New C-more Software Alarm Functions

Take a look at our new C-more software for
the newer C-more EA9 touch panels. This new C-more software still has the same
legendary ease of use as our previous versions so no
learning curves. In this video, we will highlight some of the
new Alarm features for our new C-more software. First, lets discuss why alarms are important
in HMIs: Alarms are used to notify operators of critical
situations that may arise during a process. The alarm list object allows operator interaction
with alarms that have occurred and allows operators to
view, confirm or clear the alarms. Alarms can include specific
messages with embedded PLC data, as well as date and time information for the alarm status.
These alarms can also be used to notify management
or supervisors the current status of operation. There are a lot of NEW options and settings
for the programmer and for the user. I am using the sample Alarm project found
in our new software, so you can open the same project and
follow along if you have downloaded the latest software. Screen 1 highlights the Events and
Actions available as alarms.
If we open an alarm list, we see the new alarm screen type selection, we can select alarms
by touching the screen, and we have new alarm selections
and new formatting for list, message and header. Screen
3 is a great example of an alarm that requires attention from an operator. The alarm is triggered
and the date and time of the alarm is saved. Now
the confirmation of the alarm from the operator is saved
with date and time and if you look here, we can show when the alarm was deactivated or
cleared. Watch as we demonstrate how the alarm works
by using our simulator. We have an Alarm Count setup showing how many times each alarm was
triggered. We can scroll up or down and clear the
alarms. On the left, we have icons that help to see an alarm state, and a color code fort
the alarm status. We can sort each of these columns
by selecting the column. Screen 4 is an alarm history showing all of
the times and dates of our alarms. As you can see, the new alarm features are
very powerful and beneficial in the production environment.
These are only a few of the many new features and benefits of the new C-more software.
Check out our more in depth how to videos on our C-more HMI and C-more software found
on our website and our YouTube channel.

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