#myNCstory: Event Management – Many Hands, countless benefits for students and community

(upbeat music) – [David Veres] When I
came here to the college, I was teaching in our Recreation
Leisure Service Program, and they had approached me about the idea that there was an interest
in developing a grad program. And as part of the process, I was thinking that we needed something that would be, that would tie the whole program together. It would be a great
experience for the students to practice their skills,
but also to leave a legacy, or some benefit to the community. – [Kathy Nitt] Today was our
ground-breaking ceremony, which is the official
launch of this year’s Many Hands Project. It’s
a media-focused event, and then shortly after this,
the construction students will get started on their project for official ground-breaking. Each year we choose a different
non-profit organization within the Niagara
region, and we assist them with the renovation or
construction project. This year marks our 20th
celebration, or 20th anniversary, of both the Many Hands Project and the Event Management Program. So it’s a really great time for us. We chose Hotel Dieu Shaver
just based on the reach that they have here in the community. They help touch so many lives
here in the Niagara region, and we truly felt that that encompassed everything we wanted
for this year’s project. – [Jane Rufrano] The marketplace will be an imitation of real-life situations. When you’re in a wheelchair or a walker and you go out to just something
simple as the grocery store you’re in a wheelchair or walker, and you have to be able
to open the freezer, get out a case of ice cream,
put it in your grocery cart, maneuver the cart, your walker, and it’s all about going out on your own. Having these people have
their independence back, and not having to rely on someone. That’s what it’s all about. (upbeat music) – [David Veres] For me, there’s lots of great event skills that they learn. Whether it is the development of how to write a marketing
and fundraising proposal, how to manage the logistics
of contract negotiations, whether it’s entertainment, or sights. But most importantly, from my perspective, they learn how to problem solve. They learn how to work in teams. Some of the hardest parts of the program is managing and working with the people that you’re engaged with, and being able to go through
some of those skills. (upbeat music) On a personal level, it’s about
the impact it has on people. It happens, it’s done and we move on, and they continue to do what they do. But when we put changes in place, now that allow them to do
more things for more people, that’s one of the great benefits that I find in the whole process. (upbeat music) – [Sandy Toth] And we want everyone that comes into this building, we want them to come in and feel welcomed, and feel like this is a
really warm, inviting place. And that’s what Many Hands did for us. They made it a warmer,
happier, brighter atmosphere than we had in the past. (upbeat music) – [Donna Patterson] We
had a very old building, and it was not easy to serve
out clients with dignity, and in a nice, comfortable
place that they deserved. At the time, it was
limited. We probably served 50 families a month. We did not have a clean space to serve the food. And not only have we gone from just the food bank aspect, but we’ve become somewhere in Ft. Erie, that
if somebody needs help, they come to the Salvation Army. (upbeat music) – [Derek Moore] We’ve had a
partnership with Myron College for many, many years. We’re
excited and passionate to continue this partnership
for hopefully the next 20 years between Canadian Tire and Niagara College. And thank everybody for your support. – [Stephanie Van Dyke] And so,we
learn how to make contracts for sponsors. We learn
how to get sponsorship, which is a big deal. A lot of people don’t have that experience. We learn how to make Day Of Schedules. Honestly, we come out of
this program with everything we would need to plan an event, because we had planned
one already this year. – On a personal level for
the people that are involved, I mean, the students, it’s
this great sense of pride. And from the college side of things, I always thought that this was
the right way to do education to see it successful, and
to be able to teach people and provide them with great
experiential learning, and applied learning opportunities. I know that when they graduate, they have the skills and
abilities to be successful. (upbeat music)

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