95,000, bringing their fiscal year payroll budget to $170,000 currently. SOT- MICHELLE RISER It’s a huge sigh of relief even though we’re not completely there yet, we’re still about $44,000 shy of what we normally receive from the FCC they’re still diligently working on that Aside from fundraising, Riser says local communities, like Fayetteville and Mount Hope, have generously contributed from their yearly budgets. On Monday evening Oak Hill City Council members voted in favor of looking into the city’s funds for a possible contribution to the shelter. SOT- MICHELLE HOLLY, CITY COUNCELOR FOR WARD 1 IN OAK HILL The service they provide to the county is very important because the county partners with them to handle some of the animal control issues, so the county doesn’t have to handle it themselves, and it’s good for the animal population here as well. Oak Hill’s financial research will be addressed in their next September meeting. REGINA Riser is still waiting for answers from a number of communities within the county. REGINA Reporting live in the newsroom Regina Gonzalez, 59 News. David, back to you. DAVID Regina, thanks for that live report. DAVID There is a lot of fun for the whole family at the fair, but there is one building that is

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