Netmera Mobile Application Engagement

Netmera is a mobile application engagement,
retention and campaigning solution. Netmera helps you increase active users, usage and
revenues of your apps. With a powerful yet easy UI you can manage every step of your
app engagement and marketing initiatives. Netmera offers a rich set of features for
identifying particular users and reaching them at the right time and the right place.
User behaviours, demographics, past history and many other attributes can be used in targeting.
Automated messages can be triggered in real time when users do or don’t do important
actions to drive engagement, retention and conversion.
Multiple, indeed hundreds of geofences can be created easily to target users immediately
as they enter or exit physical locations. Netmera covers every type of mobile app messaging
options from rich media push notifications to in app pop ups. Interactive notifications
allow user to act immediately within the notification, while notifications with large images and
rich media have higher conversions. In Netmera, all messages can be personalized with rich
set of user information. Netmera gives you detailed analytics and reports
for all your app communications. Netmera reports conversion ratios and revenues of campaigns,
too. You can get list of users who received, opened and acted on your message who are on
particular platform, belongs to a specific segment or have a particular profile. With
a single click you can re-target, send another campaign or export them. For more information please request a live


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