NEW MALDIVES!!?? Inside look of PANGKOR LAUT RESORT at Pangkor Private Island, Malaysia

hey guys so it’s currently five AM in the
morning and I am waiting for my driver to pick me up to the airport today because
we have an early flight for our trip to Penang so stay tune guys and see you guys there this was a 3 hours car ride, btw you can also reach lumut town from KL since its located between Penang and KL I recommend you guys to have your breakfast
first because it took around 20 minutes to town and there were no Uber / Grab waiting for check in so we have arrived at swiss garden beach resorts
at lumut town and we are goinna stay here for a night beforel moving to
our truely destination it is Pangkor Beach Private Island the booked the garden view but they also have other
views with price varieties recommended thai cuisine in the resort
for the dinner guys it’s so delicious our breakfast before we go to Marina Jetty by Taxi that cost around 50 RM it only to took 15 minutes to reach the
island so you better gear up your camera thank you in this library someone will explain to
you about the whole island, places to eat and help you reserve for your dinner or lunch this is the garden villa where we stay its near the reception we need to deposit one thousand ringgit
Malaysia for four persons that will be used for our expenses while staying, such as Ferry fee, Dinner, in room dining and etc trust me guys its not enough because we ended up paying another six hunder RM when checking out this is sea villa this is hill villa so for the room tour this is the second floor and its another room this is our room, we ordered the garden villa hidden snack station never in my life experience the food that
is served in the buffet restaurant are all tasted so great honestly one day wasn’t enough guys so
we missed the jungle attraction and we didn’t get a chance to try other restaurants this is the spa village the difference
is this is more private and for adults only we rented this for 3 hours for my friend’s wedding video shoot costed around 300RM without messing the room so we rented a car to circling this pulau pangkor its a small island with one main road
we only spent around three hours in this island so if you want to know more you may have to check another video finally it comes to the end of this trip
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to answer we had a cough and not feeling well so this is our expression while drinking super bitter herbal remedy in Penang, but its quite effective though


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