Nasi Minyak | The Wedding Rice [Nyonya Cooking]

It’s creamy… luscious… Filled with lots and lots of aroma This is ‘nasi minyak’ Now, nasi means rice… minyak means oil It isn’t just oil and rice Well, there’s a lot of ingredients to it In Malaysia, nasi minyak is eaten during weddings If you talk about nasi minyak, people will be asking, “Where’s the wedding?” If you want to know more about this recipe, Well, check out the rest of the video to learn how to do it Nasi minyak goes really well with the next recipe that I’m cooking That’s because of the flavours It’s very creamy… fatty I don’t know and it’s also very… uhmm… fragrant It’s just so delicious especially when you eat it with… I’m not gonna tell you what’s the next recipe but you have to check that out For this recipe, we have to chop a few ingredients first We’ll start with shallots Just slice them Of course, use a sharp knife that works very well Then, onion… Garlic… Now, if you do not like to bite into chunks of garlic Of course, mince it like what I am doing here Ginger… Now, ginger really adds fragrance to the rice Instead of mincing or slicing like this, you can also blend it It’s really up to you as long as the flavors and the fragrance really comes through That’s why we cut it If you like, you can also blend it to make things easier As for lemongrass… As usual… the lowest part of the lemongrass We are only going to take that For this, I’m just going to use the tip of the knife It’s a very sharp knife Just going to bruise it Using the back of the knife… There you go So, that’s really very simple Now, this rice is really very special We’re going to cook it just like the briyani style where we use ghee Now, you can get ghee in supermarkets or in specialty stores like the Asian grocer You can also actually make it using butter If you want to see how it is done Well, you can check out my video on briyani Over here, I have the melted ghee Now, the smell of ghee can sometimes be too strong Some people do not like it So, with this recipe, you always add a little bit of margarine, for example or other types of plant oil So, here I have a bit of margarine because margarine really is very fragrant So, just a bit of it So, you’re going to combine ghee and margarine here You can do this in the rice cooker, for example or a stainless steel pot If you’ve seen me cooking rice, I always do it in a stainless steel pot Uhmm… but this has been my latest favorite Once the ghee and margarine is hot, that’s when we are going to add lemongrass Okay Then, shallots… Onion… Once you smell the shallots and the onion, that’s when we’re going to add the minced ginger and garlic Just as about now, we are going to add the rest of the ingredients here We have star anise, cloves, cardamom pods That’s really going to make the fragrance of the rice even more intense Last but not least… cinnamon So, saute the ingredients until it’s all wilted… it’s soft That’s when we’re going to add rice to it So, it is also when it is wilted, you would smell the rest of the ingredients coming together So, that’s what we want That’s why this rice is so special It’s just not any white rice or basmati rice Last but not least… pandan leaf Now, pandan leaf is the vanilla of Southeast Asia It’s to give a fragrance… again, to the dish So, here I have a pandan leaf knotted We have to tie it or bruise it a little so that the aroma comes through Then, add it to the pot Saute this Then, it’s the rice So, we are using basmati rice over here You can use different types of rice like jasmine rice So, I’d just rinse the rice earlier Then, pour it out So, what’s going to happen here is that all the rest of the ingredients are going to mix thoroughly with the rice Then, you’re going to toss the rice in ghee and also margarine with all the aromatics So, you can sort of imagine How awesome the rice is going to be At this point of time, I can smell it even though you can’t You can really see how it’s coming through So, the rice is really shiny… it’s beautiful Now, we’re going to add a very special ingredient That’s evaporated milk So, when you add evaporated milk to the rice… As it cooks, it’s going to be really fluffy and it’s also going to be very creamy Now, it’s not just evaporated milk… we are going to add water as well So, this recipe is actually for two Therefore, the rice is also for two The basic understanding to this recipe is that if you’re adding evaporated milk, it’s going to be 1/4 of the water that you used to cook rice So, we’re just going to add water So, if you’re using a rice cooker, at this point of time, transfer it to the rice cooker and then, cook rice as usual Ahh… because we’re not using rice cooker, we’re doing it manually So, we’re going to wait until it starts bubbling Now, this is at almost the highest heat Let it really bubbles Now, it’s boiling Just before we put the lid on, I’m going to add a pinch of salt Now, a pinch of salt is going to enhance the flavors That’s what salt does, right? So, stir it Okay… put the lid on Reduce the heat So, it’s about 15 minutes The rice should be already cooked Ahh… we can check that out Let’s see It’s beautiful, right? So… we are going to add two more things or two more ingredients to the rice First of all, we’re going to add coriander to the rice That’s really to enhance the smell of the rice If you do not like to eat coriander, do not worry because we’re just going to put it right on top of the rice The next ingredient… this is turmeric So, turmeric is actually added to colour the rice Now, normally, you would see that people would add colouring to the rice I do not prefer that If you want, you can add yellow coloring to the rice I’m going to use a bit of turmeric powder Add it with a bit of water Stir well Before that, switch the stove off Do not do anything else We’re not going to continue cooking the rice The heat from the cast iron pot will continue cooking the rice If you are using the normal pot like stainless steel, that would also do the same So, you really do not need to do much You can just remove the pot away from the source of the heat so that the heat within the pot will continue cooking the rice That’s why the rice should remain fluffy once you serve it later So, there’s really nothing else to do We’re just going to wait until later So, if you want the rice to have a little bit more darker color Of course, food coloring will do I like to make it natural That’s why… turmeric Do not put too much of turmeric Then, you will taste too strong of a flavor when it comes to turmeric I personally do not like it but I just want the color So, we’re going to leave this aside for about 10 minutes and then we can serve the rice After 10 minutes, the rice is now finally ready We’re going to take a look at it At this point of time, you’ll first smell the evaporated milk Then closely… all the aromatics They’re all coming together… it smells so good, guys Ghee coming through… ahh… smells so good Now, have a look at it So, there is coriander on top So, I’m just going to remove the coriander You can mix it into the rice, if you like If you do not like coriander, of course, remove it The next step is really just to mix the rice So, remember we added turmeric water around it and not throughout the whole pot? Scoop it out and try So, here I have just a spoonful of rice Normally, what you do… of course, you have a bit more rice You eat it with a bit of fried shallots and some parsley So, just a small one Just to show you how it looks like Like this… a very, very small portion for myself Later on, I’m going to eat this rice with something really awesome That awesome recipe is going to come up next So, if you want to take a guess what recipe could that be, tell me in the comment section below Before that, try this out So, this is the final result Ahh… smells so good Hmmm….mmm… Oh… delicious It’s creamy I really love the flavours of the ghee and also margarine in it You actually taste a little bit more of the ghee instead of margarine because of the proportion that we added There’s more ghee Then, having fried shallots on it It’s just amazing I mean, everything with fried shallots is just amazing Hmmm… So guys, if you want to learn more about the proportion, the ingredients Check out the link in the description box I have the full recipe for you over there When you’re on the website, remember to create an account Join the community… you get to vote… you get to save recipes and so much more fun stuff I’ll let you know more fun stuff when it comes especially if you are subscribed to our newsletter If you’re not, quickly subscribe to it What are you waiting for? I’m going to send you awesome recipes Simple recipes during the weekdays Then, a little bit more tougher ones when it comes to the weekends because those are weekend projects So, till then, I hope that you have enjoyed this recipe Try this recipe Till then, happy cooking!


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